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  1. Greetings, Kuva-thirsty Tenno! Since The War Within launch on November 11th, 2016, Tenno have been introduced to the continually roaming Kuva Fortress. But contrary to its name, no Kuva can be acquired directly from Kuva Fortress missions. Instead, Kuva Siphon/Flood missions on nearby Planets are what offer that delicious Kuva if completed accurately. Kuva is a unique Resource with a particular acquisition method, and we want to make sure the addition of Kuva to the Fortress followed that design intent, while offering players a much requested avenue to acquire it outside of the Siphon/Flood mechanic. Our solution comes in the form of a permanent Endless Kuva Survival mode on Taveuni in the Kuva Fortress! This mission will start out like any other Survival mission, but now with a twist! Marked enemies will drop something new: Kuva Catalysts. *Developer note: A Kuva Catalyst carrying enemy will spawn per Life Support tower as either an Eximus or Kuva Guardian. Picking up this Kuva Catalyst and simply walking up to an unactivated Life Support Tower, transforms the Life Support Tower into a Kuva Harvester. Now you must protect this Kuva Harvester for 1 minute (as indicated on your UI) as enemies will now logically and forcefully attempt to destroy it. If they succeed in destroying the Kuva Harvester, you will lose out on both Kuva and the Life Support Tower - they don’t mess around with their Kuva! Once the Kuva Harvester is complete, you can grab your successfully earned 200 Kuva from the completed Kuva Harvester. Completed Kuva Harvesters also give a small percentage of Life Support to aid in your literal Survival. *Developer note: Deciding to make the Kuva be a physical Koolaid bottle-looking drop allows for Resource Boosters and Smeeta Kavats Charm to apply! *Please ignore the Clem transmission in place of new Lotus transmissions for completing a Kuva Harvester The design intent and goal for Kuva Survival is for players, both Public and Solo, to balance risk and reward as they sacrifice their Life Support Towers for precious Kuva. Carefully managing available Life Support Towers and Life Support dropped by enemies becomes increasingly important in order to obtain as much desired Kuva possible. You can see the original work-in-progress version from Devstream #108 here: FAQ from Devstream #108: 200 Kuva is awarded per Kuva Harvester- this value is still subject to change with continued testing/feedback. Considering the Endless Survival aspect, this number will allow Kuva Survival to sit in the middle between Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood in regards to the amount of Kuva rewarded. Tenno who want a quicker Kuva routine can still play Siphon or Flood missions, but those who want to acquire this Resource via familiar gameplay (with a twist) can jump into an Endless Kuva Survival! Kuva awarded per successful Kuva Harvester does not increase as the Endless Survival mission progresses. Our intent is for Kuva Survival to mimic the mechanic of Excavation/Defense with the intensity of Survival. Kuva Guardians and Kuva Jesters (as seen on Devstream #108) also have a chance of spawning. These enemies add to the twisted variety for Kuva Survival, and gives you a place outside of Siphon/Flood to fight them. Plus, these enemies have been conspicuously missing from the Kuva Fortress.... Kuva Fortress Survival Improvements: Removed cramped and maze-like Kuva Fortress tiles that felt unsuitable for an Endless Survival with an Excavation/Defense twist. Added a repurposed Fortress Defense tile to Kuva Fortress Survival with improved enemy navigation and traversible areas. !!NEW!! Kuva Guardian Changes: In light of all these changes surrounding Kuva, we felt it necessary to make improvement tweaks to the Kuva Guardians (or onion babies as Megan likes to call them). When faced outside of The War Within quest, their mechanic required to turn them vulnerable has been met with some confusion. As an overall change, Kuva Guardians are now easier to turn vulnerable, but will become tougher to kill once they are. Previously vulnerability flow was: Operator Void Blast to stun, then Void Dash when stunned to disarm their Kesheg and turn vulnerable. NEW vulnerability flow: No stun state required. Operator Void Blast OR Void Dash to disarm their Kesheg and turn vulnerable. General Kuva Guardian Changes: Increased base Health from 300 to 400. Slightly increased the Fire Rate of their Twin Rogga . Guardian Health type is now in line with the rest of Grineer. Weaker against Heat and Viral but more resistant to Gas. Added a red glow around the Kuva Guardian to depict when it is invulnerable. Please keep in mind that everything you read/see in this Dev Workshop is subject to change as we continue testing and reading feedback up until launch. We hope to ship this as early as next week, but we of course welcome your constructive feedback and suggestions!
  2. Just a quick post to keep you updated on Void work. First of all, thanks for all your PMs, posts, feedback, tweets… I read EVERYTHING void and drop table related and definitely appreciate the effort that goes into your thoughts. So here’s my summary of what you said to me: Too many keys as rewards, Sheldon! I’m still not able to get that piece or BP I want in spite of all your so called work. And here’s my solutions: Reduce keys. (wow. That simple, eh?) I took a ton of the keys out of the tables and limited them to T1/Derelict mission rewards. I did another pass at the distribution across the void, but the more I looked the more I wanted to do… …Prime Trading. BOOM.gif That’s right, Prime Trading. This means that you will be able to trade “Prime Blueprints” and “Prime Parts” with other players. Have 5 Ember Prime Chassis but no Helmets – find someone in the other situation and make a swap. Simple as that, using the same trading that you know and love from mod and key trading. When’s it coming? Just around the corner… and it’s a small small corner. DE_Sheldon
  3. corpuskiller20

