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  1. I took Xaku for the Umbra Forma blueprint alert just now, and the experience proved to be quite enlightening. As a frame that focuses quite heavily on affecting enemies and area control, they are rendered helpless if enemies are capable of doing harm outside the sphere of influence dictated by ability range. Before, having played Xaku mostly in indoors tilesets, I didn't really see any issue with the current targeting range on Grasp of Lohk. Now I believe that it absolutely should be increased at least in the direction Xaku is looking at. That way the ability isn't fully autonomous but Xa
  2. Would this synergize with Grasp of Lohk, as in if an enemy has an attractor on their head will Grasp of Lohk be able to headshot? If not, then there is still a rather glaring issue of Xata's Whisper just not being very useful for Xaku specifically, even if it becomes better for other frames as a subsumed ability. Xaku can easily kill most enemies passively, before the player even has a chance to shoot manually, so as long as Xata's Whisper has no synergy with other abilities there isn't much point in using it at all. Xaku's passive is also underwhelming, especially when Vast Untime just r
  3. Appreciate that, but the Oscira rifle skin is still unusable on far more primaries than is reasonable, such as Acceltra, Battacor, Kuva Hind, Argonak and Quellor, to name a few
  4. So, with the Helminth system, we now have a rather substantial resource sink in the game. Some resources costs are obviously way overtuned, but the others work well for slowly but surely draining massive stockpiles of resources. That is not a bad thing in and of itself, however there is one rather substantial problem. Smeeta's Charm. In the past, that ability became less valuable the more you played. Eventually you had enough resources that taking it with you everywhere stopped being beneficial, and you only had to go back to it when farming something new or highly specific like kuva or V
  5. The exalted weapon is bugged, it stacks your mods' effects every time you activate it. It should still be pretty powerful once that's fixed, but not 'damage cap red crits all over the place' level of ridiculous anymore.
  6. While in my post I argued that they should benefit from all the effects that operators have to offer solely for the sake of not falling so far behind frames in terms of viability, this perspective is also quite worth noting. The mechs come from a syndicate that requires having operator free roam from War Within to even access, so the complete lack of synergy between the two seems rather odd.
  7. Railjack resource costs for Helminth are busted. They have one, if not two, zeroes too many.
  8. It's convenient. Does it compete with powerhouses like Smeeta's Charm, Adarza's Cat Eye, Kubrow Mecha set? No.
  9. First part: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1215592-heart-of-deimos-necramech-feedback-megathread/?do=findComment&comment=11792811 Now that I have a Necramech of my own, I have much more insight. And I have to say.. the situation is even more dire than I ever dared to think. They don't benefit from your companion's vacuum/radar mods and have none of their own. They can't use gear items and aren't affected by pizzas. They don't benefit from Energizing Dash. Archguns recharge dreadfully slowly when used by them. They can't be healed by pretty much anything other than Vazarin's da
  10. I love how people were only saying that the toxicity phase is too long and you do this instead.
  11. Still working on getting my own so this can't be considered full feedback. However, the stage of Heart of Deimos where you use one has left me largely skeptical. The mechs are slow. They feel heavy. They are limited by a stamina bar - something that was removed from Warframe years ago. Mobility is considered to be one of Warframe's most distinguishing and best features, one of the things the game is praised for. It seems like a questionable choice to me to go against that, and essentially regress in design philosophy by entire years. Moving on. Aside from the default machine gun, Nec
  12. 60. Xaku's Warfans also need that thing from the grandmother.
  13. Funny thing is, if the Staff was something like that today maybe it'd have a chance to compete with Serene Storm and be worth using. Maybe. But we live in a reality where it'll always be the first choice for being replaced by something offered by Helminth.
  14. People are freaking out about Roar way too much. On the one end, we already deal way more damage than Warframe's typical content necessitates without any buffs. There's no practical value in Roar, at best it just feels satisfying cause big numbers. And on the other end, people are already doing level cap runs without it. Will having access to it make them easier to do? Sure. But don't act like there's any damage control to be done at this point, it's simply too late. Most of the time, an ability that gives you some utility will be much more helpful and powerful than a silly damage bu
  15. All of the above only makes it more reasonable to keep the lock higher so players who might not know any better don't pointlessly bleed themselves out of time and resources for something they can get no meaningful results from yet, when they still have so much other stuff to do in the game.
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