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  1. Why i have feeling this reduction of Devstreams to only one per month is rather attempt to reduce your exposure to player base (like if it wasn't low enough that you completely don't understand us anyways) more than anything else ?
  2. Well if you're tinkering aorund arch wepaons could you also Buff Veritux Prisma a bit after Railjack revisit it got left with it's original stats and now it has even lower damage than basic variant, and damage buff used to be it's benefit over original And on the point of polarities... i've alreayd put 5 formas on this thing including 2 V so could gat 2 formas back ? (screenshot for a proof)
  3. Alright so not sure what exactly causes this bug, and noticed that it mainly occurs in locations around Ostwan Range, but for some reason when getting "camp capture" missions in this areas somehow there is always some enemies that somehow spawn out of bounds(or not havign proper aggro to ruch towards me triggered) but are still considered by game as within area and lowering control level, and without any way of finding and killing them it usually leads to the faliure of mission, and by extent entire bounty, which is quite frustrating when trying to do Nightwave weekly based on completetion of
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