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  1. After Gilding all 6 Vulpaphyla and Predasite companions and ranking them to Rank 30 they show as completed in the Equipment tab under profile but do not show as giving mastery on the main profile page.
  2. Invasion Exterminate missions on Corpus ships with the portal on the outside goes into an infinite loop and causing black screen forcing Alt F4(may be caused by using Gauss and casting Mach Rush into the portal)
  3. in the new UI it doesnt show when you get a credit cache in a mission and just auto lumps it together with credits, this can make it seem like you didnt get one of the 3 caches in a granum void mission for example.
  4. Granum Void Specters are not currently dropping the drop to increase the time limit making it quite impossible to farm protea right now.
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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