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Earth Frame!


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well... "the earth" is not confirmed.

They took abilitys from a design council member  and created multiple icons.

It was just to show how ability icons are created, nothing more...



as you can see, Tenno AFSKY was the one who came up with those powers

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The earth confirmed!

Serious note; am hoping for earth to be bulky in similar of rhino's build. As well the frame sound's like rhino himself but earth twist?


P.S; am bored because am waiting for new Doctor Who episode to come on out -_-. But STILL TALK! 

meh, im not pumped about it, im not fan of rhino and another just blank generic tank frame feels not needed.

I get rather tired of people playing rhino and then going down like in 2 seconds

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If it is done I hope for large sharpe angles in Earth frame's visual design.  Bulky with no organic feel to it.


Warframe's organic feel is all over the place, a few standout frames and guns here and there are not going to ruin the game but diversify it.

if watch the newest livestream their a cheat sheet for it :)

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Man... if there was ever going to be a frame using a skill that turns enemies to stone I was hoping for a Medusa-themed female Warframe... :P


So I hope they might consider that in the future somehow... but I'm pretty sure Earth won't be the theme of the next frame anyways.

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