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Thanks For Watching Livestream #11!


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Thanks for watching our Sound Q&A! Here is a list of some of the questions we asked, tune into our Stream to learn what our Sound Team had to say and check out some videos of how Warframe sounds are made!




PART 1: http://www.twitch.tv/warframe/b/438760539

PART 2: http://www.twitch.tv/warframe/b/438779288


Tulzscha: What equipment do you guys use when recording/mixing/monitoring? Specific models of headphones, microphones, other recording gear?


Se050239: Will the Corpus have an actual voice, instead of garbled gibberish?


Ignaesia: Will the Warframes ever talk?


Marabunta5: Boss Voices: Will each of the bosses get their own unique voices and sounds(IE: Phorid, Golem and like Lech Kril and CCG Vor) ? And Who voices Captain councilor general Vor? and Who is the voice of the awesome Lech Kril? 


SaltLight: What was the main inspiration for the voices of the boss and also for Vor? what language are they speaking exactly? was it english but played backwords or something?


Seldszar: Since the update 9 Lotus has a different voice at certain times do you plan to spend all dialogue with this new voice ?


Grandmaster-Builder5 When can we expect new Lotus recordings?


Mikey_t: What would you say the funniest thing you have done to make a sound for Warframe?


Theammostore: How long does it take to create sounds and how do you do it? Do you use instruments? Or is there just one really talented sound worker who just goes up to the mic and beatboxes all of the sounds? (sidenote, can anyone beatbox)


Botskis: Which vegetable makes the most delicious sounds?

Also, is there an "all in one" tool/object (other than vegetables) that you keep using over and over again due to its versatility?


Nickeltoe: When the grineer tile set comes out, I am sure there are windy noise and other typical desert noises.  How did you create these in the studio?  (Besides breaking vegetables)


Kroul: Is there any chance of "sound packs" becoming a cosmetic type item. For example you have the boltor's normal sound but you can equip a sound pack to change the way it would sound.


ZyloWolfzan: 1. What is currently your favorite enemy sound or voice clip?


Quazar123: When will we get elevator music? :-P


General questions about weapon sounds and how changes are decided on and made.


General questions about when more music will enter Warframe.



The end of the stream was Sabotaged by Sheldon & Steve! Here are the highlights of their visit:

1. Gamescom! We are giving away from Swag and giving our fans a chance to win some sweet gear. Come see us at Gamescom.


2. We’re doing more weekend events! So you guys know the Grineer Settlements are coming… but the locations won’t reveal themselves without Tenno Effort! Why would the Grineer reveal these Outposts to the Tenno? Stay tuned…. You may need to find intel about these Settlements before you can access them.


3. THIS WEEKEND: Double Affinity Weekend !


4. We’re changing a bunch of mission types


We’re removing Raid (it’s too similar to Capture as well as it is not a very popular game type).

In Raid’s place: Timed Survival-esque mode. You’ll be in a ship or location and must survive for as long as you can.

Scoring Systems for missions is also coming

We are changing Spy and Deception as well. They will be completely revamped.

In Spy (Intel) you will enter “Cephalon”, an Orokin Mainframe, and you’ll have to attack the virtual space.

In Deception (counter-intel) it will be an escort with an “Envoy” which is the Lotus in an high-tech drone. Although we know Escort missions are generally hated, the Envoy will help by boosting players. Staying in range of the Envoy benefits the group.

What happens to Void Raid keys? They’ll be changed under the hood, they’ll still work.


Addendum: Also on the cutting board is Rescue, tweaks will come there.


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the idea of raid is completely fine, it simply needs to be more interactive and dynamic (and not just raid). Make the artifact affect the level in some way, make the artifact AN ACTUAL MOD that you were looking for, make the artifact very unstable and able to deal damage, cause problems extracting it, for example able to deal damage while you are carrying it so players have to switch it.  The list of possibilities goes on and on, it's all about tweaking existing missions.

 btw I can finally say "FIRST!" for the first time

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Pink shorts..


When the broccoli came in, i was like...




On a serious note. Enjoyed the livestream as always. Information to players about development and behind scenes are never a bad thing. Much appreciated.

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Please don't remove Raid!  I as a mainly solo player (because my clanmates only long in late at night), I run Raid a lot to farm resources/xp (it's my 'go to' mission if there's no Exterminates on a planet).


And turning Deception, a mission type that's low on my 'like' list to begin with, into another annoying/stupid/suicidal/paper-thin-AI Escort mission does not make me happy (Rescue is at the bottom of my 'like' list)!

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Please don't remove Raid!  I as a mainly solo player (because my clanmates only long in late at night), I run Raid a lot to farm resources/xp (it's my 'go to' mission if there's no Exterminates on a planet).

Um, Raid is nearly identical to capture, so try doing that instead. It even gives you a mod at the end.

Survival is gonna be waaay better than raids where.

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A HILARIOUS livestream, I know Rebecca tried her best to stay proffessional and keep the others in line, but the sillyness and down-to-earth...ness of you guys is why I love you so much.


However, raid (and sabotage, because they are nearly EXACTLY the same) is very easy and should stay, but mainly as low level, starter missions, and then have several mission types into a single one at higher levels, so new players don't go "AAAH, WHAT DO I DO?!" and older and higher leveled players have more and interesting stuff to do that they don't just blaze through.

And for the love of a deity that most likely doesn't exist, REMOVE extermiate. You are going to be killing stuff anyway, regardless of what mission type. I don't mind quick, easy missions every once in a while (in fact, I love to relax and do lower level things quite often) but they should give less rewards, while missions that are bigger and take longer (by default, not because you stand AFK for half an hour) should give more.


Escort.... hmmm. I generally hate that with a passion. Small and short ones I'm fine with, but if it takes too long (which is not long at all) I will get quite impatient and just start running in circles around it. Give us plenty of stuff to do and don't make the drone slow, and it should be fine.

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 Instead of getting rid of the Raid because it is similar to capture, capture should be revamped.


 Give the guy a way to defend himself and let him run like hell all over the ship while you have to take him down and avoid his whole body guard corps behind you. Then Raid wont be so similar... At least now he can take a few shots before getting incapacitated...

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I'm up for new mission types, I hope to see more missions that are fun to solo like Raid was and Exterminate. 


Cant wait to watch this steam when I get the chance. I missed it :(.


The silliness is why I watch the streams in the first place, if it was totally professional I would just read the cliffs.

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Deception and Rescue should be combined and should be without the 1000 consoles needed to be hacked. Rescue can be replaced with a new creative mission and more missions should be added like escaping a ship that's going to explode while doing something with explosions everywhere. Perhaps a mission that takes you into the snowy mountains for whatever reason.

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