Update 22.12.0: Warframe Changes Feedback Megathread

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Nice job with Khora DE. Just gonna make a couple suggestions (as I'm sure others have made them in previous posts relating to khora):

1. To fix the regdolling on her 4th ability (preferably to just let em swing less vigorously)

2. allow the whip to be used at a faster rate than what it is now. I feel like there is a cooldown on it and i want it to be as fast casting as atlas' 1st ability so i can whip faster and stuff

3. BEING GREEDY HERE: For some selfish reason or another, I wanted to be able to cast up to 4 of her strangledomes (mainly cuz with a range of 100 (or maybe even 115 percent)) it would definitely provide more control over an area than merely 2). i guess I'm simply thinking about frost and how he gets to have 4 globes.

4. That kavat she summons needs to be affected by animal instinct, pack leader, and that swipe mod that removes enemy armor. Basically a good portion of the kavat/companion mods don't work with her and since it's a kavat, i expected it to work with those mods.

Also lol she has a dash polarity on her and the only dash mod is animal instinct and that doesn't work with venari. Bit of an oversight there DE. I'm assuming you'll fix that in a later update.

5. You better make her passive affect all companions lmao u buggin out DE for limiting it. 4 players with their popular carrier means 60% armor boost and then 15% more from khora's venari means a nice 75%. Even tho the passive is as finnicky as vauban's buff armor passive, it should at least not be limited to the companions khora has only (15% per companion for a max of 30%).


Overall tho i am liking her alot. She is a bit difficult to get the range right especially when you wanna make use of all the skills and still have enough duration and a small enough 4th ability strangeldome to minmize the ragdoll issue less ragdolling should help alot. 

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