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Save Big on Warframe Merch!


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Warframe is ringing in 2021 with big savings on ALL Merch! Whether it's a comfortable new t-shirt or the perfect statue to complete your work-from-home desk setup, there’s something for every Tenno.

From now until January 25 at 11 a.m. ET, save on everything in the Warframe Merch Store!

Get 10% off orders of $50+ using code: SAVE10
Get 15% off orders of $75+ using code: SAVE15
Get 20% off orders of $100+ using code: SAVE20

Act quickly Tenno, these deals will be as extinct as the Orokin Empire before long.

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Wish you guys would make more figures. You had the old Mag, Rhino, Valkyr and Nxy statues (Not exactly the most popular frames are they) , and you had the Uber Limited and too expensive Umbra and Lotus / Operator statues, which I think were sold out for everyone by the time they heard of them...

I mean I'm sure you could get a deal with McFarlane toys or something to make a couple series of Warframe figures at a reasonable price. Especially with 3D printers nowadays, would be pretty easy to just send the 3D models and quickly get prototypes going of all figures. Ideally the figures would not necessarily be "Vanilla", put in some cosmetics and maybe a couple alternate helmets and weapons that fit in the loadout. Could even come with redeemable promo codes to claim the weapons and cosmetics in-game.

Or at least give me a cool Ash Figure !!! Don't care about tshirts , keychains and other merch.

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