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Maybe a few Dark sectors into Nef's Index runs for relatively quick credits?

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5 minutes ago, (XB1)UltraMagnus5000 said:

I confuse about power spike. Is it intended to not work on exalted blade because people say that it works perfectly fine with the other exalted melee weapons, so I am wondering if you'll purposely did that.

This was already answered in your previous thread, https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1004479-power-spike/?tab=comments#comment-10117024

This is not a thread to ask questions. To clarify what was already stated, the waves do not add to the combo counter at all, so if you're trying to build a combo with Exalted Blade and make use of Power Strike, it's not going to work.

The other alternative is that you haven't actually turned the node on.

Again however, this is not the thread, feel free to pm me if you wish.

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