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How can i make platinum



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4 minutes ago, bad4youLT said:

Most affective way is by using a credit card and buying platnum bundle of your choice , other choice are using warframe trade market site and having items that people generaly trade often for .

That is usually how i do it...trade over 4 k platinum by now...

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In general selling anything that others are looking for, be it mods, prime mods, prime weapons/warframes, ayatans, Baro only parts/weapons, and syndicate weapons/mods or imprints of pets and of course rivens (for anything between 15 to 70p) or unveiled rivens (70p, a few hundred or even more if you get really really lucky)

Main thing is have patience and knowing what is looked for and what a fair price of the item in question is.

Anyone can sell prime parts for 1p, which those that keep begging for it will buy and they then will be able to use those parts to make x10 or x100 times more.

To often make a decent amount of plat you will have to play the game often, put lots of leg work in to get the parts/rare mods etc, using resource and creds. Don't expect to make a few hundred plat a week when only playing the game a couple of hours a week. But if you do put in the time you can make so much plat that you can keep buying monthly boosters without wiping your plat out and leaving you with so much that when looking at the in-game store, the question isn't what can you afford but if there's anything that you fancy that you don't have yet.

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