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Sari Syandana animation - Open all the time now

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9 hours ago, Kagisnad said:

could we get any official word on whether it will be fixed to be closed anytime soon? or is this the intended final version? i really hope the latter is not true.


6 hours ago, LaserApocalypse said:

Definitely needs to get fixed soon, if this is even a bug. Im seriously considering on requesting a refund if this is how the syandana is suppose to be.

It's a confirmed bug. They responded to my ticket where I'd linked pictures a few days ago.


(WARFRAME Support)


Hello Cat__Nap,

Thank you for reporting this bug! While we are aware of the problem and our development team is already working to resolve this, your report really helps us understand the scope of the problem.

To see when this bug gets fixed, please keep an eye on the Update notes posted in the forums:

Warframe PC Update & Build Notes

*GM's name removed.

Here's to hoping they get it working sooner rather than later. It looks amazing in screenshots and videos from the short window of time where it actually worked correctly (or somewhat correctly, anyway). It's honestly one of the best Tennogen pieces ever made if they can get it fixed.

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looks like it's fixed for good at last. thanks DE.

although personally i'm unhappy with this : "will open when Bullet Jumping or Aim Gliding. Appendages will now close after 5 seconds "


to somebody who bulletjumps nonstop, it's as if it never closes. most of the time i'm not also firing my weapon to get it to close, so the obstruction is still there. it should close after 1 second at most.

oh well. goodbye sari syandana. : ( could have been so nice.

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1 hour ago, BeeOverlord said:

They actually sometimes seem to work, but at other times and more importantly in the orbiter, its back to the old ways.

They changed it to how they said they would be - out by default in non-mission areas, but folded by default in missions. It's an alright compromise for those of us that hated them being out during missions.

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DE needs to consider adding more advanced functionality options for users to choose if they plan to implement more dynamic syandana. Having open wings while not in the air just looks extremely awkward for me personally. Kinda upsetting that they chose the blanket "solution" rather than give people options.

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This needs to be closed unless bullet jumping or gliding. Or give us a key to close it. Almost every shot i saw of it, it's closed, and looks much better that way IMO. Such a tease that it closes in menus, nav etc. I just want to know if this is going to be changed, or if this is how it will be so i can decide if I want to request a refund.

I am very disappointed that i payed for it and don't even like it. When it's closed i like it, but walking with it open looks crappy.

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