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  1. Bump<> 3d is terrible. 2 cast and small range really suck. No viable cc at all. 4th is extremely long and nearly impossible to build in close quarters. Negative synergy ewith duration sucks. Acceltra's self damage is a joke. Thanks for pointing it out
  2. Personally, I hate those changes. You had to go hunting with dmg-buffing squad. Now you can just grab rubico and one-shot any limb. But it is so long to take out shields. It's simply dull. And it's stupid as there's no way to boost it intelligently (except tiny help of Volt). You have basically just to shoot and shoot and shoot with amp again. That's just stupid and does not require any cooperation between players. I'm really sad they made those changes.
  3. You can say exact same thing about Limbo and you will be right. Except that Khora is supposed to use her 1 on the srangledome and deal immense damage to all enemies captured. It is extremely efficient. If player decides to not use this mechanics then it is a player's fault. You cannot oversee player stupidity. You can always ruin someone else's gameplay in this game. Take nekros and start spamming mobs to consume all energy from Oberon's healing. Take slow nova on defense or fast nova on disruption. You can't say that something is badly designed just because of a bunch of idiots being unaware how to properly use it.
  4. If you complete the most of objectives while brainlessly shooting, I have bad news for you as well. Rescue: no shots required Spy: no shots required Capture: 1 shot required Mobile defense: no shots required Excavation: no shots required Shall I continue? There's actually only a couple of game modes, there you should use your weapon in permanence: for instance it's arbitration. This game gives you a lot of smarter and more efficient ways to eliminate the threat than just shooting it. Strangledome is far more effective than one idiot with a gun in terms of defense. And criticizing it for this is like criticizing the core gameplay. Also, if you're trying to shoot enemies who are captured by strangledome, you probably don't know, what you're doing and what is the point of CC. However, I can understand your frustration if you've got to play with Khora on defense. It must have been as painful as slow nova. Although, this is not a design flaw, that's player's fault. He should not have taken Khora on defense at the first place.
  5. That's a cool idea. I always wanted this kind of mechanics.
  6. 1. She's making pauses long enough to re-record maybe not a single word, but only one phrase. 2. You're exaggerating the difficulty of post processing here. It must be a couple of already existing filters and few minor tweaks. No one ever would notice a difference. Post processing is getting complicated when you are voicing a character who is supposed to be in certain surrounding. Here we have a simple narration. There is no connection between background, surroundings, movement and narrator's voice.
  7. It's like... recording one single word in a company there everybody are sitting in the very same office building. I mean It's far from being a price of HyperLoop construction or Space-X program, K?
  8. There's a difference between fixing a handicap and making better. Taking any short reload secondary and putting this mod — it's like giving steroids to an Olympic athlete. Putting this mod on akarius is like giving steroids to a heroin addict. Can you actually see that difference?
  9. Viper. My favorite secondary. Can't use it after these bastards nerfed the riven.
  10. According to wiki it is not affected by ability strength. However, it requires some testing. Personally I found that the only thing that affects the battery is power duration. It seems to be longer to charge, but longer to consume as well. To note: power strength affects minimal damage resistance at low battery level. That's it. Hence, building this frame for strength is not a good choice.
  11. Why not to just use your favorite main frame? Or anything use consider useful for teamplay?
  12. I would just use my best fashion-frame in your case. But if you really want to be that official just grab Mag.
  13. You're right. That makes it better in terms of synergy. However they should not simply improve radius but make it charge the battery a little bit faster/or make redline easier to fully charge. I've been trying to fill the gauge by only casting 3 while redlining — it's impossible.
  14. It's supposed to work that way. But it does not. It's way slower than just rushing forward. And it's nearly impossible while redlining. Just make radius better and freeze at first cast. It will be fine.
  15. I'd like to make an update on my previous post: 1. 3d ability is terrible. It's not even the question of elemental damage. Freezing enemies solid is actually good. But 12 meters at rank 20? Seriously? You can't even cover a small room with such a low radius. It's way tooooooo small for CC. And especially on frame whose mechanics are all about moving around fast. You cast it. One rush — you're out of range. It is a stationary ability with such a small radius that a sole cast of 1st get you out of there. This is not simply inreliable, this is just stupid by concept. This is the only CC that Gauss have and it's really bad just because of the radius. I suggest you make its radius at least 20 meter at rank 30. Design: it is bad as well. This is stationary ability with small radius. And it requires two casts to be effective. You give it to a frame who must be constantly running around. You give it to a frame whose survival and effectiveness (Redline is extremly long to fully charge) depends on movement. And you make it useless except you cast if twice. This is just bad by design. I could understand if you'd be able to freeze enemies with single cast while running. It might be great in some cases. But as it is implemented now: you have to stop, perform 1st cast, perform 2nd cast, kill enemies. All this takes a lot of time and is disadvantageous considering battery mechanics. Not to mention pure elemental fire damage which is completely useless and consumes your battery. No one would ever want to use it. It could be a CC in cases when you actually need to stop, but its radius is insufficient to rely on that ability, its only useful mechanics is freeze, but again it's too long and cannot be performed on the run, because it requires 2 casts to do something. All together this is badly designed, badly synergised and barely useful. 2. Acceltra. Self damage as it is implemented is bad. We've been saying that. But here it's been taken on a whole new level. You make a weapon with deadly projectiles becoming extremely dangerous to player on 7 meters range. And you make it a signature weapon for a frame who is constantly bound to rush forward surely overtaking these projectiles? Should I explain why this is stupid? I've been really careful while using acceltra on Gauss. Once this S#&amp;&#036; is in your hands running forward and ramming enemies is the least thing you want to do. It can simply one-shot you no matter how much armor you put. What were you thinking? Is it fun to be killing yourself by design?
