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Hotfix 9.1.1


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Hotfix 9.1.1




Damage buff for Sobek, the new Shotgun.

Resource labels restored in UI mission screen.

Resource Drops now follow regular rarity logic.

New UI back in Foundry.

Clan contact list now displays “last sign in” over Alias for offline and pending contacts.

Squad information now again displays on the mission map.

Increased difficulty of Nightmare mode. Vampire drain rate is higher, and weapon restrictions are now enabled... coming soon. MUHAHA!

Mercury difficulty tweaks, now more new player friendly.





Fix for Nightmare mode appearing on nodes before entire planet had been completed.

Fix for issues completing Corpus Exterminate missions.

Fix for Vauban Vortex preventing revives in squad.

Fix for Raptor boss drops not being in reachable place.

Fix for Paris Prime blueprint not having icon or saving to inventory.

Raptor boss will no longer flee to the surrounding mountains.

Fix for Infested Ancients replaying taunt animation if shot while playing.

Fix for players getting stuck in lobby after host leaves.

Fix for crash with Banshee “Soundquake” if gore was disabled.

Fix for Nova Molecular Prime not damaging nearby enemies after explosion.

Fix for Loki Decoy putting Vor in an inactive state.

Fix for doors not opening in Exterminate missions.

Fix for some tilesets not having hack panels in Grineer Galleon.

Fix for contact list involuntarily scrolling when contacts status changed.

Fix for Rifle Amp Aura stacking. A word from the designer: Rifle Amp, 45% damage buff stacking was too much, reduced to 27& (4.5% base).This was a typo on my part.

Fix for NOT being able to contribute to tech projects from the Clan Vault.

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Can we get a boss down the pipe which was just as hard as the untuned Vor ? While the content ramp is pretty good now for challenging players, it was fun to actually go up against a tough as nails boss that required us to parkour kite the boss around the room + use cover and not just dumping all primary rounds into the bosses head hitbox.


(was just about to post in the 9.1.0 thread but whatev, keep classy)

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I'm sorry DE but I couldn't abide by your request.


You see I play as a banshee.... and you asked me not to make any loud noises. I'm sorry but I already used sound quake just as you asked that.





In all seriousness Thanks for the fixes :p

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