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  1. The fact that people are constantly asking for balance is proof that balance is needed, because when a large amount of players are complaining, a large amount of players aren't having fun with the game.
  2. To be fair these effects are mentioned in the Tips section, which is more than what some abilities get, but it's still insane that the defensive side of Hallowed Ground isn't part of the ability description.
  3. ^This 100%. People completely write off abilities because they don't know how they work, and they go through the entire game thinking a decent ability is worthless. Many people don't know about all of the hidden effects Silence has, or that Prism has an incredibly powerful damage scaling mechanic, or that Eclipse's damage reduction just doesn't reduce toxin damage, because these things are not written in game (although the Eclipse thing seems like a bug). Obviously it'd be hard to include everything a player needs to know, but these are important mechanics that make or break abilities, and they're not mentioned anywhere in the game.
  4. There will always be an incentive to acquire the normal variant of a frame because Helminth exists. Prime Warframes draw in a lot of money through Prime Access, and a ton of hype as fans see their favorite frame get a beautiful golden variant with upgraded stats. To not prime specific Warframes for the sole reason that they are the only reason to play certain content (which in some cases they aren't) is not only irrational from a sales perspective, but also incredibly disappointing to people that enjoy those Warframes.
  5. I ask you when you use these 2 abilities regularly. Your answer was either stuff that was pointless to do, or stuff that only pertained to a single mission type. I would say that proves that those abilities are useless. You can then make the conclusion that I think Loki is useless. You'd be wrong, but you can make that conclusion. I think most people can agree that if 2/5 of the abilities (passive included) are useless, the frame is not in a good state design-wise. For Loki, those 2 abilities are enough to make him powerful, but the other 60% of his kit is generally useless. I also don't know why you assume I don't play Loki. He's my 3rd most used frame as an MR30 player with every frame unlocked. I can acknowledge that his kit is mostly trash without neglecting him.
  6. Do you mean to tell me that 290% and 350% are not higher than 200%? Read what you're quoting again. Rivens that landed a good roll, and are specifically for weapons with very high dispositions. What you're asking for is what Rivens accomplish with very good rng on underused weapons, but for every single weapon without any rng. Do you see why that might be hard to consider?
  7. If placed in a position where enemies cannot reach: Within a few seconds Infested enemies will swap their aggro to another target. Grineer and Corpus enemies will keep trying to aim at the Decoy until it disappears even if they cannot see or hit it, making it extremely effective if placed in good cover against enemy fire. This applies to all melee units, including disarmed ranged units. The Grineer and Corpus part is only applying to ranged units. Not only is this for a single mission type, but it's also completely pointless to do, since you are Loki, who is invisible, and thus doesn't care about enemies detecting him. Or you use Operator Void Mode to be invincible while reviving. Players don't go down in the content before finishing the War Within, so there's no excuse not to. Again, limited to one mission type. Using it for mobility outside of that is pointless when compared to just bullet jumping over there. Making allies invincible isn't effective for the same reason that giving allies DR doesn't matter: Your allies build themselves to stay alive without your help, so the actual benefits of you making an ally invincible are meager. As for swapping places with a downed ally, you accomplish nothing, since you could just walk over there, pop into operator form, void mode, than revive, all in one motion. Clunky single target crowd control that is outclassed by just killing the thing. Excellent. In that single stage of that one mission type, you can shave off a minute from something that takes 3 minutes or less. Fantastic. But hey, if you don't trust me, here are some Loki players responding to my questions about Loki...
  8. The mods were useless, so they buffed them. The potential critical stats are only being pushed a little, as opposed to them being pushed a lot by allowing those 2 large increases to stack. It would actually be powerful on a lot of weapons with a spare mod slot and decent fire rate. I'd probably stack in on a majority of my rifles.
  9. Would you like to explain how you use Decoy and Switch Teleport regularly?
  10. DE doesn't think the stats of guns is an issue, which is why they went with adding mods and arcanes that add scaling buffs to guns, rather than improving the stats. Part of the reason it seems weird is that DE vastly overestimates how difficult it is to keep the maximum bonuses of a weapon's scaling factor, so you see the new weapon stacking buffs having a built in Naramon feature, along with being extremely powerful, so you view that as being comparable to the immediate bonuses gun modding has been limited to for a long time. DE thinks having to build up mod stacks is an actual trade off, and so thinks that less power for immediate maximum bonuses is a decision the player will actually make, which they won't unless the power is insane in the case of heavy attack builds. So to actually answer your question, the potential modding stats need to stay in the same range because those stats are immediately applied, as opposed to the build up of Galvanized mods and melee combo, both of which should be stronger with the drawback of requiring buildup and maintenance. The issue is that melee combo wasn't balanced properly, and it's so easy to maintain that we compare the immediate stat builds to the fully built up melee combo builds.
  11. This is the case, but you forgot to mention the automatic permaban as well. Everyone at Legendary Rank 1 is a cheater.
  12. I can't think of many people that would be in favor of this, since it reduces the power fantasy below a reasonable level, while also making the game way harder for people that play solo, and makes the gap between gear even wider, as a lot of gear will go from "viable but not the best" to "not viable at all". It's fine if games require teams to take on the hard content, but those games are not Warframe, and I'd say that people that want team-balanced difficulty to be regular should play Destiny 2. Now I'd be fine if there was team-balanced difficulty in certain content, such as raids, but relying on a well built squad for all gameplay that's actually challenging would make the game feel a lot more restrictive, as we'd be pushed towards building Holy Trinity setups, where if you don't play the right frame, you don't get a team, meaning you don't get to play.
  13. For Warframes too or just weapons? I don't think either would be a good idea, as the potential modding stats are taken into account when designing a weapon/frame's base stats. The reason for these 2 mods having exclusivity is to keep the potential critical stats in around the same area that they've been. If we wanted to apply that to every other mod, our potential modding stats would be way lower, and they'd have to go back through every weapon and frame they designed around these potential modding stats to bring them back up to the power we have now.
  14. This thread isn't about Battlefield scale matches, that was just something I agreed would be cool, but highly unrealistic. The OP is talking more about something similar to an arcade shooter like CoD with 8-12 players. Sorry that I didn't explicitly say that in the main thread.
  15. I'm convinced that stat sticks are not long for this world, once DE figures out how to buff these abilities that depend on them.
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