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  1. I've played Wukong a lot since the rework, he pretty much became my go to frame, so I've been paying attention to all changes made to him pretty closely. At this point, it really feels like someone at DE has some kind of vendetta against him. The rework, while admittedly quite good as far as warframe reworks go, wasn't without some issues. However, despite a great deal of feedback being offered, no tweaks at all were made (though I can't say this isn't a common occurrence for reworks and new frames alike) His prime stat upgrades were some of the most insignificant ones in a long time. This wasn't even so bad until Atlas came in right after with substantial increases to pretty much every stat. Textures and materials on his deluxe skin were degraded with one of the mainline updates and remain in that state to this day. And before that, they tweaked how the skin looks around 3 times after it was already released, which is somewhat questionable as people paid for something and then it suddenly turned out to be different with no warning. And the state it's in now is just sad. Iron Staff was nerfed to the ground with Melee 3.0 changes. It has absolutely no advantages over a good normal melee now, only downsides. And now this. Like really, how much mistreatment can one frame get? They might as well nerf the clone too for good measure, and then all of the benefits from his rework will be pretty much undone and he'll be worse than before it happened. Which is saying much, considering the state Wukong was in pre-rework.
  2. Pennant's hit detection is broken. It doesn't register all the hits like Tatsu does. Here's the Threshing Grain combo performed with Tatsu: https://gfycat.com/tautcontentastrangiacoral And here with Pennant: https://gfycat.com/slimymeagerarmednylonshrimp Note the difference in hit amount. It applies to other enemies too, not just sentients. Calling Thunder combo is also affected, Cut Thrice seems to be fine. This drastically affects Pennant's performance aside from heavy attacks, as it has to go through the same animations for a much lower amount of hits - not to mention it skips all the hits that force slash procs, which would be very helpful with the weapon's low status chance.
  3. Just noticed the same thing on PC. The Threshing Grain and Calling Thunder combos are both affected
  4. It's not that bad. For starters, a lot of frames simply don't benefit much from Umbral Fiber - those need only 1 Umbra forma. Most people won't use them on non-primes either, save for some that are meta for certain activities and aren't getting primed anytime soon. Finally, no one really plays all the frames they have - so the choice can easily be narrowed down to frames that you use often.
  5. That would be fine for the forma. There's a slow but steady supply of it via Nightwave already, getting one or two more on top of that being subject to luck isn't too jarring to me. The Ephemera, however.. it looks great, you can't get it anywhere else, and is an unique item you need only one copy of. In general I think rare containers should be a bit more common and have only evergreen rewards, but I digress - if DE wants to have a cosmetic available only to a limited subset of players, then it's been said time and time again that it should be done via a challenge and not winning a ludicrously unlikely roll of dice. The current situation isn't enjoyable for anyone. If someone gets it on accident without trying might not even know how lucky they got. Someone who spends hours farming for it will either burn out or get it and feel relieved, not accomplished. And if someone who really wants the ephemera sees someone who has it, they're far more likely to be frustrated and detest them rather than admire them. If it took skill and not luck, things could be different.
  6. Countless runs, only one rare container spawn. I farmed the Sentient ship so much that I've sold over 10 Shedu sets at this point. It only dropped a captura scene. Enjoy this haiku full of my suffering. I've never hated anything in warframe more.
  7. Or that person on Amesha could just go in and blow the thing up from the inside, which wouldn't require use of ammo that's very limited by capacity that will take someone's time to refill later, the time of person using the cannon, and limiting the pilot's movement so the shot can actually be landed. For the cannon to work, it has to work well without external assistance. Otherwise it just isn't worth the investment.
  8. Flux capacity just isn't a viable counterchoice for avionics capacity. The latter is essential for modding as we know it and are used to, and is similar to potatoes and forma. The former is just a bigger energy pool. And incidentally, there's also an avionic for increasing that. Artillery cannon falls to the wayside in the veil as it requires three shots to bring down a single crewship. Even if you use the best version of Forward Artillery avionic (which costs 13 capactiy, mind), the number is reduced to two. Still too slow and inefficient. So why not fix both at the same time? All reactors should provide +30, +60, +100 avionic capacity at MK i, II and III respectively. RNG really shouldn't be an additional limiting factor when making builds, we're already limited by the RNG of getting the right avionics in the first place. Now for the RNG stats, flux capacity is still one of them, but there will be two additions to replace random avionics - artillery cannon damage and dome charge capacity. That way the three different reactor brands will be able to actually provide options for differing playstyles, rather than just Vidar being 'okay, you can actually mod your ship' and the other two 'enjoy putting in 5 avionics at most, I guess'. And the cannon will actually be able to perform like the incredible heavy-duty piece of orokin tech that it is, rather than something that a generous amount of grineer metal shrugs off without issue. Alternatively, rather than being tied just to reactors, avionics capacity could be increased by all of the components in lesser amounts. That would encourage to steadily upgrade everything and emulate the usual 'leveling' process more closely.
  9. Not guaranteed. Somebody got 1000 kuva (which is pretty much insulting considering how rare the containers are). The only rare container that spawned for me in the veil must have just had resources or dirac because there was nothing out of ordinary in my loot, which is even better.
  10. The different manufacturer strengths and weaknesses aren't balanced well enough to be sidegrades/preference, which (other than resources, especially Titanium) is the main limiting factor in Railjack progression, imo. You always want a Vidar Reactor because Avionics capacity is essential while Flux energy can be crafted, or you can increase its cap via an Avionic if you really want to. You always want Vidar Engines because base is speed is always useful, as boost is a multiplier, while a bigger boost is only useful when boosting. Shields, I'm not sure. Haven't done enough with them/seen them to have enough of an impact on anything to have an opinion. To make matters worse, Zekti parts are extremely common, while Vidar and Lavan weapons only rarely drop from crewships, and Vidar and Lavan Railjack parts are awarded from mission completion at really poor rates. Also, a lot of new loot that isn't tied specifically to Railjack has ended up in rare containers. Those are far too rare, and knowing that you have to look in every nook and cranny on the off chance that one spawns, only to get nothing for it 99% of the time isn't a fun experience.
  11. Reb said economy improvements are coming this week (and she even specifically mentioned repairing wreckage), so let's wait and see how it is after the changes. Right now I can say it's definitely doable to get resources to repair several parts if you play all day with a booster, but someone playing casually would probably need weeks. Titanium and Nullstones are the most annoying since you don't really get them via fighting, you have to fly around the map and scavenge
  12. I've read somewhere that the healing bubbles are bugged so only the host can see them, so that might be why some people have issues with never seeing one being around.
  13. According to this post, they do. At least the Gunnery one does. https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/eaykm0/rank_8_gunner_archwing_buff_works_outside_of/
  14. Could you post a screen of what resources mk 3 parts need to be repaired? I've noticed there's absolutely no overlap between mk 1 and mk 2, but I'm guessing that can't be true for mk 3 as the former two already cover all 4 of the basic railjack resources
  15. Railjack takes millions of credits to build, not to mention the piles of resources. The missions are more difficult than most of content in game, at least in that they require far more attention and fast responses. So why in the world the mission rewards include things like 1000 Rubedo or 3000 credits cache? This kind of non-rewards is bad enough elsewhere, but in Railjack content there is really no place for them. They need to go. Yesterday. As it is, it is far more efficient to just fly around after a single mission and gather stuff than it is to do the actual missions. It's more space scavenger than space pirate.
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