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  1. I did an SP alert in a Venus Survival in a group of three. Wasn't able to extract solo, so I had to sit around until one of them accidentally started the timer to group extract. This seems like a bug, since you can extract from normal alerts as far as I know.
  2. sounds like Komorex. Barely any recoil, spammable fire rate, high mag, low damage.
  3. I just want to point out that people often forget that Absorb is the name of Nyx's 4, not Assimilate. I like to imagine this is because the augment is basically a requirement for the ability to function, so it may as well be the ability, but sure it could be both names starting with A. In any case, I already suggested Assimilate be made part of the ability in this thread, so I shall give praise to our Savior Augments! Making useless abilities usable... See also: Explosive Legerdemain, Prolonged Paralysis, Spectrosiphon, Greedy Pull, etc.
  4. Loud minority. People with these kinds of dramatic opinions caused by changes (changes that they don't understand the benefits to) tend to be pretty vocal about it. This is what all forums are like. Game is somehow always dying.
  5. Wait, why does the healer frame need more damaging abilities? She's a support frame, that's her entire theme. If you wanted to rework her, and I agree she really needs one, you need to focus on making a frame that makes support fun and effective, without copy-pasting Harrow.
  6. I didn't ask for direct damage, I asked for the mind controlled target to be able to deal reasonable damage to their allies, maybe a scaling damage bonus and armor penetration on their attacks, but nothing to deal direct damage. That seems to fit with the purpose of Mind Control just fine.
  7. I'm not sure if the stats have changed, but Ballistic Battery was the most replaced for a long time, followed by Devour, because both Inaros and Mesa are pretty popular. Nobody cares to invest time into Nyx :(
  8. Step 1: Give both Nyx and Nyx Prime 25 more energy, for QoL on a frame that frequently casts. Step 2: Make Assimilate base kit, because Absorb is really bad without it (new augment needed obviously. Maybe something to heal Nyx). Step 3: Rework Mind Control. You could do a number of things. You could give it infinite duration, or make the controlled target a higher threat target, or increase the number of enemies controlled (hold cast to kill thralls with that). Personally, I'd just have the damage the enemy deals ramp us significantly (and I mean very significant, maybe even 100% arm
  9. Advice: Don't ask the internet about the unforeseeable future. They're super negative and you get a lot of hot takes.
  10. Nezha post-rework, Gara is a close second. I like how their kits are versatile, with solid options for every mission type, along with having active playstyles and great survivability. I enjoy the extreme mobility and zone control of Nezha, and I like the infinitely scaling damage and area defense that Gara brings, along with the energy generation her Spectrorage's augment provides.
  11. Building maim for strength is a bad idea, since you're only getting extra damage on the initial slash proc. Build for a lot of range instead and use the ability to toggle off and wipe a huge crowd of enemies after you build up enough damage. Mend builds shields and overshields for each enemy killed in the radius while the ability is toggled, while the stored damage is used to restore the shields and health of your allies in the radius when you toggle off. Rage and Rest are not single target, they affect a cone of enemies. You need to build range to expand the width of the cone and
  12. I would've said Chroma is the most boring frame, since I'd actually fall asleep playing him, but the new passive has enough novelty to amuse me. Now it's just Inaros. So aboard the Inaros hate train I go! My most boring ability would probably be Valkyr's Paralysis. It's so underwhelming and doesn't even do much for Valkyr (Desiccation is an upgrade).
  13. The crazy part is that she is (not a health monster, but a tank and damage sponge), with some of the higher EHP values in the game with not too much effort. She has no reason to be as tanky as she is. Shatter Shield + Adaptation + Pillage = Good luck dying This goes for a lot of frames, but Mesa has that extra reduction on Shatter Shield, which stacks with Adaptation's DR to give her a few thousand extra EHP. It's quite stupid :/ As for Excalibur's passive: Yea it's not existent. iirc the extra stats are additive with mods, which makes them so minor that they don't make any diff
  14. Sure this would be nice if you use Rage, but for those Atlas players who don't use Rage, this would be terrible, as you'd create an immobile object that transfers all the damage it takes to you, which results in you dying a lot faster for no gain (regardless of how tanky Atlas is, this ability still kills you faster). If you wanted to make this better, have Tectonics redirect x% of the damage allies near the wall take to the wall, until the wall is destroyed. Now Tectonics has a use and you'd have reasons to fortify your Tectonics using Petrify, which should also gain the ability to heal
  15. The problem with this passive is that most weapons can reach whatever the cap is almost instantly, which means the passive is almost always firing, and only acts as a damage buff for all scenarios, rather than being used to take down high health enemies. if the cap is low, fast firing weapons get a pretty big dps increase due to the rapid procs of the passive. Even if the cap is higher, you still get very common procs, but with more potential damage, assuming it isn't wasted on a trash enemy. I think if you wanted to make an automatic Ballistic Battery effect, you'd have to make the effect cha
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