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Fan Concept: Pet Rework

1. Fixed interactions

pets are annoying to interact with. Every time i go to give my pet a pat on the head I get teleported to the middle of my orbiter. Interaction should be able to happen anywhere.

2. Caged pet roaming

Pretty self explanatory. We want our critters to roam! This would likely lead to a limit in the number of caged pets you can have, but that’s fine. I think almost every player would be fine with that.

3. Designated pet spots

its annoying when your pet shows almost no interest in you what-so-ever or lies down in a decoration when roaming the orbiter. Being able to designate places the animal visits regularly in the orbiter would be great. For example, an interface where we could label spots as “bed” , “sit” , “nap” , and “play”

4. Toys

wouldnt it be nice if pets actually played with pet toys?

that’s all! I think the current pet/roaming system really needs a rework. Pets are super buggy and buggy to interact with in the orbiter. What do you think?

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