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  1. Cool idea! I'm all for variety. I can just imagine this thing being Midas Prime. SO GOLD!
  2. Not a bad idea. Purifying like corrupted abilities like from SC2 into Warframe seemed like a given. I like it!
  3. Yep, it's official. Yours is way more creative and interesting than my concept of a volcanic warframe. Thumbs up to you sir!
  4. This looks like a rad idea and how generous of you to set up an image! Wicked stuff!
  5. Hey guys. Was just wondering if there is such thing as a fully masked Corpus Sister? Thank you.
  6. Greetings, Tenno. Got a quick question for you all. When farming Void Storms to get Corrupted Holokeys, I'm assuming you need relics to qualify for getting the keys as well, right? Or can you just farm Void Storms without relics and still get Corrupted Holokeys from them?
  7. So apart from the typos of "Vengence" should be "Vengeance" and "Exaulted" being "Exalted", it seems like an alright idea!
  8. Great! Just what I needed to know. Thank you very much!
  9. Interesting thought. Kinda like that idea. Seems a bit kavat-like though if I'm honest?
  10. Of course! Just a suggestion obviously. Love your idea! I hope they do implement this in some form as well!
  11. Hello guys, Got a couple of questions that are semi-related. 1. I was wondering if there is a possible way to preview other people's liches/sisters in game like you would preview looks for your warframe, weapons etc.? 2. Is there a way to preview a lich/sister's look before you kill a candidate to take over the map? honestly just want to get a good looking Lich and Sister. Very much about the cosmetic aspect of this game in all avenues. :D Thank you very much. Have a good day!
  12. So yeah, Basically the title. For the past two times I've vanquished the Sisters in the Railjack mission with 3 other people, the last one that was vanquished/converted continues to speak as if the Railjack mission is still going and they're firing things at your ship. Does anyone else have this bug? If so, how did you recreate it?
  13. What inspired the name btw? Love that first ability. That second ability would be interesting to implement, if it can be. So with the third ability, it's kind of like a lure? I'm guessing the laughing would come from the object themselves, rather than having the voice actors do it. :P I assume this would also apply to the fourth. All in all, looks like a fun Warframe with a terrifying concept. Laughter IS NOT THE BEST MEDICINE! :(
  14. To me, this seems really rough to use at level 30. A high chance of dying just by being spotted and not having the shade with you, it looks quite unfun to play to be honest. I'm sure with a few tweaks you can make it fun though, stats wise.
  15. I feel like the RNG affects way too much of what could make Dine unique. It'd be kinda hard to get good with them when most of it is out of your control. I love the theme but the concept of it being luck based? eh not so much.
  16. I don't know if I'm the only one with this issue but it keeps getting in the way so I thought I'd pitch this in here anyway and see if anyone else also had this issue but I'm getting very annoyed at it. Please change where the Conclave on the Orbiter is to be more to the right (closer to behind Market) please. I keep interacting with it instead of the news board and it pisses me off every time it happens. Orbiter maintenance, Ordis, PLEASE MOVE IT!
  17. I really love the concept of this warframe idea but the passive rubs me the wrong way. Imo, I think it should be changed to: "Recovers quicker from longer falling distances." This way, she still keeps her theme but isn't just flat out "better" at basic speed with parkour. Other than that, solid concept! Love the idea and always a fan of new ideas for Warframes!
  18. An interesting idea, OP. I would also be in favour of Bursas as pets (Offensive, Defensive, Utility) or mini Tusk Thumpers.
  19. I really like and encourage this creativity. I can see one of the abilities cycling through three mini abilities or doing a Lavos where you hold for certain things and press to do other things. Would like to see a fleshed out idea come from you.
  20. I agree with the sentiment of redoing Nekros a bit. Seems very centrally focused on Desecrate. I like this thought process!
  21. Interesting concept! I like it! The more creative the better. I personally am not too much of a fan when it comes to the nine tailed fox type deal but hey, it's different and I like the concept!
  22. Hell yeah! Bring those other concepts over! A really interesting concept!
  23. I would say specifically for "Operation" events that they don't do anymore, hell yes I want dreams of those. In terms of things like quests? Well that would seem like making repeating quests redundant. I assume that's what you meant with Operation events so I will agree.
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