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  1. Dear DE, listen to this guy for 45 minutes. He says what is good and bad with Railjack. If you fix all of these problems, the Railjack system will be ready for additional mission types.
  2. I almost never use Corrosive Projection. I still manage to frequently deal most damage and kills when not leveling up terrible gear.
  3. Mercy kills? Is that what those brief red icons that lasted for 0.1 seconds were for? (JK) But yeah, right now, hacking and liches are the only viable use for the parazon. Indeed. If you have to go out of your way to Mercy kill a normal enemy, something more satisfying should happen to make it worth the interruption.
  4. Happy Hannukah to all who observe! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I mean c'mon.....who doesn't appreciate a menorah made out of seven Orokin flame throwers?
  5. DE should be paying attention to this well-stated comment.
  6. I honestly don't know if they're intentionally supposed to be super rare, or if it's a bug, but Shedu parts just aren't dropping (at reasonable rates) in any squad I've been in. In my first mission, three barrels dropped. In every mission after that, absolutely nothing has dropped.
  7. After completing the sentient ship on solo, I go back to my Railjack. When I go back to my Railjack, the navigation menu is not accessible. There is no [X] Navigation prompt. This forces me to "abort mission," which automatically deletes any rewards I would have gotten. Please fix this. Note: For some reason, when I join a party, this bug doesn't happen. Somehow, this only affects me, or it doesn't work on solo.
  8. So I was the victim of a series of bad luck events today. I had just finished raiding the Sentient Ship when my internet briefly crashed, and Warframe returned me to the login menu. I logged in, and was ready to rejoin my squad to save my rewards. When I login, I get a "Strict NAT warning." I have no idea why.....but it doesn't seem to give me any issues (Internet crashes are rare). The option to click "CONTINUE" on the Strict NAT warning just so happens to be in the same location as the option to click "NO" on the option to reconnect to the squad. I clicked "Continue" on the Strict NAT warning...….but within a fraction of a second later, the "reconnect to squad" dialog box popped up, and I instead clicked "No" to reconnecting with squad, thus losing my resources. I fully understand that what happened to me is a very specific set of bad luck events that would be rare. But all the same, can we please have the option to disable strict NAT warnings? They're bothersome and have no real purpose. If we can't remove it, can we at least move their position so that "NO" and "CONTINUE" aren't in the same screen location?
  9. Because they were focused on Empyrean itself...…..Did you watch the devstream? They have definite plans on giving the archwing system an overhaul now that Empyrean is out.
  10. ??....If you're referring to and/or holding on to the bitterness surrounding the Catchmoon Nerf, I think that's an entirely different circumstance. I never tried pre-nerf Catchmoon (I'm not huge into kitguns), but I heard it was ridiculously strong. I think DE is smart enough to know that nerfing Amesha would make the game unplayable for many people. As for Itzal, I think they just added something quick because of being focused on Railjack and the Sentient tilesets. I don't believe it will last long in its current state.
  11. I don't know what devstream you guys watched, but in the devstream I watched (i.e. the one from yesterday), they never said they were making archwings worse -- they're revising the entire archwing system - all archwings - to be balanced for Empyrean gameplay.
  12. Are all of the elements of Sorties completely generated by RNG? .......Or is there someone at DE going, "How hard should I make these guys work for their Anasa today? 😈" ------------------------------------------------------- *Wrong answers are acceptable.
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