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  1. If by 3 you mean "just remove the damage mods, and solve the serration problematic once and for all, instead of just wasting time only on multishot", yah I agree.


    "These are not the sources of the Serration problem, they are symptoms. Changing these mods will only result in a new mod or a new combination taking their place. "

    very well said ;)

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  2. Its sad and stupid if DE will rework multishot and change stats only because of multishot. honestly they should review serration and all the damage mods.


    They should go deeper and realize that those mods are better of being removed or all reworked, a full redo of these mandatory mods, a rethinking of the mod system, and even reconsider how the exilus slot isn't an answer for frame modding problems.

  3. 1 - solve a part of the serration problem (serration problem is about all the base damage increase mods)

    2 - no drawbacks, so its obvious u want multishot always and ever.

    3 - its a mandatory mod, its a no-brainer u always want more damage, duh.

    4 - doesn't comply with objective of the mod system, to create liberty for mod diversity.

    5 - makes the devs rework/review the scaling problem of enemies (since we kinda gonna get gimped with this).


    And the cherry on top of it all.

    I also don't like this multishot nerf. DE should stop making worthless band-aids, and remove those damage mods once and for all, since the current mod system is a skill tree.

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  4. Multishot and serration are only huge problems because of their interplay with utterly broken enemy scaling, because they are the only thing that really lets you kill in high level (70+) play. You can't fix multishot and serration without fixing this. You can't fix this issue by just changing gun stats around because right now the multishot damage is necessary in the threat environment we face.


    well, they arent fixing this so they can fix the broken enemy scale.

    we always gonna have bad balancing and bad enemy scaling, would rather see all those damage mods removed, so the game can be properly balanced, and so we dont need mandatory mods to reach high levels.


    sadly even this fix is not the ultimate solution, but im glad DE is looking into it, let them break their game as they do over and over, sooner or later they will realize they need to make real decisions and real solutions.

    cause we all know DE and their bad band aids, seems they need to fail allot to finally get it right.

  5. I am not sure this will solve anything because still these mods needs against the higher level unscaled enemies. The other drawback is this change won't fix the variation problems and the builds will stay in state just now without multishot mods or less multishot mods. There is no alternative because they haven't created real alternatives just op mods and krap mods.


    The mod system itself and enemy scaling is one of the core problems with warframes and "balancing" a relatively useful mod without offer scaling is just bad decision. 


    You just criticized me, and yet I agree with you.


    I want DE to take the decision to fix multishot and serration alike mods first, all associated problems that you can think of, will be solved shortly after.

  6. Exactly!!!

    Just remove Serration, Hornet Strike and Pressure Point already.

    This lie about how mutli shot was supposed to work from the beginning isn't gonna fool anyone.

    They say it's for build diversity... But the biggest enemy of that is the flat damage mods (listed above).

    Stop messing with fun mods that increase shot/ pellet count and deal with the real problem, DE.

    I would be happy to see Serration etc go out the window and not expect ANY kind of compensation.




    Wake up community, and also stop lying to yourself DE!!!!

    Make real fixes and real solutions, not band-aid exilus slot stupidity (just as an example of DE's recent lack of brightness)

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  7. I am not sure this will solve anything because still these mods needs against the higher level unscaled enemies. The other drawback is this change won't fix the variation problems and the builds will stay in state just now without multishot mods or less multishot mods. There is no alternative because they haven't created real alternatives just op mods and krap mods.


    The mod system itself and enemy scaling is one of the core problems with warframes and "balancing" a relatively useful mod without offer scaling is just bad decision. 


    why are ppl panicking about this?????


    please, you really thing DE will nerf multishot, and then serration, and then remove a bunch of other damage mods and keep the game as it is?


    obviously not, DE is a professional game developer (very bad in many situations), but even so, this situation is a slap-in-the-face obvious they will pay attention to it.

    Cause if they don't, the community will set their building on fire.

