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  1. no no no, a thousand times no if you want to just gank someone playing go play WOW or any other pvp centric game where its accepted. If you want to invade my mission with your lich, I want have the option to reject the invasion and if you try 3 times and I reject you every time the invader is automatically and irrevocably permabanned.
  2. Fixed an issue where abomination Landing Crafts were possible with customization bugs. RIP to the fine works of art. Seriously this should either be made an intended function or give us skins inspired by these bugs they look so much more interesting.
  3. Has anyone had items vanish from the Gear Wheel? I had Large team health restores on slot 2 vanish from the Gear Wheel and Inventory.
  4. Any news on getting another shot at unlocking the Ignis Wraith BP for clans that didnt get it during the Pacifism Defect event?
  5. so new K-drives but still no fix or even mention of being able to name crafted K-drives??
  6. I think this is connected to not being able to name crafted K-Drives.
  7. feels like this has only effected the Gyromag systems as that is all I get from bounties now which results in a prog stopper as we cant get the other parts to level up with
  8. Bulit K-Drives already levelled don't show for mastery in profile Newly built K-Drive does not show for mastery in profile
  9. any chance to get operator cosmetics having individual colour options? if your using a mixed set of gear its hard to get a consistent appearance as what is the Primary Channel on chest might be coloured by the Tertiary channel on a helmet
  10. With the introduction of Arbitrations and the increased difficulty they bring, will Shield Gating get another look to prevent one-shot kills which seem to be a rather common occurance?
  11. Any news on a fix for the gigantic small Goopolla fish?
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