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  1. agreed. and changed my railjack to now look like a taxi. LUL
  2. Is it possible to re-work the rework of Railjack? Maybe its just me but kind of a very casual downgrade. Railjack is practically a taxi service, making the Railjack itself seemingly useless. I fly to the destination, hop in mission, complete, and leave. I don't even really use the railjack abilities...and even if I were to use them quite a bit in the older missions im then forced to bring a Energy frame. Crews Pilots - are pretty terrible, they just fly randomly and don't even bother with objectives like Reactors. Gunners - are pretty good however would be nice if they stop
  3. So regarding the energy pool. How does that work with frames like Lavos or Hildryn? kind of don't like the idea of being pigeonholed into certain frames in order to make a useful Railjack for energy? Also what happens to the Zetki and Vidar Reactors that control amount of Flux energy and modding capacity?!
  4. Xaku helmet coming next cred offering rotation?
  5. 1) Xaku - very underrated frame. extremely strong imo with Armor Stripping, Disarming, Mind Controlling. Xata Whisper provides damage bonus + more status you have more likely to created void/mag bubble. Vast Uptime stops the CD on the other 3 abilities, provides speed bonus, increases damage aoe resistance, and damage avoidance. 2) Wukong - One of the best frames in the game. Pretty much go to for any spy missions as Cloud Walker provides stealth for lasers and cameras. Clone is pretty much the best AI teammate in the game; use him with nukor status primer and just melee things away.
  6. hoping someone is brave enough to make a Xaku Tennogen.
  7. oh I see. I was going by the interval difference of percentages i.e. 30% = 2 guns. Not total range percentage x base number of guns. Also gotta love the round-downs. rip Also feel free to just give the explanation of the reasoning. don't need to be a condescending $&*^ about it.
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Seems to be a mis-calculation on some of the range percentages of Xaku's Grasp of Lohk where I gain a 30% difference but only get 1 gun extra. Whereas other times I get 2 guns. I believe these other 30% range bonuses should also grant the correct number of guns. The math appears to add up exactly right for Gaze but not for Grasp of Lohk. VISUAL: Xaku Grasp of Lohk vs Range Percentage Range % Number of Guns/Targets Mod Configuration Percent
  9. I would love to see more mining type things like mods, pets, etc. added to the game to make it not so RNG-based (red vein or blue vein). Similar to Oxylus for plants/fishing. There is literally no reason for me to build a MOA but if you were to tell me that MOAs themselves or MOAs have mods that give higher chance of rare materials...or show locations for certain mining materials. I'd be all over that. OR Mining Hotspots during certain times of the day. Something that gives more rewarding reasons to go into Open-World.
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