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Fastest ways of getting kills


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Here I was today, in our lovely and cheerful Region chat, helping newcomers and speaking with some friends, until someone appeared out of nowhere and raised a question: "What's the fastest way to get kills in the least amount of time?" - Many players shared their tactics and ideas about this, and now I'd like to hear people's thoughts over the forum. What's the fastest way of getting kills? Note that there are not restrictions and all possibilities are opened; from solo strategies to co-op slaughter, wherever you want and any Warframe is welcomed, but keep in mind that it's all about kills/time ratio what matters here, not the total ammount of kills you can reach in a single mission.

Discuss. :satisfied:

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Saryns 4 seemed to be and ability of choice for a long time for going through exterminates the fastest possible way.

Speed novas and related tactics on defense missions also come to mind.

Personally I like max range prolonged paralysis + hysteria ground finishers in a really high level missions.

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