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Veilbreaker Twitch Drops Campaign


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So only got 4 drops and not 5 and I can't get anymore since the drop tab on Twitch just doesn't fill anymore. That's not a huge issue for me... the issue is that I got 3 Glyphs... What do I do with the other 2 ?
So really I only got 1 Glyph and 1 Relic pack for watching like 6 hours of streams... Probably should have had only rewards you can get multiple copies of like the relic pack and forma.

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I got 2 Kahl glyphs and 1 relic pack from Brozime stream.

It would have been better to make a full rotation of rewards and prevent to be able to have many glyphs which is totally USELESS (not a fan in general but i really wanted to use caps here because it's on point).

I hope they will take this into consideration for the future.

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I got a forma 3 displays and a glyph
RNG will be RNG but getting 3 useless items out of 5 (I already had the display from the previous distribution of it) leaves a sour taste.
maybe DE should put more items in future grab bags and attach a duplicate protection to one off items while keeping evergreen items in the pool on further pulls from the bag.

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19 hours ago, venomintegra98 said:

I watched for the full 2 hour stream from 6pm-8pm and also on Brozime stream and have claimed multiple grab bag drops and have never received them on my game.

Me too. I claimed two from Brozime yesterday that have never shown up. Watching Laddy today and have claimed two so far and they have appeared in-game (which is correct). 

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2 hours ago, Colonial_Aurora said:

Has anyone tried getting 1 bag and presumably earning the glyph and then earning more bags? I assume you can still get dupes, but its better than getting 4 of the same thing at once potentially because your prior inventory was 0 before reading the message?


Yup. I got all 5 one by one. Kahl Glyph, Styanax Display (that I had when the code was up before), Relic Pack, another Kahl Glyph, another Relic Pack. All earned, claimed, and received before the next was earned. There is zero checks prior to 'rolling'.

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So I've got 5 of Kahl-175. He's a col guy of course, but for 4 hours of watching...

I can't even say that I'm really disappointed now as I'm kind of lost interest after "new war", but still, I'm curious who had decided that "loot boxes" are good idea for twitch drops? At least EA makes a lot of money on their loot boxes, DE just annoys their players without any profit.

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On 2022-09-07 at 10:02 PM, [DE]Dudley said:

Kahl not afraid…

Update 32: Veilbreaker launched today and we wanted to offer opportunities for all Tenno to celebrate!

Watch Warframe on Twitch for 45 minutes starting at 8 p.m. ET on September 8th to earn the Veilbreaker Grab Bag:

  • Kahl-175 Community Glyph
  • Styanax Community Display
  • 3x Relic Pack
  • Forma

Veilbreaker Grab Bag.png

To be eligible for this campaign please ensure you follow these steps:

  1. Link your Warframe and Twitch account 
  2. Watch any stream in the Warframe Twitch Directory for 45 minutes
  3. Claim your Drop and log into Warframe

But you will need to hurry Tenno as this campaign will only last until Thursday, September 15th at 12 p.m. ET.

* This campaign has a maximum claim limit of 5.

I watched the stream for 45 minutes and claimed my reward on Twitch, but I haven't had anything in the game for 1/2 day.



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Items that you can only get 1 of should either have some sort of drop-protection that prevents it from dropping again, or just shouldn't be made to be a drop in the first place.  No one i know of enjoys the twitch drop grabbags due to the rng nature of them.  More often than not people end up missing out on the drops they actually want, and drops you can only have one of just make this worse since any duplicates are functionally useless.  Not that I necessarily want to complain about free items, but I feel like grabbags like these could certainly use some improvements is all.

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