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      HOW TO: Claim Stream Prizes!   04/04/18

      Hello Twitch viewing Tenno! As Twitch has recently changed their messaging procedures to exclude the traditional “Messages” system we have decided to update this post with more relevant into on how to claim prizes! The preferred method is actually much simpler now so please read up and follow these screenshot examples and you can’t go wrong! Remember, only Tenno that have had their Twitch name selected by our random “Twitch Picker” app are eligible for prizes. Please only send us a whisper if you are one such Tenno. Please Note: To be entered into a Platinum give-away on the Warframe Twitch Channel, all you have to do is log into Twitch and watch the stream. Despite what you may see in chat, there is NO requirement to post anything in chat. 
      Step 1:
      If your Twitch name is called out on a official Warframe livestream (Xbox 1 @ 1 / PS4 @ 4 / Prime Time / Devstream), you will need to whisper to the Warframe channel with your in-game alias and the platform you play on (PC, XB1, or PS4). To send a whisper select chat-bubble icon in the bottom right of the screen and search “Warframe” OR type “/w Warframe” and then your message in the chat window.

      Step 2:
      After sending your whisper to the Warframe Twitch page, please wait patiently for the prize to be added to your account. Typically, the page will message you to confirm that your claim has been heard and that your prize is incoming. 
      Step 3 (Optional):
      If your prize is not added and your message has not been replied to after 24 hours from the end of the stream, please message [DE]Aidan on the Warframe Forums with the information about what prize you won and on what stream you won this prize. That way, your claim can be checked against our prize records.  
      That’s it! Enjoy your prize Tenno! 
      MIXER PRIZES - Info Coming Soon!
      Now that Warframe has also begun streaming to Mixer, we now run giveaways on this platform as well. Currently, the only way to claim a Mixer prize is to do so during the stream by typing “/w PlayWarframe” and your message into the chat. However, they are planning to add a messaging feature.
      We will update this guide when such info becomes available!
      [Written with help from Community Moderator NovusNova]
      Disclaimer: Platinum received through streaming prizes cannot be traded between players or used to purchase gifts for other players from the Market. It can only be used to purchase items for your own account through the Market in game.

The Hunt For Alad V Is On!

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WHERE'S MY DETRON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Frohd Bek needs a lesson in bribes and stop drinking that greedy milk of his.

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Would join in if the game actually updated but apparently there is no new content to download and I can't login :/

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so let me get this straight we have to kill infested to find alad well finding him should not be a problem if its infested so i cant wait to stab him with my galatine 

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