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    Nerfing damage without changing the stupid enemy level scaling? What the hell.





    1. You use multishot mods but you quickly run out of ammo, making weapons unusable in endless missions; in endless missions you need good ammo efficiency because of the amount of enemies that endlessly spawn, but you also need good damage because enemies levels scale endlessly.

    2. You don't use multishot mods but you do literally half or even less of the damage.


    With this change multishot will be as fundamental as it is now, but it'll also make most if not all of the weapons worthless in endless missions. It's an implicit damage nerf.



    Im amazed with that statment, and also of the so many upvotes...

    Multishot and serration are huge problems, I rather see them gone or fixed.


    And all your worries are obvious things DE will take in mind once they see that basic players DPS as been decreased.

    It's obvious DE doesn't want us to loose 100% of the time, warframe would be a very stupid game, so its obvious they will take that in mind.



    Why is Multishot Necessary?


    Multishot is necessary because in endgame content...




    there you go, its necessary, you cannot avoid it.

    its not your choice, its a mandatory action to equip it.


    Im in favor of the multishot nerf, and hopefully all serration, and serration alike mods, should also be nerfed or removed.

    it's the core game that needs change, so that modding becomes a players choice, and not the obvious skill tree it is nowadays.

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  10. It's about time DE starts fixing the serration problematic.

    (and kids, the serration problematic isn't only about serration, its about all those stupid damage increase mods, that are no-brainers, that are mandatory to basic gameplay, and that totally kill build diversity)


    Maybe the upcoming multishot fix isn't the best or brightest solution of them all.

    But its a start, maybe DE will look closer at this big problem the community as been talking for a long time now.


    Nowadays the mod system is a pure skill tree system, since all the mods players use are for basic stats upgrading, there was no point to invent the modding system (that was originally created to introduce freedom, choice, and playstyle), if the correct way to use it, is for buffing up the base stats, so we can upgrade and go into higher levels.



    Hopefully, they will also figure out, that the serration problematic, isnt limited to weapons, frames have the exact same problem, mods for range/continuity/strength, mods for shields/armor/health, mods for efficiency and etc, are also mandatory, those are yet again basic stat upgraders that everyone obviously chooses first above all the other mods.

    And 1 (one) miserable exilus slot isn't a fix, its a very bad band-aid, we have around 50+ frame mods out there, yet we only use around 9/13 mods for 8 slots, and that 1 (one) single slot is not what makes build diversity a reality.

  11. I honestly don't understand how anyone with any gaming experience whatsoever could possibly think any of this is good. If some mods should be complete trash and never worth using, why even keep them in the game? If players can't play the way they want, then why even let them have accounts?


    So you think you are free to choose what mods you play with? lol


    I dare you, double dare you, to play without all the serration like mods, no multishots, no heavy caliber, no range/continuity/strength/efficiency, no health/shields/armor.

    How much content can you play now? Not much right?

    And that's cause I cut you off these mods, in the same way you must recognize these are all the mods you ever use, all the time, because they are mandatory, you cannot play without those, hence you don't really have that freedom of choice you speak of.

    Diversity doesn't exist, this mod system is actually a skill tree.

  12. -snip-


    All of that could easily be solved with a side-way system of upgrading those basic damage stats, something separated from the modding system.

    Then we could free up the mod system for play style mods, whatever they are, because until now DE hasn't really focused on producing any, but the dev pvp-team as made a good work on producing such mods.


    In the same way that side-ways upgrading system should also be used on frames, so we could free up the mandatory mods such as range, continuity, strength, efficiency, and shields/health/armor, these always occupy 7 out of the 8 slots we have.

    Because having 1 ridiculous utility slot for a system that was designed for diversity, is just backwards thinking, a really bad and insulting band-aid.


    DE as recognized and acknowledged the "serration problematic", and yet they marched on in a totally opposite way.

