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Devstream #69 Overview


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Oberon Deluxe Skin
• Inspired by forest themes, Pan's Laberynth-esque
• Coming soon, essentially finished


• Some preliminary event information released


Mag Revamp
• Will be affecting all of Mag's powers
• Scott has a plan, but didn't divulge details
• Hopefully will have something able to be shown next Devstream

Update 18.5
• Will be releasing some time in March
• All of Steve's lighting and texture updates are going into 18.5
• Expect a large download - approximately 3 GB
• There will be a lot of chat upgrades  coming 
•  The randomize loadout feature is coming


Moon Expansion
• New mission types will be added to the moon tileset in Update 18.5
• This will include Moon Spy mission
• Moon Spy missions will present a new level of Spy difficulty and encourage a new method of thinking in Warframe
• Similar to how the entire moon was pulled from The Void during The Second Dream, the Spy vaults will also be able to transition between pre and post Void collapse
• This essentially means that every Spy vault has two completely different versions with different aesthetics
• The Void collapse is triggered by players, so they will have conrol over which approach they take


Dark Sector
• Was on hold for a long time, but recently there's been some thought about how Dark Sector can be re-vitalized
• Will address the 'click races' and other problems that plagued the old Dark Sectors
• There will be somewhat less focus on competition and more focus on cooperation
• Will still be focused on Clan and Alliance activity
• Individual Clans within an Alliance will be able to specialize
• There will be a focus on exploration of the new Starmap

• Approximately 5 head and tail variations determined by breed traits
• Will receive greatly improved AI (Kubrow AI will also be updated accordingly)
• Click HERE to see some Kavat animations


New Warframe: Mummy Warframe
• Releasing in Upadate 18.5
• Will be obtained via Quest, focused on Phobos
• Male Warframe
• Has no shields at all, very large health pool to compensate
• Has powers that steal health from enemies, increase armour, and summon minions
• His ult uses his health as fuel
• Has a unique bleedout animation involving his sarcophagus
• Many of his powers are sand-themed


Custom Holster Position
• There will be multiple holster positions available for melee weapons
• There was placement shown for: usual back placement and one for each hip
• In addition to the three locations, there may be sliders that players can manipulate to fine-tune the position to ensure good placement
• The new holster positions also come with new drawing and sheathing animations
• It's unclear at this point if this will only apply to melee weapons, or if guns are included


Other Stuff
• In a coming update, you will no longer lose progress if you complete a mission during a hotfix
• In a coming update, if a client is disconnected, they will be able to re-join and retain any loot from before the d/c
• There is a Conclave Syandana in development
• There is going to be some updates coming to Spira Prime's stats to make it comparable to the vanilla version
• Sheev will return via Sortie Reward - possibly next season
• One of the Cinematic Quests for this year will involve the Grineer Queens
• There will probably be cinematic for future Prime Warframes like Saryn's (possibly past Primes as well)
• After Update 18.5 launches, there will probably be changes to Focus Powers

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4 minutes ago, AM-Bunny said:

• In a coming update, if a client is disconnected, they will be able to re-join and retain any loot from before the d/c

There is a god.


As somebody who wasn't able to tune in, thanks for this. Great overview. Monarch Butterfly Oberon is beautiful as hecka.

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Just now, IronWolfKnight said:

I feel as though this Mummy warframe should have a prime variant almost immediately. An Egyptian warframe has so much opportunity for a great prime design.

Ha, good point. He shouldn't be too challenging from a design perspective. 

Additionally, there's the ongoing problem of Quest Warframes only being obtainable once. If they're sold, you have no option to obtain them again other than a market purchase.

Having the Prime variant available would at least allow you another avenue to obtain the Warframe after you've completed the Quest.

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59 minutes ago, (PS4) supersocc11 said:

PLEASE DE, do not mess with Zenurik's Energy Overflow.  It's been a game changer for me!

It's certainly a game-changer. Energy Overflow and Shadow Step really standout, and things that stand out have a tendency of getting hammered down. I'd advise preparing for the worst.

Even though I primarily use Naramon, and have been abusing Shadow Step as much as anyone, I really hope it gets some large adjustments. I dislike how it caters to such a specific, niche playstyle. Not only does it require use of melee weapons, but crit-focused ones at that. If you do use crit-based melee weapons, suddenly it's incredibly powerful... I've been taking my unranked Warframes into T4 Survival and soloing it to 1 hour+ to rank them up. I don't like how Shadow Step is all-or-nothing like that.

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