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  1. Thanks for the Hotfix. Argonak is still bugged and outlines on enemy players is missing in Conclave. I think they may be related?
  2. Enemies targeted by the Argonak and red outlines on players in Conclave no longer function, as seen in the screenshots below.
  3. Plz fix the telos boltace and wolf sledge in conclave. Or preferebly remove them.
  4. Red outlines no longer appear on other players, making it incredibly hard to see people. Especially if they're running dark colors/hidden behind the obnoxious fog in some Conclave maps.
  5. That's a good idea if you want to completely kill PvP in this game and turn it into just another TPS. Movement isn't the issue.
  6. Reducing a gamemode to a complete slow paced slog just because you can't aim does not fix anything. Go play literally any other pvp mode if you want that, like Fortnite or CoD. Nice of you to straight up admit that you abuse exploits and bugged gear. Don't come crying when you get focused by a whole lobby if you can't play fair.
  7. Funny enough, the Index version of Outpost has no fog at all. Despite being pretty much the same map as Conclave.
  8. Could we get a confirmation on the randomize option when in frame colors customization? Accidently clicking it is an instant fashion loss unless you remember your colors or have them backed up somewhere.
  9. Why is there no confirmation when clicking this? All it takes is one misclick and boom your fashion just got screwed up. No undo button either.
  10. This has been annoying me ever since the glaive rework update, hope it gets fixed
  11. Unless we're talking about Mire and Telos Boltace, as both are very capable of 1 shotting you through shields anyway. Telos Boltace's DoT on spin attacks ignores shield gate, and if they touch you with it you're dead anyway. Mire does far too much toxin damage on slams.
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