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(Xbox) Veilbreaker: Hotfix #5


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Break Narmer Mission Changes & Fixes:

  • Added Ability for Kahl to use Finishers on Narmer Moa’s when they are stunned by Kahl’s Veilbreaking ability.
  • Added Sound FX to Kahl grabbing ledges, and a grunt to his mantle animation.
  • Added Sound FX when Kahl transports his Brothers to the Railjack.
  • Fixed being able to walk along a slanted window in certain areas of the Veil Factory, which would cause you to clip through the factory tileset.
  • Fixed the Narmer Scyto Raknoid standing completely still if Kahl runs past it to the ship located outside the stage.
  • Fixed Narmer Moas in the ‘Sneaky Sabotage’ mission dropping ammo, Energy Orbs, and Credits. All things Kahl does not need, Kahl independent.
  • Fixed bits of geometry clipping through a large Narmer Sphere in the ‘Sneaky Sabotage’ mission.
  • Fixed Kahl’s ship appearing completely black in the intro/outro mission cinematics.
  • Fixed a hole in the map in the ‘Sneaky Sabotage’ mission tileset.
  • Fixed a specific wall in the ‘Sneaky Sabotage’ tileset missing collision, allowing players to walk through it and clip through the map.
  • Fixed being unable to cancel Mission Vote when selecting a Break Narmer mission.
  • Fixed minor visual environment issues onboard the Sentient Murex in the Veilbreaker Quest.
  • Fixed Titania being able to teleport past the locked Deacon doors while in Razorwing.
  • Fixed Narmer sigils and Narmer Objects not appearing in the Archon Amar Fight as Client.
  • Fixed some exploding barrels typically in Sabotage missions appearing in Kahls Break Narmer Mission on Fortuna.
  • Fixed a visual Map hole during Kahl’s Break Narmer mission on Venus.

Kahl’s Garrison Changes:

  • Included Labels for the necessary Syndicate rank needed for the Wares in Chipper’s Inventory and a banner to visually display which Rank you’re currently at. This aims to clarify which Rank you’re at and which ones come next.
  • Improved camera placement for Chipper to avoid any awkward angles, even though he looks good from every angle.
  • Fixed many cases of Chipper not appearing in the Drifter Camp after saving him on Venus.
  • Ensured friendly Grineer are always in the Drifters Camp regardless of which Break Narmer mission is active

Archon Hunt Fixes:

  • Fixed a script error for Archon Amar's Flame Coil ability.
  • Fixed a script error for Archon Amar's Clone ability.
  • Fixed a bunch of script errors in the Archon Hunts.

Styanax Changes & Fixes:

  • Removed the ability for Styanax to recast Final Stand multiple times while in the air.
    • The facts: with the synergy of Rally Point providing Energy and Shields, you can spend almost your entire mission in the air. For transparency, this is something we caught earlier in development, but this change was missed for the release of Veilbreaker. You can still be in the air when you first cast Final Stand, but to recast, your toes must first touch a surface, similar to how Transference casting is done.
    • https://gfycat.com/goodnaturedkaleidoscopicanhinga
  • Fixed multiple players playing as Styanax causing the most recent Rally Point cast to remain active even if it's the weaker of all the casts.
    • If Rally Point is already active, it will not be replaced by another player’s cast IF it’s stronger (based on Ability Strength/magnitude of effects) than what they are trying to apply. In other words, if somebody has 200% Ability Strength and casts Rally Point on themselves, and then another player casts it at 50% Ability Strength, it will now skip over anybody who already had the 200% version.
    • Your active Rally Point can still be overridden by a weaker cast IF there is fewer than 10 seconds left on your active buff.
  • Fixed Axios Javelin not triggering a vortex when successfully pinning enemies to the wall or floor as Client.


  • Sentient resource drop chances reduced from 50% to 7% in Archon Hunts specifically.
    • For some brief history on this change: Sentients used to only be found as rare enemies on Lua, so the high drop rate chance for regional resources was justified. On their inclusion in Orphix Venom in 2020, we used a custom override to their drop tables to reduce their high resource drop chance to something more sustainable. On their recent inclusion to Archon Hunts, the drop table custom override was mistakenly not added. This led to players earning over 6x the amount of resources typically collected in a brief window of time, which led to false positive trade bans.
    • We will potentially revisit these droptables in the future to prevent needing to use a custom drop chance for these Sentients to avoid this accidentally happening again.
      • Note: this change does not affect the Drop chance probability for Mods or Weapon Components Reduced the amount of Vortex VFX from stacking when casting Vauban’s Bastille into the same spot.
  • Updated the launcher tab icons for improved readability.
  • Changed ‘Visit Varzia’ prompt to the ‘RT’ button in the Void Relic menu.


  • Fixed using Archon Stretch with Volt’s Discharge causing FPS to plummet for Host.
  • Fixes:
  • Fixed Sorex Armor Guards not using custom energy colors when equipped on Kahl.
  • Fixed Crash that would occur when viewing the Codex entry for Nox Eximus units.
  • Fixed Sevagoth various healing abilities and Venari’s heal not activating Archon Intensify.

Note: The following fix is a fix requiring code, meaning it will need to wait until our next Cert build before going live:

  • Fixed Operator Energy colors not applying to Operator cosmetics and abilities.
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I am still struggling to proceed on Khal Mission after newest Quest's completion. I shall explain: In the initial room of that Mission is a terminal to Interact with. My preferred Controls Config has A mapped to Interact. It is impossible to proceed past the first room of that Mission due to conflicting input commands based on the camera functions of nearby device relevant to alter environmental functions. Please test and eventually fix it. Thank you in advance! Let me know when to retry.

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Ok so just wanted to add to the operator energy color fiasco.. some of the emblems in the sigils section of the warframe arsenal suffer from the same issue where the energy color we choose won’t apply to them. Specifically the vitus emblem, and all of the focus school emblems. I know that the original issue needs a cert for the fixes to go through as mentioned in the hotfix notes but just hoping y’all can fix this too along with it.

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6 hours ago, [DE]CoreyOnline said:

Fixed using Archon Stretch with Volt’s Discharge causing FPS to plummet for Host.

This is a weekly, and was just introduced, so I'm confused on how anyone already has this mod since it requires rank 3.


7 hours ago, [DE]CoreyOnline said:

Removed the ability for Styanax to recast Final Stand multiple times while in the air.

This is an awful change.  He already has survivability issues in late game content, he didn't need any nerfs.

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