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(I failed with the title, but read the damn ideas!!!)





Fellow space ninja, (TL:DR At the bottom)


We need more mission types with different things to do! 


Ambush: I had a thought the other day; what if us Tenno got done with a mission, and Lotus lost contact with us? She couldn't tell us were extraction was. Hence the ambush of enemies! Basically a Reverse Extermination! 


The goal is to survive until Lotus can clear up communications (Say it takes a certain amount of time at each level):


0-10: 5 minutes


11-20: 8 minutes


21-30: 11 minutes


It's a survival mission, which means NO stop in enmy spawning, and every two minutes a Boss (dependant on enemy) has a chance to spawn and the Stalker can come after you during it as well. It would take a team to survive (It'll be that hard) and you get mods with the only way to keep them is to survive! 


(3 level intervals for separations sake)




Investigation (Long mission like Spy)


There's an artifact here that we don't know about, get it OR try to find information by hacking these databases (Real hacking, like doors, but harder) ~ (Gives a item at the end)




Quadruple Assassination (You will DIE! ~ Stalker approved)


There's a meeting of Grineer leaders, or a horde of strong infested, or a shipment of corpus proxies here, take them down!




Tenno - Death to All Tenno (Difficulties = Better Rewards)


I want to be chewed apart, riddled with bullet holes and struggling to fight a group of enemies! I want beef! Not baloney! Their should be enemies with element resistant shields, Heavy Melee units, "Minibosses" Turrents shouldn't be something I can do the hustle in front of, I should be turned into Tenno cheese if a turret looks at me funny.


I want a one revive mode, you get your life and one pick up, that's all or you fail. (Increased money - Mods?) It would take longer and be more risky, but the the solo'er or team that can do it can get the rewards! 


I want a planet so badass, it asks you if you REALLY want to go, are you sure?"






Infested that are faster, cloaking enemies (Radar would be useful - ) Enemies that attack in packs. I want to be scared for my life against the infested.


I say each boss should be Like Kril:




That is a magnificent boss I want to fight!



New Factions (The corrupted are nice, but I'm talking the kind of enemies that make the Golem cry for his mummy)


There are so many possibilities it's insane! 




Stalker is too Easy 


(Note: I do love the stalker (and I realize he doesn't exist and this is all made up) I've never had an experience quite like the first time he came after me ~ I thought I was losing my mind and squealed like a little girl when we murdered me and my friends...anyways, he's unique, Unique is very good. This is only an idea)


I want the stalker (Not that he exists or anything, BUT if there was such a thing) To be feared! I want him to be all warframes (Randomized powers and more deadly weapons) : You killed the Stalked! HOLY S#&$ it's a decoy! Dear god he's using Link!? When I see the flickering light I want to scream like a little girl and get hit by his mighty (insert badass weapon here!



Weapons (For the record those clans weapons are a bit hefty in terms of "Need 1000 clanmates to have")


Polearms (Can I get my LuBu on? ~ <---Like polearms (Not bo staffs although they are okay)


Nunchunks (How can I be a ninja without them?!)


Chain Weapons (Because I want a small blade on a chain that I can throw at people and chop them in half!)


Other Elements - Poison? Heavy tungsten rounds (Slows fire rate - Increases damage) ~ Thinking of more...



Dojo (Once it's fixed?)


Shooting Range - We have PvP, where's my enemy simulation target range? (You can test weapons, check out power AND see who's  the best shot in your clan!)


Dojo Defend Mission (You don't defend it, you may lose something! <---Defense mission using dojo layout and randomly spawned "Item that needs to be defended" You can set up dojo defenses (More things that could be made and installed - More money for DE more stuff (Not INSANELY expensive for lower level stuff)


Alliances - Two clans, one goal (Small and large clans can alliance to share materials, friends, information...etc <More community togetherness.)



Platinum Items and Overall "Farming Fixes" (DE gotta eat too)


Play with the Devs (Or their representatives...I guess...*Partially sad face if so*) - DE is busy folks, but a play with the Devs stream could be nice. Having the Devs play their own game and having the players see this is almost magical. I've seen things like this turn into beautiful memories.


Material Packages and stuff - I would say materials packages should be in the game (As CHEAP platinum purchases) small bundles of materials you can buy in bulk (100-500) For 5-8 plat? (I'm not a business man, don't shoot me (I'd pay for a little help sometimes to ease the farming) HOWEVER, they should also drop RARE "Dual mats" (Based on planet) ~ You have a chance of getting a small mixture of mats together in a bundle (100 or more, maybe 500 <---More than the normal max amount)


Slot Machines (Yes, I did say SLOT MACHINE...However!) MODS (Based on rarity) are the money, you pay a rare mod and you can get one back (excluding the one you paid) It could be limited to twice a day (Morning and Night) No Platinum or credits (Far too easy to get)


Rewards worth the Risk - You made it to Pluto defense missions and gotten to wave 50! Have a hellfire mod (This shouldn't happen - EVER) That should be a Rare mod or something WORTH doing the mission for.


More Special Events (With better rewards thatcan't be gotten by skipping through a oid mission while text with one hand) - The Fusion MOA event was beautiful, I played for hours (because it made me forget I was killing things forever) Also, losing these would equal something bad, like: SUPER Stalker, or random boss spawn in the middle of your mission week! Or increase crafting costs for a week (Take it easy on that one, it's a joke really)


Rank Rewards - I'm Five and that guy it 20 I believe the ranks should have EPIC legendary Tenno weapons (guns, weapons...etc) They could be skins, but making the old look WTF EPIC (Encourages using weapons, and warframes and trying to make EVERYTHING to get higher and get cooler stuff which in turn means more people with purchase plantinum to get more stuff to do more things and we'll all be happier because we have goals and things we want that CAN BE DONE with time.


Challenge Rewards - 1000 Headshots? 25 Challenges done? Have a epic (insert thing, skin for the weapon here <---Also can be bought with platinum (Maybe if it's able to be gotten a bit more easier) 










I really have too much time on my hands and the stuff above is awesome look at it. (Goddamnit I messed up the title! >_<)

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How about a COMPLETELY new Infested boss? Something like a Legion style monster. Make a new, large map with a MASSIVE, infested monster that's just a mass of all other infested. It can have massive tendrils it slams into the ground in an attempt to attack the Teno, and normal Infested can spawn off it and attack players. It could even throw a bunch of infested at the players that do damage when they hit them, then start attacking(Unless they get killed mid-flight). This could be easily be expanded to include a lot of things, or be changed to even be corrupted. Who knows.

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For your first idea, what if I just wanted to run an alert mission and it pops up? 11+ min?? And if you consider how secondary objectives are being dealt with now (no extra rewards, just excess time and effort spent), its hardly something to be looked forward to...

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