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  1. I'm just curious to know if Hildryn's introduction means were gonna see a rework of Shields in general?
  2. Jorak_Falconstar

    Profit-Taker Feedback Pile:

    remove the debt bonds from drops. they are pointless by the time your eligble for this fight. nerf profit taker damage, seems that once again this is a fight where only 3 or 4 frames are really viable (i'm looking at you Chroma)
  3. Jorak_Falconstar

    [Spoiler] Little Duck Theory

    Hate to shoot all this down but in the Warframe Comics #4 page 2 Little Duck cleary says "I'm too damd old to die in a body I don't own" She's is clearly a Solaris, but maybe just a different model of body more suited to working off world
  4. Yeah I've noticed this since Fortuna 24.2 the light used to dim when you aimed with the mining drill but now it stays on at full brightness
  5. Jorak_Falconstar

    K-Drive Shows as unranked

    same here.. I think its to do with not getting to name the K-drive when building it as there is no "gild" mechanic
  6. Jorak_Falconstar

    Profit-taker phase 2 drop tables broken?

    So 40 runs on this bounty so far. Runs 1 - 10 K2 Relic Gyromag Systems Gyromag Systems Gyromag Systems Gyromag Systems K2 Relic Gyromag Systems Gyromag Systems Atmo Systems K2 Relic Runs 11 - 20 K2 Relic Calda Torid Gyromag Systems Gyromag Systems Gyromag Systems Resolute Focus Strain Fever Strain Fever Z2 Relic Z2 Relic Runs 21 - 30 Calda Torid Calda Torid K2 Relic Z2 Relic K2 Relic Strain Fever Z2 Relic Resolute Foucs Repeller Systems Calda Torid Runs 31 - 40 Z2 Relic Gyromag Systems Gyromag Systems Gyromag Systems Resolute Focus Gyromag Systems Calda Torid Gyromag Systems Calda Torid K2 Relic So far this seems to show a clear issue with the drop rate for Atmo Systems which are a supposedly Uncommon reward. I should also point out at this point i'm now progression blocked with Vox Solaris because the 3rd rank requires sacrificing 10 Atmo Systems and I can not obtain them.
  7. Jorak_Falconstar

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

    feels like this has only effected the Gyromag systems as that is all I get from bounties now which results in a prog stopper as we cant get the other parts to level up with
  8. Jorak_Falconstar

    Profit-taker phase 2 drop tables broken?

    so far I've gotten 6 lots of Gyromag Systems and Zero on the Atmo Systems and Repeller Systems = progression stopper
  9. Jorak_Falconstar

    Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

    Bulit K-Drives already levelled don't show for mastery in profile Newly built K-Drive does not show for mastery in profile
  10. Jorak_Falconstar

    People of Solaris and weird motivations

    More like the Corpus are disceting the animals to find what parts are edible and what can be used to make stuff with no regard given to if they wipe out entire species. As for the K-Drive. i think this is more a case of parts for different equipment being cobbled together and repurposed for somthing they were never designed for.
  11. Jorak_Falconstar

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    any chance to get operator cosmetics having individual colour options? if your using a mixed set of gear its hard to get a consistent appearance as what is the Primary Channel on chest might be coloured by the Tertiary channel on a helmet
  12. Jorak_Falconstar

    Toggleabble flashlights for mining?

    Just give the hotspots and thermal sweetspot a different colour to give them better contrast against the bright light is all that really needs to be done.
  13. Jorak_Falconstar

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    With the introduction of Arbitrations and the increased difficulty they bring, will Shield Gating get another look to prevent one-shot kills which seem to be a rather common occurance?
  14. Jorak_Falconstar

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    Any news on a fix for the gigantic small Goopolla fish?
  15. Jorak_Falconstar

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    Small Goopolla no longer exist, The all show as Large this effects any existing fish in your fish tanks as well