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  1. in the first few weeks it was fine. but the one on 28 April was very inconsistent.
  2. So the daily challenge for Nightwave for the last 2 days have been Meltdown (150 kills with corrosive damage) Biohazard (150 kills with gas damage) In both cases despite using a weapon that did 100% the requested a damage type Serro (100 %Electric base + Toxic damage mod) and Acrid ( 100% Toxic base + Fire damage mod) I noticed that not every kill was being counted. In the first few weeks of Nightwave these challenges would be a 1:1 kill rate without fail and quickly completed, However it would seem since Hotfixl 28.4.1 this is no longer the case and to make it worse its highly random as to what will count. I've see instances where a kill with the damage type alone counts and also where it doesn't count. I've seen the same thing happen with the status chance, some count, some don't. The worst was today where using the Acrid a group of 3 enemies was killed 1 with a direct hit of Gas Damage, the other two eneimes standing next to the first by the gas cloud proc. Not a single one counted for a kill.
  3. This is exactly why I think this whole thing is a bad idea and should be removed immediately and any that have been applied rolled back and deleted. Its simply opening up the can of worms of "why cant we just stack all polarities on a slot" As I see it Polarizing a slot is a trade off between making 1 or 2 abilities very powerful at the cost of versatility..
  4. Fixed an issue where abomination Landing Crafts were possible with customization bugs. RIP to the fine works of art. Seriously this should either be made an intended function or give us skins inspired by these bugs they look so much more interesting.
  5. that was just one example. I did report the player but that is not my issue. Speed is the one ability that i feel has lost its value but still persits, Excalibur's super jump was removed because it didnt fit with Parkour 2.0. Speed feels like it should go the same way plus i've seen mulitple cases (not just myself) of people slamming into doors that dont respond beause warframes are travelling at fractions of lightspeed that doors cant detect.
  6. This is a good argument for removing speed, its no longer needed.. My hatred of this one ability has only been increased after encountering a player to night who repeatedly spammed it after being asked not to. Even going so far as to wait to see the person not wanting speed backflip out of it just to recast it immediately
  7. since were on the topic of removing movment abilities, isn't it about time Volt's Speed got removed?
  8. Has anyone had items vanish from the Gear Wheel? I had Large team health restores on slot 2 vanish from the Gear Wheel and Inventory.
  9. Any news on getting another shot at unlocking the Ignis Wraith BP for clans that didnt get it during the Pacifism Defect event?
  10. so new K-drives but still no fix or even mention of being able to name crafted K-drives??
  11. I think this is connected to not being able to name crafted K-Drives.
  12. feels like this has only effected the Gyromag systems as that is all I get from bounties now which results in a prog stopper as we cant get the other parts to level up with
  13. Bulit K-Drives already levelled don't show for mastery in profile Newly built K-Drive does not show for mastery in profile
  14. any chance to get operator cosmetics having individual colour options? if your using a mixed set of gear its hard to get a consistent appearance as what is the Primary Channel on chest might be coloured by the Tertiary channel on a helmet
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