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Warframe seriously need a real tutorial



Hi, I am an MR 15 veteran, I've been playing Warframe for 5 years now. I'm pretty much disappointed to know DE never made a REAL tutorial, even after their so called "new player experience" In tennocon 2019 with their new trailer and all, I mean it's nice we have that but, all we got was a re-skinned tutorial, with the same thing. 

Its not different It's the same thing, is DE teasing us or something? Because many new players are leaving the game because of this. 

Im seriously disappointed they don't make a tutorial that explains about the modding system, weapons, how missions work. 

And don't you tell me to look at the codex, a game tutorial is mostly shown directly during the gameplay, not read like a wiki page. 

It feels like DE are being lazy with this part of the game, as they are making new contents. Don't get me wrong I like new contents, but the lack of real tutorial really gets me much. 

Also I don't wanna hear any of you saying that I'm not grateful for what DE does for the game. I know this game for a long time now. 

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I understand your frustration and this issue has been brought up a billion times. But warframe is a game that adds new layers of gameplay on top of each others. Just like Path of Exile, game with multiple seasonal update that spouts all kind of directions usually become over-complicated for new players.

Since DE barely have time to keep up with creating the new content and bug fix, there is no chance they will spend extra resource to overhaul the base game for new player experience. That's not saying DE focus on the wrong direction, DE is just spending their time doing what majority of their player-base(veteran) want.

From what I have seen, the WF community are very friendly and knowledgeable about the game. There is even Q&A channel in game. So there isn't any gatekeep to stop new players from learning. However, over the years I have helped many newbies and they just quit after getting hand out.

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