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  1. So i thought the idea was to be getting rid of mandatory mods. seems like its mandatory to have Serration, A Riven, a maxed out Arcane And why on earth put them in Steel Path. nobody plays it.. its not fun or challenging its just bullet sponge central.. Just like rivens failed to make less meta weapons viable, Steel Path failed to make an endgame challenge.. abort this and restart it now before it becomes an even bigger disaster.
  2. yeah, while we have Astral Autopsy, Melee kills on railjack fighters are a PITA
  3. I've been thinking the Pilot should be able to follow a target designated by a waypoint. I dont mean perfectly stick behind them, but just follow them closely enough to keep it in the firing arc of Forward Artillery at all times. Nothing worse than doing a Volatile mission solo, lining up the shot on the secondary reactor at the end just to have the AI pilot come and yank the helm hard to port just as your about to fire.
  4. Yeah noticed the same Endlessly spawning fighters are dropping Zekti turrets like candy. Barely spawning Crewships are the only source of Lavan/Vidar turrets and once you kill the one or two needed they stop spawning
  5. on the optional objective there will be a control panel you need to hack. that's what has the chance at droping the weapon/sentinel part
  6. Wait.. you get to name your ship.. Mine keeps picking up the name of the last host i was in a RJ mission with..
  7. it should not be neccessary to forma a warframe to pass a mastery test.. doing so shows that the test is poorly designed if you need to rely on specific builds to pass them.
  8. Regulators Mesa Prime Yes,, it made not a lick of difference as nothing was ever getting proc'd
  9. I've tied mesa, I've tried Ocativa I've tried Vauban.. I've tried Titania always the same result.
  10. and that' the issue.. there is not enough dropping.. i'm noticing i'm down to 50% ls by the time the first 2 bosses appear
  11. no,i'm killing heaps.. but very little ls is dropping..
  12. and screwed again by almost no lifes support dropping.. seems like this test is rigged to fail
  13. well logged out for a while in disugst.. came back and practiced again, now they seem to be dropping.. only part that messes me up is the 3rd big life support. i cant seem to jump to it and operator dashing usually misses it several times.
  14. I'm saying bug. i never see any the 10% life support messages pop up. And watching Slayer's video i was running out of life support at about the 2:30 mark It honestly feels like they are not dropping at all. Unfortuantely i cant retry again until tomorrow and hope that it doesnt screw me over again
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