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What is this sword skin ?!



Hello friends, i wanted to buy a new way to hold my pangolin for 20 plats, and then, this showed up:





Can someone tell me what is this skin ? and why it replaces my pangolin classic skin when i want to buy a new way to hold it ?



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il y a 9 minutes, RazerXPrime a dit :


It's not a skin you can apply to other weapons. So the pictures you showed are likely a bug. Or perhaps a placeholder. I just checked in the game and it does indeed replace your weapon with the Diwata in the preview. How weird.

Like I said this is not a skin though.


il y a 1 minute, (XBOX)C11H22O11 a dit :

If Gauche is what I think it is then you're viewing a left holster while having diwata. Diwata being there is definitely a bug

Oh ok, thank you both, we clarified this !

well done !

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il y a 7 minutes, Loza03 a dit :

Not sure, but it looks to me like Titania's Diwata arch-sword.


I have no idea why it's showing up in place of the Pangolin Sword on Wisp, though.

I don't have titania yet, but it looks pretty badass, i would love to buy that skin lol

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