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what blue vortex is this?


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6 minutes ago, CruciorPotter said:

During a mission (sanctuary) on a greener map i found this, none of the 4 in the mission knew what it was, maybe it's a bit silly but i was curious.



Thats what happens when you divide by 0

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30 minutes ago, (PSN)Etheral_Synergy said:

seems to be the effect from the orbital cannon from that one corpus frigate room. The big thing that insta kills you if you stand inside it. Must've just lingered if that room was used in the onslaught in a previous round.

it's a room being hit by a orbital cannon shot, mere nanoseconds before it gets vaporized along with the rest of the galleon lol.

Simaris sure picks his moments to take photos of rooms for use in his Sanctuary..

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