    Drop Table 2.0

    Thank you all very much for your candid (and well articulated) feedback. It echos conversations that Scott and I have about this particular element of the game. I appreciate you taking the time to read and write back. I'm pretty close to a fix that will eliminate the crap rewards part, yet keep most of the other goals in check. Coming soon to a Hotfix near you.
  4. corpuskiller20

    Drop Table 2.0

    So with U12, there were some changes to the drop table in the Void. Wanted to walk you through what they are and how they are going. A little insight and opportunity for feedback into the process. Key problems with the previous tables: - I have no idea where to get what? - Same, useless prime piece, over and over again. - “Holy Ruk, I never get the ____ prime blade.” - Anytime DE adds something to the void, #3 gets increased and potentially I never see that prime gear at all. Drop Table 2.0 process (I'm definitely continuing to look at this, so a 2.1 is possible and the point of the thread): Make the location table public so you know where to get what: - as said before: this will be in the codex eventually. Even out the probability across the board. One specific example*:The Orthos Prime Blade was in T2 and T3 Capture in the previous tables. The chances were 1% in T2 and 7% in T3. In the new drop table it’s still in T2, but it’s at 14%. Future proofing the void against additions, as resources/credits/fusion/key can be removed if/when there is something better. (There is a mother-load coming btw) Instead of getting a common prime component that you already have 10 of, you get alt resource rewards that you can actually use (so far this hasn’t been good enough). Create a bit of a key flow – play some OD to get some T1 keys. T2 keys are alt rewards in the T1 missions, so you can use them to get to the next piece you need. What have we seen since this change (1/2 a day in… so not enough data just yet): Good: - Overall crafting of prime gear has gone up, with no new gear added. Tenno ARE completing their pieces that they have been hunting for forever. I saw more Ember Primes cooking in the foundry than ever before – which brings a scalding hot tear to my eye. Bad: - People are disappointed with getting a reward that isn't a prime piece – Working on it today! Bug: - Have had a few reports of people getting nothing at all -- Looking into this as well. DE_Sheldon *For the math crowd, not something you can extrapolate through all tables.
  5. corpuskiller20