    DE doesn't always think straight, nor professional like, they remove frame ability mods from the drop tables but keep companions ability mods around, they invent a mod system and taint it with skill-tree like mandatory mods, they "clean" up the void prize pools just to introduce even more items such as cores, resources, keys, etc, that clog up even more all the prizes pools; do you see how twisted their thinking is?

  13. Without damage mods, weapons like the Soma would be absolutely useless.  Alot of the guns would need some serious buff to base numbers.  Soma is only good with critical and damage mods jacking it's damage out of the gutter.  Even that 100 round mag means nothing when you need all of it to kill 1 or 2 guys.


    Hey captain obvious, of course the game would change and of course everything would have to be re-balanced.

    Or else no would be able to play beyond saturn or beyond T2.

    I didn't mention it cause... darn, its pretty obvious.




    I can only hope modding will someday actually be modding instead of a question whether to add more damage or not (of course you do)



    Sums it up pretty well, how bad the current mod system is.




    simple put you again ask to remove damage mods


    i dont see any problems in any damage mods

    damage mods is to make each weapon better


    No one is debating that damage mod are making weapons do more damage.

    The debate is that current mod system is not achieving its purpose (build diversity), the devs went to the trouble of removing the skill tree, to create a mod system to end up with it working exactly like a skill tree.

    Because all the mods you do equip are basic stat increase items (which is what a skill tree does), and whiteout these you cannot, you really cant, play all the content, because these are mandatory and essential for basic gameplay.

  14. You do realize Multishot is not just a damage mod right? On soma it not only increases your damage but fills in the gaps in the spread of your shots. This is equally true for shotguns and other automatic weapons. Doubling the base damage would not have the same effect. Also I am fairly certain this would murder the living hell out of status builds on a lot of weapons. They just need to add that utility slot. See? Then you would have your 8 slots just fine. Assuming of course that you don't count base damage mods as required, or elemental mods.


    its sad to see that way of thinking.

    Utility slots isnt good or a improvement.


    The ideal of this amazing mod system, was to create build diversity, which will never happen with mandatory and essential mods for basic combat.


    What the devs should aim for, is in fact the total liberation of the mod system from damage and resistance mods, utility mods should be the only mods existing (for both frames and weapons), that would give players the true and open mod liberty, and diversity to create builds.

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  15. ???????

    So... yah, all this is obvious... its sad ppl are still slowlly realizing this.


    Serration is a huge problem, even if you remove it, what will ppl always use all the time?

    multishot, if multishot is removed what will ppl always use all the time?

    heavy caliber mods, etc etc etc

    The problem goes on and on.


    What I see in this tread is that you didn't get that the serration problematic, isnt only about serration, but about all damage increase mods, that become mandatory and break with build diversity.


    Its sad and shameful that DE as recognize this problem long ago, and yet they keep working and doing the exact opposite, by keeping on releasing all sorts of damage mods.


    And if you think the serration problem ends with weapons, then you have much more to learn.

    With frames, everyone always uses the same 6 or 7 mods for all frames and for all builds.

    Mods that affect range, continuity, strength, efficiency are equally problematic as serration-like mods.



    Still +1 for bringing up this topic again, hopefully more ppl will wake up, and make DE realize how bad their mod system is.

    DE evolved from a skill tree to a mod system, only to end up doing a mod system that functions exactly like a skill tree.

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    Are you excited for Umbra Excalibur?


    No, and I mean no as in the very much no version.

    Primes, Prisma and Umbra and any other "special" version that are upgrades and not sidegrades just make the previously farmed gear crap.

    Besides, skins (for that is what I consider them) with slightly different stats was taken away (helmets) and then you keep adding stuff like this?

    All of these special versions of the same thing we already have offers incredibly little to gameplay besides the grinding to get them. If they had special version of skills etc. it would be different. The primes could have "prime augments" or something for skills or just another 5:th skill.

    I'd rather see you scrap all of the repeated versions of frames and make new ones all together. Unless you keep adding these new special versions all of the time they will catch up as they're faster to make. Then you'll have to add yet another version and everything becomes less and less meaningful.


