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Parvos enemy



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7 minutes ago, Northern_Psycho said:

Use the Xoris. Mod it for high damage and heavy attack. Throw the Xoris and detonate it at groups of the specters (my detonation button is M4). You should be able to one-shot the specters. Once you collect the 3 charges with it, you can one-shot big areas with enemies. Rinse and repeat until you get 25 kills.

It is not necessary to mod the Xoris for damage. It kills the specters in one hit regardless.

From the wiki:

  • In the Granum Void, the Xoris's charged throw explosion can convert any Errant Specters into Specter Particles regardless of their level, who can then be absorbed up to 3 times. Detonating a fully charged Xoris will greatly increase the area of effect and free captured Solaris within the area, adding 20 seconds to the Void timer.
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