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  1. It being the design intent doesn't make it reality. Similarly, the stated intent behind rivens is helping bad weapons close the gap to good ones, but everyone knows that's not how it works. Bad weapons remain bad regardless of rivens, and the only rivens people actually care for are ones that squeeze even more power out of weapons that are actually good. You can attribute it to DE being incapable of making the game reflect their statements, or you can attribute it to them being disingenuous and saying one thing then doing another. Regardless, pretending it's the actual state of things and using it to justify it some things while others stand blatantly in opposition to a given rule just isn't the way to go. Xoris is likely stronger than all glaives aside from Glaive Prime, yet most of them have higher MR requirement. There is only one reason why it's MR 4 and not something else - DE doesn't gate new content from beginners even when it's the sensible thing to do, because Warframe lives and dies by the new update hype. The quest starts off easy, sure, but no average MR 4 player is prepared for the Protea fight at the end.
  2. MR is a poor excuse for justifying anything, always has been. Staticor is MR 10 and Ballistica Prime is MR 14, guess which one is better? Akjagara is MR 8 and requires Akbolto to craft, which is MR 9 Tysis is MR 9 but is often used by endurance runners in extreme high end content thanks to its status output and damage type composition. Mutalist Cernos is MR 7 and it can kill levelcap demolishers in respectable time, something pretty much no other primary can accomplish You could probably go on with countless more examples. Also. Xoris might be a MR 4 weapon, but not every MR 4 player will have acolyte mods that bring out its full potential. So it's not as if new players are handed something amazing on a silver platter
  3. Granum voids as content have the lifespan of a fart. No one cares about that
  4. You're missing the point. If you actually try to use xoris on any of the affected frames, if at any point you decide to use any of the abilities in question even once your counter will be reset. Even if you call it a minor detriment, it still exists, and wouldn't happen for any other weapon So becomes a situation of either don't use xoris with those frames or don't touch those abilities when using xoris, and that's bullS#&$
  5. It's not even justified. Naramon was an option for ages, and other weapons can offer more damage. Whipclaw and landslide didn't actually get stronger because of Xoris. All the people who claim it's OP and the only viable statstick simply don't know what they're talking about, which is rather common among warframe players. For exalted weapons, the nerf is more justified. But 1) it's of DE's own making because they're the ones who made Gladiator set look at normal melee's counter instead of exalted melee's one as it did before and 2) exalted melees are struggling anyway so who cares if they get a bit better
  6. As long as the clone's AI remains in its current state, it isn't just there, it's an active detriment. The clone is absolutely useless with melee. It shouldn't be allowed to used one, much less forced to under the pretense of it being a benefit. I really don't understand why Umbra in sacrifice can aggresively go to town on the player with exalted blade, but every friendly AI turns into a potato when given a melee weapon
  7. In Khora's and Atlas' case, anyone who knows how statsticks function could have figured it out. And statsticks as a mechanic are so old that DE has no business not knowing about them. Just as it was inconceivable no one at DE thought that perhaps grips for primary tombfinger should affect charge rate or else the damage ones will be overwhelmingly superior, and yet we still had to go through that getting patched in later, after many people built, gilded, potatoed and formad their tombfingers. As for the gladiator interaction with exalted melee, that admittedly was a less well-known mechanic. But it only exists as we know it today because DE changed it to be this way a few months back. Mind, it was an undocumented change, not listed in the patch notes, and we don't know the cause for it. Gladiator mod used to apply to exalteds based on their own combo counters, not the counter of the normal melee that's running in the background. Have they forgotten that they made the change, or simply failed to make the connection? Regardless, it was something that was, at some point, within their capacity to know, and yet here we are.
  8. It means that a regular weapon will give you better results than a frame's most defining ability. And that's on top of not constantly draining energy, preventing passive energy regen, getting disabled by nullifiers and falling out of bounds, being unable to deal damage to capture targets and arbitration drones.. am I forgetting something? I wouldn't be surprised, there's a lot of drawbacks involved with exalted melee. Sure, maybe they will kill anything you typically throw at them (Wukong's staff is so neglected that it'll probably fail even there) but if they're not worth using regardless because something available to every frame is better, they're underperforming.
  9. Exalted melees, aside from Baruuk's, are underperforming. They simply don't offer performance that's satisfactory, considering they numerous drawbacks, when compared to regular melee. And one of the things Xoris does is making them a bit better.
  10. Or simply Naramon focus. Which is no big sacrifice for an experienced player. The main difference with Xoris being used as statstick is lack of involvement with rivens.. and riven trades are a considerable source of revenue. Coincidence? Depends on how cynical you are, I guess.
  11. Well, that way of using it is entirely unrelated to the discussion at hand and it's also not getting changed. So the only case you could make with that statement as proof is that Xoris is overused, but it's not for the reasons that are getting nerfed, and that's not what you've been saying the entire time. Or it shows that it's Khora that's really strong, not Xoris, and the weapon merely had the misfortune of bringing that into spotlight. Kinda like a person happening upon a crime scene and then getting accused of being the murderer.
  12. No, the difference is that it's common to see Khora going into high end gameplay, and Khora is one of the frames Xoris is specifically convenient for. If Khora was weaker, you wouldn't be seeing Xoris there. If Xoris didn't exist, you'd still see Khora. And people being willing fine with sacrificing damage for convenience doesn't merely speak of the magnitude of that convenience, but also of how big that damage will be regardless. If you know you're gonna kill everything either way, you don't need to go for more damage. If the extra damage was essential, a lot less people would be willing to sacrifice it.
  13. It's a bit rash to cry 'abnormally high usage' in the case of a weapon that just recently released and provided a brand new gimmick for people to play with. It's new, of course people are playing around with it. But eventually some would go back to their rivened statsticks, some would go back to other frames that don't care about melee counter, and only some would stick with it on a daily basis. Besides, much like Xoris, Zenurik is only convenience. A player that's sufficiently far in the game doesn't need it, there's plenty of other ways to ensure abundant energy. Xoris allows you to keep that non-essential convenience, but it's still a damage loss - it's no great disturbance of balance.
  14. I can understand the nerf for actual exalted melees, the interaction is pretty strong there (although one could argue that exalted melees desperately need something of that sort right now. Aside from Serene Storm, they're really nothing stellar) However. It is absolutely unwarranted for abilities like landslide and whipclaw. Xoris isn't the best option for them. A rivened high disposition weapon, or at the very least one with a damage improving augment, is always the better option. All that Xoris offered there was convenience. The limitation of choice caused by Xoris is really an illusion here. For abilities, the choice is already limited by more impactful reason. In actuality Xoris was an expansion of choice by offering a weaker, but still compelling from a QoL perspective alternative. For exalted weapons, their whole thing is replacing your existing weapon, already rendering its choice meaningless all on their own.
  15. While I'd be nice to get good amounts of it in hard mode, this is more of a testament to how absurd kuva economy and the riven system as a whole are.
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