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  1. Here's comparison shots in case people are wondering. Before: After: So yeah, small improvement, but still a lot that could be done
  2. We might not be able to count pixels on it as easily anymore (I think? It's hard to really see much of a difference even with before and after screenshots), but it's still extremely blurry and far below par when it comes to detail quality
  3. vFlitz

    Baruuk Buff Idea

    That's not going to work. With his current DR, he can laugh at enemy damage well above lvl 100. Relying on Elude, you could ignore almost everything except any enemy attack that has an AoE component would oneshot you starting at level 50 or so. His rather low armor and hp make him rather squishy if he doesn't have DR That's just false. No other exalted weapon is pure impact at base, and impact is the worst of the physical damage types by far. It only has positive modifiers against machinery, which is very uncommon and quite irrelevant, and shields. Shields are either not an issue or you can bypass them entirely when you need to. Then it also has -25% against Flesh and Cloned Flesh, which are both extremely common. Saying that two weapons with vastly different damage composition have equal just because they add up to the same number is nothing but ignorant. Again, false. Put reasonable attack speed on Desert Wind then use the block combo and it attacks way faster than Exalted Blade can, with the added benefit of working around the ragdolls to a degree by pulling enemies towards you rather than pushing them away. Physical damage types have four times the weight when calculating proc likelihood - for EB the most likely out come is slash, which is amazing, and if it's not then it'll be one of 3 other options that can each boost his damage through CO. For Desert Wind your most common option is impact, which does nothing beneficial, and then you have only one or at most two other possible procs for CO if you manage to put that many elements on - if the enemies don't fly away before you manage to proc them. The difference between having 2 procs and having 4 is quite substantial. Now here's a fun fact for you all: Proton Snap is a flat 50% status chance increase. Using it is incredibly annoying, so I wouldn't do it even if it performed well, but it's enough to see how Desert Wind would perform with a higher status chance. Spoiler alert: it doesn't change much. That's how much of an issue combining 100% base impact and lack of combo is.
  4. I have to say I quite enjoy how the helmet looks on my prime setup For full deluxe I use this. While I like the shoulder pieces he comes with, unfortunately they're affected by body colors instead of attachment ones, and on a skin that has one channel cover like 90% of the body it's nice to be able to add some counterweight
  5. Simple way to make Inaros' gameplay more involving and interesting rather than existing just for the sake of his base stats: Make sandshadows be clones of Inaros instead of enemies, together with weapons and mods.
  6. I don't have as much of an issue with the self-damage as most other people seem to, and I think that removing the delay would actually make it worse. That said, my issue with Zhuge Prime is that damage-wise, it ultimately performs worse than Astilla, which is a very similar weapon that's 4 mastery ranks behind and also lacks self damage.
  7. vFlitz

    Baruuk Buff Idea

    And Inaros has proper offensive tools? His abilities are so noteworthy that, with the exception of Scarab Swarm (and only thanks to Negation Swarm), people who have Arcane Grace or even just Magus Repair or Vazarin Dash elect not to use them altogether. Wukong is a far worse tank than Baruuk. All of Baruuk's damage reductions (up to 50% from passive, up to 40% from having Desert Wind active, up to 90% from Desolate Hands, 37.5% from his base armor) stack together multiplicatively, for a grand total of 98.125% DR. No other frame can match that. There's plenty of ways to increase mobility via mods, even exilus ones. For protection, the options are far more limited. With Elude, the main problem is that modding-wise and with the 'synergy' of doubling Desolate Hands' range, it goes completely against how you want to build Baruuk while failing to provide a viable alternative. If you rely on Desolate Hands, you might as well be immortal. If you rely on Elude, you're gonna die to an ill-timed attack or AoE. A lot of people who played around with Baruuk more tend to either use it very sparingly only to dump restraint or just not at all. Just slapping mobility on top if it isn't going to help much (just think about it, when do you want mobility the most? In short missions where you just have to go from point A to B, and Baruuk is specifically bad at those because of his need to wind up. He shines in endless missions, and you don't need to move nearly as much there.) Especially if you want to remove LoS requirement on Lull - that would make dumping restraint trivial and Elude would be even more irrelevant. While I agree that Lull should do more than it does, currently it's a rather poor cc skill that's again used solely to dump restraint, I'm not sure if it's the way to go. Putting enemies to sleep through walls has the annoyance of making them unable to come to you, and while Baruuk can kill through walls, most other frames can't. Perhaps making them take increased damage from all sources and not wake up the moment something sneezes at them, instead? Desolate Hands already is a really good ability, the only change I'd like to see if recasting made all the daggers you still have fly off to disarm enemies around you all at once, instead of simply vanishing from existence. Serene Storm's area potential is so great that with the exception of tilesets where enemies are really spread out, it can easily go toe to toe with nuke abilities. Yet it also has the lowest damage potential and needs far more effort to maintain. Any other exalted you can just activate at the start and keep active for the entire mission through efficiency, Rage or Energize (well, excluding Peacemaker, but that one you just turn on and off all the time.) Any combination of better ips spread, higher status chance and being able to build combo counter with the waves would go a long way to make it more viable against armor. It'd also be nice if Baruuk started every mission with restraint half empty, so he can jump into the action right away instead of waiting.
  8. Defy has way more issues and shortcomings than a fresh, designed to current standards ability should have. It affects player mobility and prevents you from doing anything meaningful, effectively affecting the pace of whatever you're doing Unreliable effect due to requiring enemy input, especially noticeable against infested Can't be refreshed without going through the whole thing again and relying on enemies again Hard capped armor buff that is inferior to pretty much any other defense buff ability other than Atlas' passive Offensive part has little value because reflecting damage is an underperforming mechanic. On top of that, it ragdolls enemies away which is often more annoying than beneficial. Invulnerability isn't shared with companions, leaving them defenseless while you're taunting enemies It doesn't even prevent procs while it's active, despite being an invulnerability ability https://gfycat.com/cheerfulimmaculatefrenchbulldog Sure, the clone is kinda dumb, but it's still the best summon ability in the game, and fixing it would likely require an in-depth AI overhauls as a whole. Cloud Walker should be less blinding and handle collision with obstacles better, but that's a QoL change, not performance. His passive at least allows you to just not give a damn in shorter missions like sortie rescue, you can just hack a console under fire and not even be interrupted when you die. It could be something more useful, sure, but what could use improvement the most is Defy and his complete lack of team utility. Other than that though, he's really solid.
  9. Thing is even if Shields end up being a viable option for him, that would just make Arcane Aegis a worthwhile option for him then, rendering the passive rather moot. So regardless of the usefulness of Shields, the passive just doesn't contribute much.
  10. If you continued just a while longer, you'd find that you get oneshot by more and more stuff before you even have a chance to react, even if your Defy buff is up. He's solid up to that point, but you can't do much to make him work past it. Definitely not immortal
  11. The real issue here that most people overlook is that he gets the rad proc while invulnerability from Defy is still on. An invulnerability and taunt ability that doesn't even prevent you from getting afflicted with status procs, isn't that just lovely and completely up to par with other defensive abilities
  12. By the way, Syndicate Eximus Specter auras are bugged and don't work. (Like 90% DR on New Loka's Ancient Healer, or Shield refill on Suda's Osprey)
  13. That's a joke, right? Rhino already has an augment that's used solely because it allows an ability, that really damn should be recastable on its own, to be recast. This will end up being exactly the same, and no one wants that.
  14. Please make Cloud Walker clouds more transparent!
  15. Yeah, this would be bad, modding space on Iron Staff is already more limited than on Wukong himself, so this would be a straight up nerf
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