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Tips for t3 granum void?



Specifically, I'd like tips on doing the tier-3 granum void specifically for getting Sister of Parvos candidates. I used to use secura penta to blow up groups of them, but now there's not enough ammo, maybe just barely enough to get 25, I'd like a more consistent method.

I need something that is not warframe-specific (like using Mesa) because obviously you want to use different warframes to get different elemental bonuses on the tenet weapon. So, strategies should be weapon-centered.

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Xoris is purpose made for this for a reason, after all, hehe.
it's a good addition to any Loadout for the Granum thing.


and then off the top of my Head, all of these marked Warframes have fairly easy to use large AoE Abilities that can be effective for this. non exhaustive, just everything i remember right this moment.

oh right, i definitely forgot Mesa. Nyx also might work. 

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Gradivus Mars.


I usually use Mesa since she's the easiest to get kills. But the Candidate spawns even if you don't get max score. So you can use a good Warframe that fits your wanted Elemental type.

Edit: just tested with a Mirage Prism build. Works even better than with Mesa. She gives Radiation.

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