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Update 13: Dark Sectors

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Update 13: Dark Sectors



Quick Tips:

HOLD “F” to equip Melee.
Go to Ceres for new Shipyards.
New Weapons & Warframe are here!
Build an Orokin Research Room in Dojo to participate in the Dark Sectors.


Prosecutors: Gateways to Hek.
Tenno, we have received word that Vay Hek has enlisted the ranks of the Grineer Prosecutors and Guardsmen to keep the Tenno at bay.
To fight Vay Hek players must first find his location, a secret the Prosecutors protect.

- You will receive a message from the Lotus that includes a Frequency Triangulator. This gift will be essential in locating Councilor Vay Hek.
- Visit the Shipyards on Ceres. Here you must Defeat Councilor Vay Hek's Prosecutors.  Beware, Tenno! They are unlike any enemy you have fought before. Each Prosecutor is vulnerable to a primary elemental type (fire, ice, toxin or electrical damage) and you must use this to your advantage. Note that Prosecutors are not susceptible to secondary combined elemental types. For greater success, team up with other Tenno and make use of multiple elemental types.
- Some of the Prosecutors carry Locator Beacons that will drop once you have defeated them. The beacons broadcast on four channels: Frequency Delta, Frequency Gamma, Frequency Kappa and Frequency Omega. Once you have collected the required number of each, use the Frequency Triangulator to craft a key that leads to Vay Hek.
- Find Vay Hek and take him down!
Successfully defeat Councilor Vay Hek and complete the mission to receive one of these rewards:
- Hydroid Helmet Blueprint
- Hydroid Chassis Blueprint
- Hydroid Systems Blueprint

- New Warframe - Hydroid! A water/sea themed frame emerges from the depths. Find him in the Market today! His blueprints can be obtained from the new Vay Hek boss… once you find him.  

- New Carrier Sentinel Parrot Skin & Attachments!  A perfect pairing with Hydroid!
- New Gameplay System - Melee 2.0! We have discussed and shared insight on this system overhaul over several Livestreams, and now you can play it for yourself! Main features of this overhaul include:
   A completely reanimated system for each weapon grip.
   A ‘Stance’ slot with every melee weapon, where you can equip a fighting stance.
   A combo system that increases your melee weapon’s damage the more you hit your enemy.
   A feedback system that allows for more responsive melee attacks.
   A Channeling mechanic that allows you to channel your Warframe’s energy into your melee weapon when it’s equipped!
   A fully equipped melee weapon state, hold your melee key to equip your weapon (default F)!
   There are unique combos across many different weapons, for a list of how to execute these combos, visit the Combos section of the pause menu.

Charge attacks have been removed and replaced with Combos.
    All Charge Attack based mods have been repurposed to suit the new system. Affected mods:
    Reflex Coil
    Focus Energy
    Killing Blow
    Corrupt Charge
    Second Wind

NOTE: Due to the changes introduced with Melee 2.0, Melee Auto Targeting is now set to ‘ON’ by default

NOTE 2: A place for Feedback: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/209322-melee-20-feedback-megathread-with-template/

New ‘STANCE’ Mods: A new category of mods for melee weapons that add mod capacity as well as providing dedicated stances for your Melee weapon!  They can be found on enemies throughout the Solar System.
    Full Stance Mod List:

Katana 1:    Tranquil Cleave
Sword 1:    Iron Phoenix
Sword 2:    Crimson Dervish
Dual Sword 1:    Crossing Snakes
Dual Sword 2:    Swirling Tiger
Scythe 1:    Reaping Spiral
Scythe 2:    Stalking Fan
Fist 1:    Seismic Palm
Fist 2:    Fracturing Wind
Hands&Feet 1:    Grim Fury
Hands&Feet 2:   Brutal Tide
Staff 1:    Clashing Forest
Staff 2:    Flailing Branch
Glaive 1:    Gleaming Talon
Polearm 1:    Shimmering Blight
Polearm 2:    Bleeding Willow
Whip 1:    Burning Wasp
Whip 2:    Coiling Viper
Dagger 1:    Homing Fang
Dagger 2:    Pointed Wind
Dual Dagger 1:    Gnashing Payara
Dual Dagger 2:    Sinking Talon
Axe/Heavy Sword 1:    Cleaving Whirlwind
Axe/Heavy Sword 2:    Rending Crane
Hammer 1:    Shattering Storm
Hammer 2:    Crushing Ruin
Machete 1:    Sundering Weave

