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  1. Never Steel path is not fun. its just bullet sponge mode Fissures and sponges dont mix
  2. so how does this impact obtaining the hound specific mods since we only get those from getting a hound with the various parts and we cant see what parts a hound is made from without claming it?
  3. Grind it.. For me the 12/24 hour build timer work in my favor. They tick down while i'm sleeping or at work.. so i'm still progressing in a way even when i cant be playing
  4. i know you can turn them into Legs in Fortuna for standing but that still requires leveling them up to at least 30 the first time. I'd rather see an option to dismantle them to get the component parts for building a custom Hound
  5. the rotation is on the bonus damage not the actual weapon itself.
  6. unnecessary Argon is easy to aquire from a couple of quick void capture missions. although maybe making Golden Spark from Helminth trigger on Argon deposits would be a worthwhile change
  7. and this is why cross play is bad. it will slow down iteration on things like this.
  8. will a script be run to give these out to everyone who has already gotten all the sister kills they want? seems like a bit of a slap in the face to people who tackled this when it was new and got so little in the way of reward if not.
  9. seeing the same thing with the moa's Necramech/Archwing guns, especially those with splash damage will kill them, but your aim has to be precisely on the moa for it to work.. which when its invisible is kinda hard.
  10. I'm guessing the themed grab bags are 5 claims each.. would be nice if you didnt get the same thing 3 times in a row
  11. Yes Veil Drops the BP which is an uncommon drop with a 16% drop chance Pluto - Receiver 8% Neptune - Stock 8% Venus - Barrel 8% (which i got on the first day but lost due to the multiplay non-reward bug)
  12. Havent tried farming holokeys, but the Ambassador parts seem to not be dropping I've done over a dozen runs on Fenton's Field for the Receiver and all we ever get is endo.
  13. where is your proof of this statement? Another downside I can forsee is slower fixing of major issues as all patches will require certifciation for the consoles so no fast fix of major progression stoppers or other serious issues on release of major updates. Cross save i can support... Cross play should be scrapped immediately.
  14. If this is done as part of a Devstream, can it be left up for 24 hours or so for those of us who cant watch the Devstreams live?
  15. I just want one answer regarding the crossplay/save Will it slow down hotfixes?
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