    Hotfix 12.0.1

    Changes scale for clan size :) So all clans research costs for Zephyr were reduced!
  6. Have you been playing a lot of Warframe and find yourself asking the following questions? What can I expect today? What can I expect in the next couple of weeks? What can I expect next month and more? I thought I’d give answering some of those questions a stab. So let’s start backward: What can you expect next month and beyond? At this point the next overhaul we’ve really set up and discussed is: Melee 2.0. This is a system that aims to improve melee gameplay, buff melee weapons, and introduce a new equip-based system for all melee weapons. This is anticipated to be a month or so away still, and Geoff will have more information in Friday’s stream that is specifically on Melee 2.0. Make sure to jump on the stream and ask him all your questions! So, if you’ve asked yourself “what can I expect next month”, this is part of your answer. The other parts of your answer are in the works right now – Lore expansion, more variety to gameplay, Boss reworks, and (I promised Steve no spoilers on this topic) End Game. Now, time for what can you expect in the next couple of weeks? There will be a lot of content and fixes, to list out some of the bigger items: - The release of the Forest tileset on Earth. You’re in for a treat. - Polarity management for gear that you’ve Forma’d. - New Warframe that might have somehow slipped into the last prime time ;) - Brand new in-game HUD that I’m drooling over. - Dynamic character portraits - giving more personality to the characters who guide and taunt you. - Enemy Leaders (supercharged AI that buff their allies). - On the PS4 side, in a best case scenario (all testing passed), you can potentially expect the long overdue Update 11.5 + this week, but as testing continues it could be next week. Also, a few things that I’ve been working on personally: - A redistribution of the void drop tables to help with its long term health and increase the odds of getting gear you want. - Endless Defense missions in the Void. - Official Public Void Drops (where to find what) – this will be in text form and available outside game until the Codex is properly hooked up. And now to look at today, what can you expect today? A small part of the team are focusing on this week’s Reinforcement/response to bugs and the fixes coming with it, but most are hard at work on the above (and beyond) so we can get it to you as soon as possible. DE_Sheldon P.S. Oh, you were wondering about Update 12? Let’s just say it’s coming within the timeframe above and contains so much more that I just can’t bring myself to spoil for you…..yet.
  7. corpuskiller20

    Thank You For Watching Livestream #18

    Rowdy bunch, eh? Yeah - I'll agree to that :)
  8. corpuskiller20

    An Apology

    Tenno: This has been quite a week on Warframe. We’ve had some things from Update 10 go over incredibly well, and many other things… well, not so much. We’ve frustrated and angered some of our most loyal players, which is not something we strive for and we want to give you some explanations and try to make it up to you. So a few explanations of how this came about and the fixes that are coming today! Void Drop Rates: What happened? Well – the last touches on all of the Prime gear finished being made days before the update. All hands were on deck, too many hours of the day. New people who hadn’t worked on these areas before had to quickly make the blueprint pieces and put them into the Void for you guys to get. One thing that we failed to remember, and therefore history repeating itself, was that adding more items into the Void drop tables, obviously increases the rarity of everything in the Void. So, rarity for things like Forma went up. We also made the mistake of adding even more things to the void (like the new team consumable Blueprints) which further added to the problem. When we realized we had forgotten to fix this after the Update went out, we removed the new Consumables from the drop tables on the weekend, which made us think we had fixed them but we hadn’t adjusted for the new Prime gear as well. This was absolutely not intentional. I know it is the second time which makes it seem nefarious, but I promise you that wasn’t the case. Things get pretty hectic here towards the end of every Update push and we mistakenly missed this big issue. What are we doing about it? We are now adjusting to both accommodate more things in the Void and also to make sure that drop rates for things like Forma are not hurt now and into the future. Today’s hotfix will include this fix. Mutagen and Recipe costs: What happened? For clan tech weapons, this was a miscommunication between Scott and I about the power of the new weapons. I thought that the new weapons were significantly more powerful than their final versions ended up being and priced them (still too high) accordingly. Further compounding the high price frustration was the ability to enter the Derelicts and find Mutagen was gated by key crafting build times. What are we doing about it? Today’s hotfix will have a large reduction in the cost of these weapon’s Mutagen Mass requirement (example: The Synapse rifle dropped from 11 to 5), all of the new Clan tech items had their Forma requirements dropped by 1, and a massive reduction in the key building times to enter the Derelict (from 1 hour to 1 minute). How are we going to make it up to you? We never intend our changes to adversely affect our players. For many months you have watched Warframe evolve with us and we have formed a close relationship with our players that we hope never changes. When we screw up, we take responsibility and try to make up for it. This Update was more painful than it should have been and to make up for it, in addition to the fixes mentioned above, we are providing every player since Update 10 with a Mutagen Mass to help speed along the newly priced Blueprints along with 50 Platinum to help ease the pain. You should see these items in your account later today. Please accept our apology. Thanks for playing Warframe. DE_Sheldon and the whole Warframe team.