- New ‘CHANNELING’ melee Mods: mods for your melee weapon to increase the benefits of channeling.
- New Loadout Feature: Each weapon slot is now optional!
   You may choose to run missions without bringing a Primary, Secondary, or Melee! Want to do a melee only run?     Maybe just bring a pistol? The option now exists to leave some gear behind!
   Your Melee weapon will be auto-equipped if no other weapon is selected for your current loadout.
   Radial XP will be divided by the number of weapons brought into the match.
- New End-Game System - the Dark Sectors! The first of the end-game projects to ship, the Dark Sectors were an area of space once inhabited, cut off, that players can reconnect with by building Solar Rails! Building Solar Rails allows for expansion and dominance into the Dark Sectors of the Solar System. To participate, what you need to do:
   Visit your Dojo and start your Clan’s research by building the OROKIN LAB - a new research room!
   Research & Build a Solar Rail!
   When complete, place your Solar Rail on the solar chart, and let dominance of the the Dark Sectors begin!
   Video Tutorial:

New Dojo Rooms!
- This includes new Orokin Lab room required to build Solar Rails for the Dark Sectors!
- Temple of Honor - a room for statues!
- Observatory - Your dojo now has a window to the beauty of space!
- 7 new Dojo Gardens!

- New Weapon: Nikana - a Tenno Katana.
- New Weapon: Nami and Skyla - Tenno Cutlass and Dagger.
- New Weapon: Attica - a Tenno Primary Crossbow.
- New Prime weapon - Lex Prime! Find it in the Void today https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/172911-prime-gear-drop-locations/
- New Customization - Corpus "Shock" Weapon Skins.
- New Customization - Grineer and Tenno Melee Weapon Attachments.
- New Tile Set - The Grineer Shipyards have been uncovered located in the Solar System, visit Ceres today to take on missions in this new tileset!
- New Grineer foes! Meet the fierce Prosecutors and their loyal Guardsmen, face off against them on Ceres!
- Boss Battle - Councilor Vay Hek! To find him, you must first go through his most deadly force of The Prosecutors.
- New Alliance system - Clans unite!
   This Alliance System supports the unity of clans for the purpose to compete in the the Dark Sectors!  
   The maximum size of an Alliance is 4000 members. What this means you can combine any tier of clan in your Alliance, but the theoretical members can never exceed 4000. You will not be able to form an Alliance with 6 Moon clans that only have 250 people in them, or any other permutation that would exceed 4000 member slots. 
- New Resource: Argon Crystal. A Void Only Resource from the Orokin Age that decays over time (a half-life of one day). Use it quickly in any gear that requires this Resource!
- Added new Infested animations.
- New UI Elements: The social menu has been revamped into 3 separate and distinct UI Elements
   A New Friends Tab with more robust options to make joining and adding friends even easier!
   A New Clan Tab with dedicated sections displaying current clan sessions, clan message of the day, clan log, and new clan tutorials!
   The Chat interface has now become an independant window which can be manipulated on its own
Added rich presence information to online friends, so if they're in a game it will display what planet and node they're currently in.
   NOTE: These UI Elements can be access from the both the Star Map and from in game.
- New Geometry Detail Setting! Enabling Low for this Setting should help improve GPU performance on lower end rigs. Most mid to high-end machines will be able to enable the High setting without taking a significant hit to performance.

Void/Key Changes:

- Increased the chance of acquiring T3 keys in regular Survival missions.
- Removed Credits and all Resources (except Orokin Cell for now) from all Void Endless mission types reward pool (Survival/Defense).

Survival Spawning changes:

- Cap max total enemies including paused enemies to prevent performance issues and a potential exploit.
- Ramp up enemy count gradually during the first 20 seconds of the mission so players don't get swamped by enemies at the spawn.


