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Unwritten Rules Of Warframe


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I dunno if this would catch on, but let's list some guidelines to "How to Warframe like a gentleman". I'll start. Try and keep it logical though.


This happens to me a lot during trading. Both side would say "you can host" or "I'll host" at the same time, and sorta have an awkward moment. So... let's agree to the advertiser would be the host for the trading, unless specified by the advertiser. Just makes the process more streamline.


Try not to invite players that did not request a invite. Yes, the fact that it's in the Esc menu is less problematic, but I dunno, it just kinda grinds my gear a little. Try the Recruit channel.

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if a Mission is getting tight and 'serious', don't TK each other. save that for when there's down time that it's okay to goof around.



if someone is taking too long for you and you're at an Elevator, sending it back where it came from so they don't need to press the call button is a really nice thing to do.



if a Mod that's legitimately Rare drops, it's nice to mark it incase it's useful to others. 

please don't mark that Slash Dash that dropped.


Mods from Enemies Sync, Mods from Pots and other map sources do not. just because that pot dropped an Ancient Retribution for you, doesn't mean everyone will get it. so it's a gray area if you want to mark Mods dropped from pots. i usually don't.



marking legitimately Rare Resources is optional.



if you set a Waypoint, expect everyone in the match to ask you what the Waypoint is for. so make sure you point at the Mod so it says Mod or tell people what Resource you're marking, or w/e.



and as always, door / hallway heroes aren't cool. you reduce Spawns, and therefore XP Mods and anything else for everyone. yes, that includes yourself.



don't talk down on people just because they don't have Meta Equipment on. some people actually make decisions for themselves.

no, people don't 'suck' just because they didn't skip the map and run to the end as fast as possible.


i guess that sums up to don't insult people just because you're bored.

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This might help

Please get stickied, too. We need more people to read these threads.


Also, a few things about trading:

- If you post something in Trading chat to buy or sell, please make sure you have at least a ballpark figure in mind in terms of its value. People dislike those who take ten minutes to ask desperately around what the general value of something is, or those who play a back-and-forth game of 'offer me'. It is incumbent on you, the person offering, to know what you think the item is worth regardless of whoever sends over the first offer.


- If you decide on a deal and invite someone to the dojo, then the trade is as good as concluded. If someone offers you something better while your first buyer/seller is loading in and you decide to take the new offer, come up with a really convincing argument for cancelling a concluded deal at the last minute and hope the other person is gracious enough not to name and shame you. Especially don't deliberately /ignore them or close the dojo session while they're loading in.


- If you're posting a list of items on trading chat, don't try and outspam others by reposting in quick succession to limit their visibility, especially if it's a slow time of the day. Not everyone else will be looking necessarily for what you have, and if someone has previously posted something that others want, you're potentially also cheating another buyer/seller out of a deal while annoying everyone else.

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