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  1. yeah, watched the whole stream on my mobile phone, never saw the progress bar, no option to claim anything in Twitch drop page either.
  2. So yeah just watched the whole stream on my mobile device and got nothing.. Not sure if that's just it not supporting mobiles or the drop didnt work so far this new system seems very much focused to only reward those in the USA/Canada region who can watch the stream easily. Yes, i have done the unlink/relink thing. this was my first chance to try and watch a stream since then. Ironically I never had any issues with the old drop system.
  3. @_R_o_g_u_e_ @Tiltskillet I Believe this is what your looking for
  4. I have a vauge recollection of [DE]Steve saying in a devstream just after The Second Dream was released that they used Mag as the place holder model for the warframe carrying the Operator out of the Lua map as she was the shortest of the Warframes.
  5. well this is good. I've had the game crash to a Warframe hardware fail page on log in the last 2 days. Strange part is not a single one of the tests on this page has shown any issues at all. I personally suspect its actually a conflict caused by some software I've been forced to install on my computer by my employer due to Covid as that was around the time i first encountered such a crash
  6. I take it your speaking from experience here?
  7. yeah, i know support can look at this, but i'm sure they have much more important things to do be doing. Although i do wonder what would happen on a crash where your supposed to pick something like the 100 day milestones etc. Still a way to review the rewards would be nice.
  8. I've been wondering if anyone else would like a way to review what they have been getting for the daily tribute on login? Feels like this screen while we dont spend a lot of time on it - being able to see it only once every 24 hours could at least use some kind of record where we could see how many days we had logged in and maybe our last 2 weeks worth of rewards. Part of what prompted this thought - if the game crashes for any reason as you log in you dont get to see your reward. so you have no way to tell if you got Endo, credits or a booster.. a way to review this would be
  9. Not sure when this started but today the New window of the app is blank. we have the background image of the console but not the actual new items to read Tested app again - new window now loading
  10. yeah this i would defenitely support. basically anything that has 1 minute craft time like Vault keys, gems, etc we should have an option to craft X times over
  11. never allow this abomination to come to be. perhaps we should permaban the OP for suggesting such a thing.
  12. i'm lucky if i get one once a year. I know when the currently daily reward system started i got a 75% after 99 days (first time i'd ever seen one upto that point) but i admit i log in daily even if its just to get the daily login reward.
  13. not exactly relevant to the conversation of weight, but size.. I recall one of the dev's saying in a dev stream when they were working on The Second Dream quest Mag was used as a place holder for when the warframe was carrying the operator as she is the shortest of the warframes, or was at that time. I'd love to see some kind chart showing the height of each warframe with their default helmet so we have sense of scale for things
  14. Yeah, making these available elsewhere would be a good idea..
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