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  1. Cheer up, friend. 1. It's a game, not a religion or political stance. 2. I only stated ways which I believe the game could improve. If your opinion differs, then arguing about it is as pointless as arguing favorite colors. 3. I didn't personally insult you or the developers, so can you not respond as though I did? Thanks.
  2. 1. Woah. I didn't know that. But still.....They made it. Why wouldn't it be legal? Who'd they sell rights to? 3. My previous knowledge was that the little glaive throw was just a move in the melee combo stance. I didn't know you could aim and throw it like in Dark Sector......Thanks I'll delete that point. 4. If you've actually played the game, the first one looks nothing like Phorid XD He's on all fours in the picture, but he can walk on two legs as well. The last one looks a little bit like Lephantis.
  3. 1. The Infested Visuals. The overall visuals of Dark Sector were incredible, in the sense that they genuinely feel horrifying. While having some minor variations in tints of brown and blue, the overall color shading of the plague is a dark gray. The growths are also very twisted and web-like with egg-like sacs. But in Warframe, the infestation visuals are perhaps a bit too colorful…..as though a child ate some skittles and then vomited. Maybe if DE ever does a rework on the infestation, the visual style would be something to consider bringing back from the past. 2. Show the “Stages” of the Infestation Aside from the visuals, the other element of Dark Sector’s infestation that Warframe lacks is the development of the infestation, from starting host to final monster. Dark Sector’s horrifying story progression where we slowly see humans transforming into these beasts over time made the game feel that much more real. Maybe in a future update, you could add chargers and runners in stages of less “infestedness” where they still look mostly Corpus or Grineer, but have lost their minds to the infested. The idle animations where partially-infested humans were eating other humans, and the fight animations where they limped their way toward you were also well done. Not that I’m an expert in DE’s software, but it doesn’t seem like any major programming changes to the AI would be needed. It would mostly be a visual addition with new variety of 3D models and animations of currently-existing enemy types. 3. Edit: Deleted Due to Point Made in First Comment. 4. Infested Bosses/Mini-Bosses Again, I am amazed that monsters like the ones you fight in this game have not yet been added in Warframe. Maybe some day? These were fantastic. 5. Grineer Enemy Units A Grineer with armor like a Nox, but who carried a devasting machine gun like the one in Dark Sector would be cool (sorry for the bad picture). Additionally, the shield units were much more effective in Dark Sector than they are in Warframe. Maybe beef them up some? 6. Grineer Tanks Last, but not the least, the quadruped tanks in Dark Sector were interesting as well. Perhaps what the raknoids and the jackals are to the Corpus, these walking tanks could be to the Grineer? And yes I know these tanks were called “Jackals” in Dark Sector, but their visuals in DS look more Grineer. I feel like the Corpus seriously outrank the Grineer right now in regards to firepower. If the Corpus brought the Profit-takers and the raknoids to the Plains, the Tusk Grineer wouldn’t stand a chance. To "keep the balance," it seems like the Grineer should have equivalent heavy units to combat the heavy Corpus units. Something that looks and behaves like these tanks would be perfect.
  4. Hey, all. This is a very early work in progress, but I'm accepting constructive criticism for a Lua/Dreamcatcher Syandana concept that I had the other day. What do you think? Would you like to see this in game? You can give constructive criticism here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1623409549
  5. A clanmate and I were discussing the starting quests tonight, and we had a few ideas that we believe would not only improve the tutorial missions, but also better prepare new players for harder missions and open worlds. Split Vor's Prize into two quests. The beginning quest where you're introduced to your Warframe and fight your way past the Grineer is a really great opening. It could use a graphics update (at least from what I last saw), but it's solid nonetheless. Somewhere between the escape from Vor and the fight with Vor, it seems like there should be an extra tutorial that gives you three things for free: -- One forma -- One catalyst -- Any currently in-game weapon that when fully built can handle the first few planets. This tutorial would teach players specifically how to upgrade, mod, and forma their weapons so that they know better how to deal with higher level enemies. With better training and at least one potatoed weapon, you might retain more players' interest. This process of acquiring the weapon and the means to make it stronger could be built into the story quest about bringing Justice to Vor. Only after the new player has successfully formaed his new weapon, the game would allow the player to proceed to fight Vor. After fighting Vor, the new player would have stronger knowledge and a better starting tool for future battles.
  6. Mikhael222

    @Tennogen Community: Feedback When?

    @[DE]Taylor Thanks!
  7. Mikhael222

    @Tennogen Community: Feedback When?

    Oh ok thanks!
  8. Hey, all. This is the first Tennogen round I am participating in, and I was curious how long it usually takes for DE to review the submitted works after the deadline. Also, if they choose to give you feedback, how do they contact you? Directly on Steam or on the forums? Somewhere else perhaps? If they choose to ignore my entries, I'd like to at least know where to look to make sure I was, in fact, not contacted.
  9. My sadness level is over 9,000.
  10. I tried searching in the documentation and couldn't find anything 😢 I was hoping for a more definite answer directly from DE staff. And multiple parts aren't too big of a problem. A little extra hassle, but not bad.
  11. Not even if I match the handle proportions exactly to the other pistols?
  12. I have a pistol idea I'd like to realize for the next round. I want to make sure that it at least won't be rejected before I even start serious work on it lol
  13. Mikhael222

    The Future of Warframe

    Hypothetically speaking, if everyone upgraded to internet so fast that you could stream 4K movies like a cakewalk, I wonder what a good maximum number of Tenno/enemy units you could have at once in one instance would be. Like if you actively had 200 Grineer at all times on the Plains (with more spawning after the first ones die), and however many Tenno units could fit in the remaining bandwidth......that would still feel huge. DE ought to mentally prepare for that because who knows? Maybe mankind will eventually have internet fast enough for 4K streaming everywhere around the world XD
  14. Mikhael222

    The Future of Warframe

    Primed Sigh