    New frames or make the alternative version own their place with gameplay value, not looks!




    A long time ago DE promised that both primes and regulars would be equally viable and worth.

    I wouldn't mind if all frames would be reduced to only 2 abilities, as long as primes and regulars had different abilities, to create different roles, purposes and strategies.

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  17. Umbra Expectations

    My expectation with the Umbra prime is that it should be an upgrade from your previous Warframe be it Prime or Normal a system that would let you upgrade your warframe into that state like how you upgrade some of the new weapons that even have a Rank restriction too...The Orokin Lab could hold such research, So ALL can benefit or at least have a chance to get all their favorite Warframe Umbra Prime (ofcurse you could buy in store, it already ready and built so you don't sacrifice your max warframe and of course Excalibur would have to jump from its normal version to the Umbra making it more expensive to built but would respect the exclusiveness of the Founders relic, though I highly doubt they sacrifice it to being Umbra) So if release, it be a Next Stage of evolution for the Warframe beyond prime it could even be applied to the prime weapons...


    That is also a good idea.

    Current regulars and primes are non-sense.

    Each new prime release is another regular frame that becomes obsolete and useless, and owning both is a waist of slots.

    And if they were upgrades, the only thing we would need is the option to choose the way it looks (if prime or regular or umbra).

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  18. Umbra Expectations

    I see these new kind of frames, as bad as primes, wraits, vandals, prismas, etc, they are the same thing over and over, whit just different stats.

    The diversity between them is of the lowest quality, there is no reason to have both a regular and prime, since they do the same thing, and primes only exist to make the regular equipment obsolete and inferior.

    Primes frames should have different abilities, or roles, strategies, or purposes, something significant that justify owning both, and that would justify both variation being equally worth and viable.

    And weapons, comparing their regular to the primes, wraith etc, should have also significant differences, as an example the latron compared to the tiberon.

    So the new variation, umbra, doesn't excite me the least, since I know its yet another mastery fodder that will act and play just like the current stuff, and will make the existent frames useless.


    Chesa and other companions

    Carrier it's everything.

    Its a loot game, and carrier is so freaking useful, all other companions live miles away under his huge shadow.

    Companions also need to have innate abilities, just like the frames and archwing, just remove those ability mods from the drop tables once and for all.

    Sentinels need a new way to revive, since regen is a ridiculous non-functional mod, just do a sentinel re-deploy item, just like we can spawn specters.

    Kubrows are very very bad, they are too much demanding and complex on everything, in obtaining them, in building them, in maintaining them, even to get rid of them, etc, just bad and not worth, not a fan at all.



    Volt is fine, I play him allot, and I like him just like he is, he doesn't need changes at all, nor should he be on the list for near-future reworks.

    And we dont need more rhino, or ember, or valkyr reworks, we need a huge limbo rework, re-build from the ground up, since the very beginning he as been bad and hated by most, he is so bad only a few players defend his quality, and so bad ppl don't even want to have a limbo in their squad.


    EDIT: Do not get why so many complain about Overlord, its the best ability he haves, I don't even care if it doesn't do any damage or whatever you ppl complain, I just use it as a stun CC ability with max range, and its the best thing ever, I totally rule any enemy at any level just by using overlord as a utility-stun strategy.


    What's next?...

    - Time for a proper stealth gameplay, an actual mechanic and system for it, and really thing it trough if it should just be a mission type or something for any mission, cause even the idea of stealth seems to belong to this game, but also doesn't fit well in general.

    - Do not waist ur time to fix, tweek, change, or improve archwing, it will always be a side-game that ppl will never care much; so if ur ever going to do a archwing 2.0 think of it as an extra-bonus mission type, accessible and 100% rewording all the time.

    - Much more alerts, there should be around 10 to 20 live alerts at any given hour, and even some void alerts (no need for prime parts rewards on these)

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