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Featured Prime Time Display Images [OFFICIAL THREAD]

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Didn't realize this thread was a thing. Would have submitted my idea for Kuva Guardian/ Worm Queen Noggles sooner. By the way, when will we see Noggles for Kuva Guadians or the Queens? :





Also, floofball, because I didn't realize this thread existed: 


Original Post: 




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i've been making some art in ms paint for a while now and i've never been brave enough to post them on the forums but... well, hopefully they look alright!

Dnjrc5Z.png yVcSyZP.png

88oS9ay.png m3ACrxR.png

my bad if the formatting isn't great, i don't want this post to be super long


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An OC Design of mine! I was deeply in love with the Nightwave Emissary series; specifically the Zealoid enemies that came with it. I loved the Zealoid Prelate so much, I made an OC based slightly off of that concept. She's called the Zealoid Oracle!



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I made these kavat and kubrow gingerbread cookies for this year's christmas 🎄 i've modeled and 3D printed custom cookie cutters in the shape of cookie glyphs from the game 😀

(on a side note - DE, please, if you made official cookie cutters i would love you forever)





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Finally I managed to finish it. Right on 31.12.2019! 

It's us! 😄 
We're Infinity Stoned and happy to be ghost clan. Don't visit us. We don't like you. :B


We used to be three. Now we're four. 
From left to right, we are:
Fishi, Odd, Raga and Zrest, with their frontman-frame above. 

Special thanks to all who kicked ma butt into submission. 




And for the snuggle-juices out there, some floofs. 

No buds no glory.


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I wanted to show the Daft Punk inspired poster I've made. By the way I absolutely adore the artwork here. Many things here left me speechless, great work ❤️



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