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i got the latron wraith but i didnt get the polar glaxion whats wrong?


Nothing. The Latron Wraith is a WEAPON. The Polar Glaxion Skin is, well... a SKIN for the regular Glaxion weapon. You have to purchase / craft the actual Glaxion weapon before being able to put the skin on it.

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I noticed the new option to filter mods by polarity, and wondered when I would ever want this when I can just sort by polarity. Then I decided to rank up my Wildfire, and remembered that there's a handy filter button that can show me only mods of the same polarity! Except for one problem: this button disappears when the user selects a mod and clicks the Fusion button.


Please allow the filtering options to be changed during Fusion selection. Any filters selected still apply during selection, but they can't be changed. (Edit: Also, it would be nice if the polarity selector were a drop-down menu, rather than a click-to-see-next button. Easy to lose your place in that thing.) Thanks!

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The 1 cell at a time thing... it certainly makes soloing excavations REALLY hard... You know, trying to defend those paper-like excavators while having to go and pick up one cell at a time...

I'm glad I finished the event before it was changed but seriously it makes solo-excavation nearly impossible.

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Love the new event!!

It's been fun and the new weapons and other items are a great add on.


The UI however is a step backwards.

You now cannot read cards unless you mouse over them where before you could see many cards at once.

Working with your cards is unbearable. Using them in the Mod center is unbearable. I cant see what I'm combining in one view anymore everything is now it's own window.

OMG the list just goes on and on.

The writing got smaller on information ... really

So arguably this might be an updated and nicer looking interface (ARGUABLY!)

But function wise it's two steps backwards.


What would have helped;

When you have the same card in more that one item a tag to tell me which one is in which frame.

So for instance I have two Serration cards, One for my rifle and one for my sentinel rifle, and then duplicates.

It would be nice to have a small tag so I know which one is where especially when I'm combining cards or using them to level other cards.


The ability to delete Quests would be nice.


Your PC users are trending towards high res monitors averaging 27inch at 2560x1440 not 1920x1080 on 55" televisions like your Xbox or PS users. .

If this is to be the new look so be it but why do we have to suffer functionally for aesthetics.


Adding a new feel to the UI can be a nice feature but taking the old view away to replace it with one that is not as function ... well just sux.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have the full card view back and if you made it a toggle in the filter (which it looks like you tired to do) everyone wins



Storm X



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1st thing, I want to thank you for new content, 2nd thing I hate that warframe bring new BUGED AND GLITCHED content, it never works, the maps dont works, nothing works correctly, please check your updates before releasing them, doing pre-release helps, take exemple on other games , ex : (easy one) minecraft, they always do pre-release and offer clean content, bugs are really rare, so please you should do a U15 to fix all warframe bugs, because archwing is going to be a hell out of bugs.

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I think you still have some work to do on Excavation map layouts...


I just got a layout on Europa that was essentially linear with the scanner in the middle, and extractors most of the way out to 1 end, and all the way out at the other end. From 1 end I could barely see the scanner's room even in the expanded map view, let alone the other end. Most of the space between the ends and the scanner was just repeated hallway tiles. I'd post some pictures if I could figure out how to.

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Players can now only carry 1 power cell at a time as to increase difficulty.


When I first starting playing this, I had thought we could just carry one at a time anyway. Lol.


Didn't even know that we could have carried more.

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Another thing I have noticed from the new mod update:

- I am quite sure that I've gotten some fusion cores from missions, but my fusion cores section of my mods is almost always empty. It's as if I haven't gotten any


Please fix this issue ASAP as this is very...annoying




When I try to trade, the fusion cores are there... not sure why is this happening now...


Found out why, max level filter also filters out fusion cores -.-

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The new content (and weapons!) is nice (good job, DE!).

The new slotting/fusion interface and the new mod look, however, is not. It's painful to use, highly confusing and noticeably less informative than the ones we had before. Fix/revert this change, it's definitely not an improvement. 

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