  16. It's not damage, it is its range that concerns me. It should have been at least 20 meters radius at rank 20. Currently it's 12. 12 is nothing. You can freeze enemies solid withing this range which is in some rare cases useful. But it is so small that you can barely rely on that. Also it's the only stationary ability in the kit. And it is purely stationary. And it's not good for a frame that should be constantly moving around charging his battery.
  17. Personally I find that Acceltra sound lacks some power. Akarius is.... useless yeah
  18. But We cannot know for sure what exactly did they mean. It may be a player who means disruption as well as an old player who's still unaware. We (X+Y) naturally would think of second case. Stop looking for sense in my phrase that I'm not even putting there and saying that it's wrong way to communicate it. It's not my phrase which is wrong its your derivative product of its analysis. Here I mean exactly what I want to mean. It's not improper English it's clearly YOU. For some reason you wanted my phrase to contain a dichotomous sense it was not suppose to contain at first place. And now you're blaming my English because you did not understand that and forced your own meaning I was not even putting there. Once I clearly explained what I was saying with proper mathematical (this is not algebra it's set theory) terms, you blame me for that. But what shall I do else if you just don't understand logic? Last #*!%ing time, because I'm really tired of you trying to proof that I should have said what you re imposing to me: Nothing in my phrase implies that "someone" should be confused about Laomedeia/Nereid. Nothing. And it's intended. Someone could be X,Y,Z and anything else. He might be aware of change or not. He might say Leomedeia and mean old spy mission by that. He might say Leomedeia and mean current disruption node. We cannot know for sure before asking. However Me and my friend (We) unintentionally have first to think about spy mission (Nereid) while hearing someone else or one of us speaking about Laomedeia. That's it.
  19. That's right. I'm referring anyone here. I'm not assuming that. How did you come up to this thought? It's not one of us. It's someone, anybody. I've already explained. You're really complicated as a person. Let's put things cristal clear: Let X,Y think of Neired once hear of Leomedeia; We={X,Y} Let Z think anything once hear of Leonedeia; Z in someone. If Z says Leomedeia, X and Y think of Nereid. Z can think what so ever of. Not mentioned. Is it clear now? I'm not suggesting that anyone is thinking the same in my sentence. I'm not suggesting that it should be said by one of us either. I don't know why did you invent this dilemma.
  20. That's not an OP range, considering I have to put every range mod existing to achieve that and have a horrible power efficiency (around 160 energy needed to cast) which I compensate by using 2 fully upgraded arcanes worth of hundred hours of gamplay. I thinks it's just a range you expect to have after investing 1000 hours in game and maxing it out by every mean possible. Am I right? But I can't do the same with Gauss. And why would I take him after all or arb? He's useless to the team. It's a speedrun frame. Nothing more. Even if you can CC, due to that small range you can CC only for yourself. Your team will not benefit from it. However, it's offtopic and shallow. I can already see you're a part of that "pleasenerf" team I have nothing to share with.
  21. It really lacks some range. It's so narrowed even with overextended on I can't cover a large zone. I'm accustomed to use my Slova with 100m range covering the entire interception map with her ability. That is good CC. Works for everyone.
  22. I would not say he's good. I would not say he's CC either. This is all true. The question is: what is the concept of arbitration after all? Unfortunately, yes. However, I usually take slow nova, my friend takes Oberon with 350% healing rate and phoenix renewal. To survive with us you don't really need to be tanky. Just put at least one mod to boost your hp. It's sufficient. It surely will. I'd rather have some better cc/buffers instead of these buch of Inaroses in my arbitration squad. But by design of these drones it's unlikely. I'd suggest that drones would be unable to remove ongoing effects from already affected enemies. But they would rather make enemies immune to new effects. That would make CC more viable and introduce a smarter approach.
  23. Could you please re-explain what is grammatically incorrect in aforementioned sentence? You're pushing things far, let's get to the essentials then. Now (a days) We (I+my friend aforementioned friend) have to (we have no other option than) think of Nereid (because the object what is referenced by Laomedeia is likely to be Nereid) each time someone says [...]. I clearly don't see any problem here. If you're willing to educate me, please make an effort clearly explaining what is the problem. It might be there. I just want a better explanation, so I could eventually fix it. It's that simple. And... "If you had said "we have to think of old Nereid until we mentally update to the change" then " just what are you talking about? This is far more confusing. Mentally update your mind please, because here you're speaking about some old Nereid. That does not make any sense.
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