- Melee Channel mod has had its name changed to Energy Channel.
- UI Loading screen now shows random Codex entry instead of outdated loading tips.
- Boss achievements are now unlocked by completing the appropriate node, rather than being tied to the enemy.
- Oberon pieces have been moved off Vay Hek to make room for Hydroid, and now have a chance to drop from Grineer Leader enemy types.
- Improved the skybox visualizing Mars so as to make the dark side of the planet appear less “see-through”.
- Prevented players from being able to click outside of the sign in rewards screen.
- Improved Sentinel Vacuum functionality.
- Optimized audio and improved ambiance on the Forest Tileset.
- Improved 3D transmissions with better lip-syncs and centered textfields.
- Graphical tweaks to numerous Grineer Forest art assets.
- Tweaked the damage amount and proc chance of environmental hazards in conclave missions.
- Tweaked Grineer melee hit react animations.
- Tweaked the cast sounds of multiple frames including Zephyr, Loki, and Excalibur.
- Added hit proxies to Grineer breakable fans which should improve their ability to be destroyed.
- Changed when zooming in and out of Mods occurs in the Upgrade menu so as to prevent any potential unneeded zooms.
- Improvements to the way Transmissions are generated and perform.
- Removed a number of faulty player spawns in the Grineer Galleon and Forest Tilesets.
- Sentinels are now invincible during Ash's Bladestorm.
- Added in a unique descriptor for the Livestream alerts.
- Improved the Grineer hit reaction animations.
- Improved the Corpus bipedal walk animation.
- Melee stats now round to 1 digit in the arsenal.
- Changed 'Grineer Cipher' to 'Cipher' as they appear across different tilesets.
- Repeated Lotus transmissions now only play once every 60 seconds and a maximum of 5 times per mission.
- Tweaked Loki's Invisibility enter sound.
- Tweaked the Grineer Piston hit sound.
- The shield drain effect present in Hijack missions is no longer adversely affected by high/low framerates.
- Prevented dojo rooms from being queued for destruction if there are pending recipes being built.
- Improved the performance of Zephyr's Tornado ability.
- Improved the code performance on Banshee's Sonic Boom ability.
- Improved the performance of the Stug.
- Improved the performance of the snow effects in the Outpost tilesets.
- Improved the performance of a number of in game timers for Retrieval missions.
- Improved the performance of the Gas City tilesets.
- Improved the performance of the Tutorial level.
- Improved the performance of Reactor Core destruction effects.
- Improved the performance and Apex visuals of Vauban's Vortex ability.
- Improved the Apex visuals on the Infested Death effect.
- Improved the 3D reload sound effects for multiple weapons.
- Improved the performance of Nekros' Shadows of the Dead ability.
- Improved the pickup messages received when using ammo mutator mods.
- Improved the Stalker and other hunter AI types targeting selection so as to ensure that they do not attack low level players.
- Made the warning message displayed when leaving a clan as the last member more robust, including a full description of all benefits and perks lost.
- Improved Zephyr’s Dive Bomb ability by making it emanate slightly above ground allowing it to more effectively hit nearby targets.
- Arc Traps will no longer attack players who are siding with Grineer.
- Visual FX tweaks to Mag’s Pull and Ember’s Fireball.
- Tweaked the Sentinel destruction sound effect.
- Tweaked the Explosive arrow sound effect.
- Removed the Revive Screen from a number of modes where the screen was incongruous.
- Removed Gallium from the Void (replaced with Argon Crystal).
- Improved the performance of smoke visual effects.

- Screenshots (F6) now save as smaller MB .jpg


- Fixed an issue with player ranks not appearing correctly.
- Fixed various Dojo rooms being able to clip into the obstacle course room.
- Fixed certain throwing weapons slowing down the slide speed of players.
- Fixed Ragdolls floating on top of water surfaces.
- Fixed an issue with Oberon's Immortal Skin not properly applying the skin to all frame components.
- Fixed weapon stats being displayed incorrectly when a Multishot % mod is equipped on the affected weapon.
- Fixed the scroll position being lost in in the friends/clan list when said list repopulates.
- Fixed incorrect stats being displayed when comparing separate Warframes.
- Fixed visible level holes in Dojos where doors connect to the Grandest hall.
- Fixed objective markers not appearing during Capture missions when first loading in.
- Fixed visible clipping on Dojo elevators.
- Fixed an issue with multi-track music banks not performing correctly.
- Fixed issue where Grineer appeared to not take damage - added additional hit proxies to Grineer enemies so as to prevent player fire from passing through their models.
- Fixed door laser hit sound effects.
- Fixed an issue with the disconnect popup screen not closing correctly after receiving another invite before dismissing - the disconnect popup.
- Fixed Frost Prime not having the correct cast sound.
- Fixed Resource boosters not applying exclusively to Resource acquisition.
- Fixed an issue with players being unable to contribute resources to a room.
- Fixed an issue with clients seeing Interception minimap markers when playing in Defense missions.
- Fixed shields being colored incorrectly.
- Fixed a selection issue related to opening up the Profile screen and then backing out to the key selection screen.
- Fixed a crash related to viewing recipe build prices in the Market.
- Fixed a number of issues with the Laser Challenge platform assets.
- Fixed an issue with the screen not returning to the full Star Chart after selecting a node that requires a key.
- Fixed an issue with the collision on the Shipyards Trophy.
- Increased the size of the Drain and Polarity Text boxes so as to fit Russian localizations.
- Fixed a crash related to battling Infested Ancients.
- Fixed an issue with the Star Map not properly being displayed if the player is joining a lobby while the item browsing screen is up.
- Fixed a level hole in the Void tileset which allowed players to fall into an inescapable fish tank.
- Fixed an instance of players being able to enter their Clan Dojo without a key.
- Fixed Ash being able to suffer shield damage during Bladestorm.
- Fixed an issue with AI walking into rocks on the Forest tileset.
- Fixed Nightmare mode overrides not being properly maintained.
- Fixed a bug which caused the expanded in game map to become stuck on screen after reviving.
- Fixed an incorrect icon being displayed at the end of a Survival mission.
- Fixed the current number of players on a node not being displayed properly on the Star Chart.
- Fixed ragdolls being affected by Valkyr's powers.
- Fixed an issue where taking additional damage could break the player’s stagger animation.
- Fixed players being able to teleport to unintended areas in the Lephantis boss room.
- Fixed an issue with Data Masses spawning out of reach in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
- Fixed an issue with dynamic music not stopping correctly.
- Fixed an issue with default helmets not being selectable in the arsenal.
- Fixed an issue where having two clients attempt to join the same host at the same time could result in the players being stuck at the "Please Wait" screen indefinitely.
- Fixed an instance of players being able to get stuck inside life support capsules.
- Fixed progression stopper related to being able to revive after running out of oxygen during Survival missions.
- Fixed random mission challenges containing additional unneeded text.
- Fixed the Foundry not properly refreshing after completing/starting an item.
- Fixed incorrect sniper-ammo to bow-ammo conversion message.
- Fixed Duel Rooms potentially clipping into other rooms.
- Fixed a loss of functionality related to attempting to upgrade an item which has a "C" loadout already equipped
- Fixed a number of level holes in the Forest tileset.
- Fixed the Rhino Prime Helmet description appearing incorrectly.
- Fixed Sentinels attacking unalerted enemies.
- Fixed various Localization issues.
- Fixed hand placement issues when hip firing while holding datamass.
- Fixed further issues with Lotus Spamming.
- Fixing a whole bunch of minor art issues as seen in this video:

- Fixed issues with trading flow if player initiates offer at edge-case time.
- Fixed issues with Capture waypoint after Host Migrations.
- Fixed issues with Capture missions not loading correct levels.
- Fixed to Dojo Obstacle course sounds.
- Fixed some AI getting stuck on high ledges in Phobos Defense map.
- Fixed gear levelling up through daily login XP not counting toward achievements.
- Fixed a collision error from infested tentacles that appear on tiles.
- Fixed NPCs getting stuck using panic buttons.
- Fixed Zephyr being able to get onto the Obstacle course without activating the switch.
- Fixed a loss of functionality related to attempting to upgrade the Deconstructor  Sentinel weapon
- Fixed kills made by the Rescue target will not reward the player with any experience.
- Fixed collision issues in Clan Dojo as well as general navigation issues.
- Fixed issues with day/night cycle lighting on tiles on Earth.
- Fixed not being able to build Duel Room if you’re a newly appointed architect.
- Fixed the localized text for Hostage will appear as Darvo's name in certain languages.
- Fixed Host choosing to claim and exit causes the client to get the claim and exit screen a second time in interception missions.
- Further fixes for enemies not staying in zipline posture while ziplining.
- Fixed Grineer Scorpion grapple pull sound playing on endless loop.
- Fixed Ogris rounds not passing through Volt’s Electric Shield correctly
- Fixed multiple issues in the Codex:
   Duplicate strings for Infested entities.
   Missing images for Infested enemies.
   Removed WIP weapons from appearing
   Ensured all Crawlers have appropriate image
   Nef Anyo fixes.
- Fixed an error message being displayed when attempting to build a Grustrag Bolt Release.
- Fixed the Mag Prime Blueprint showing an image of the regular Mag frame when trading.
- Fixed a number of broken cover, navigation, and collision points on the Grineer Asteroid Tileset.
- Fixed Objective Markers being obscured when surrounded by numerous other marker types.
- Fixed a map hole in the Sedna Conclave map.
- Fixes to game performance for Clients gamewide.
- Fixed an issue with Kril's death animation not playing correctly
- Fixed a progression stopper related to picking up a weapon and then attempting to revive a downed player.
- Fixed a number of inactive UI elements near the bottom of the lobby screen.
- Fixed the Vigor mod image to no longer appear as a duplicate of Fortitude.
- Fixed the Rank 15 to 16 test not properly activating and causing an inappropriate cooldown.
- Fixed an issue with Clients receiving double the mission rewards after a host migration in Survival games.
- Fixed Ember's Accelerant VFX not properly replicating for Clients.

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