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Who's Your Archwing Frame ?


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( remove the s in spoiler )


zephyr (1104/1050/95) others ers have been doing loki or rhino through, these three seem to be the only viable for archwing


i also use rhino for it sometimes, with his helmet he makes a good sue of speed as well as zephyr being a fast frame, loki prime is like archwing on crack with a fully ranked hyperion thruster


(( hyperion thrusters for the win! ))

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I use Mag but deep down I know I should be using Frost or Rhino.  But my little Mag is awesome!  Also, with the Rubedo Rhino skin I can't bring myself to use him in Archwing missions as the potential for Rubedo-plated Barrel jokes is just too much.

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if you want to go faster then light, get loki prime + hyperion thrusters. 


it is amazing

I like the speed where it is at. I'd only use HT on open maps. I'm not gonna try to speed trough the corpus ship :P


Facemeetwall prime.


Plus I don't want to miss out on the tankiness, especially for Uranus.

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In a coordinated team Valkyr with a rejuv aura or two is the best. high stamina, good speed, best tank powers. 
Arcane Vanguard Rhino prime is also a top tier choice. Sacrificing a little bit of tank/stamina for higher speed, and more aura flexibility because of the shielding based defense. A better pug/safer choice. Regular Rhino is probably also a good third.

Zephyr isn't as good as people think, the low armor really drags down her health since nearly every frame can afford steel fibre/Vigor/Vitality with no compromises. Ash has over all more survivability than her, just with a health lean over shields, they're basically the same tradeoffs as Rhino/Valkyr, but Zephyr is significantly more risky with hers because of how fast that health can be chewed through without armor.

Hemlock Saryn/Regular Saryn I would probably recommend given the similar tradeoffs between Valkyr and Vanguard Rhino P between her and Frost and a non Vanguard Rhino. 

The final choice I'd recommend is actually Hydroid, he can out distance an Arcane Vanguard Rhino Prime because of his extra stamina despite being significantly slower, while his above average shields make him alright to take damage, although his average health and armor leave him being the squishiest of any recommendable frame. He's a lot less powerful than many frames, but he feels a niche where as others are outclassed in theirs.

Loki is far too squishy to be of use, despite his slight speed advantage, it's not significant enough to warrant using him over Ash/Zephyr.

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