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  1. it seems to come back once you start another mission. but until then your stuck unable to communicate
  2. Cant put it any more bluntly. If you do the Nihil fight it deletes your chat window. not just the chat log. the whole window is gone
  3. more like just an outright sign of laziness on the part of developers.. because its activating the statue that uses the cephalite and you cant just skip to the boss fight Oh yeah, add to the fact that this fight deletes your chat window entirely...
  4. Unfair. more like #*!%ing impossible the fight against Nihil. nothing makes sense.. everything stops spawning after you throw the first glass.. anyone who claims to have completed it must have used an exploit
  5. Is there any possibility that the UI for abilities with multiple modes like Ivara's Quiver and Vauban's Minelayer to let us preset which option it should start on? Obviously this would only work once you have unlocked multiple abilities but I just feel it would be more useful to say have Vauban's Minelayer ability start out set on Flechette Orb rather than Tether Coil
  6. And how would you propose this would work for warframes like Protea that are not farmed from a boss?
  7. Yeah its by days logged in. i'm somewhwere around 1730 days of logins and get 56 hours on a booster.. still loose most of that time to Work/Sleep requirements. I'd rather the time on the booster just didnt run down while you werent logged in.
  8. Need to tie the drop to say 5m radius around latrox and make its health scale. or better solution. just put it back the way it was.. this was one of the worst changes i've ever seen
  9. I think the OP's idea is simply what it says, you have a serach bar and you can search by Node Name or Mission type eg. you set it to Mission Type, enter Spy and it pops up a list of all the Spy nodes or you put in Carpo and it will zoom straight in on that node.
  10. no real proof or anything but i'm simply thinking the Crimson Kuva has an unmentioned side effect. It kills the body that consumes it forcing the soul/spirit to be bound to the new body.
  11. this has been long dealt with Wont happen, not because DE don't want to it. Because the Console companies wont release their data to others. you started on Console your stuck there, never gonna get off it and nothing DE can do
  12. Confirming this is now working for me as well cant tell if updating to iOS 14 helped or not as it was all over night for me
  13. yeah redoing it with the data off work, as long as you dont "close" the app entirely you should not need to go through that mess again. Still it needs fixing properly, as I mostly use the app to manage extractors and read new like patch notes when i cant actually be playing
  14. yes with Cellular data off it was still crashing. I had to turn off all data sources (both cellular and wifi) to get it to not crash. Of course now i'm blocked from logging in by needing a 2FA code that is sent by email and vaild for only 30 minutes. but no code in my email **edit** 30 seconds later the code shows up. But all now all the useful functions are missing data - foundry blank, extractors blank, fissures blank
  15. This is not a fix. the app is crashing before it even finished loading in my case so i dont get to change what screen i'm looking at.
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