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  1. well i personally don't mind slower pace of SK, this is really matter of preference at this point rather than objective facts, not every game needs to be extremely fast pace, and the 0-5 ger, well at least it's like a real progression and woudl say that tiers of gear and fact you need to craft it is where similarities with railjack end really, and i know that using enough debuffs/damage weaknesses on enemies can make even biggest bullet sponge die, in the end endurance players were able to get 8h long runs with enemies of levels 4000 for reason, but problem is only thing that changes aobut the enemies with higher levels are numbers, no better tactics, no more moves to be weary of, just higher numbers
  2. Well i csn't care less about formu rep, just really felt like we need to make DE aware that we don't need more shallow hype for content that will end up underwhelming regardles of time thye gonna spend on it, beocuse of the limitations the core of the game forces on them
  3. Would say this is rather a problem of lack of organized and focused work plan, more hands on board is one thing but when everyone knows what their job is and don't interfer with eachother, then it can really make a change in how fast things get done, seems like DE need this "Roadmap" of things to do more than us players, to realize what they need to focus on and what they need to prioritize in going further
  4. Well i mainly run aroudn with Rhino Prime in past days so really no strange to scenario you described, thing is that in Warframe enemies are just boring to fight and horde mode is a cheap band-aid that ends up being more of a problem itself , especially when enemies start truning into bullet sponges and it's only reason why you take more time to take them out Also you played Spiral Knights yourself or just saw some gameplay video ?
  5. well i would say probably closest to Warframe game i could think of that has fairly satisfying gameplay itself is Spiral Knights, like it definetly gives much better balance between player and enemy power, like there you rarelly see hordes of enemies yet small groups are challanging and defeating them satisfying yeah devs have some problems on their own, but they come form fact they lost publisher and had to move to being self-pulished, and have like,3-4 ppl on team and not enough money to expand on this
  6. Well at least players who wanted to have somethign to do kpt having more gear to test out now we get more skins than actuall gear for e.g. we had recently several secondary skins that i would love to see as stand-alone guns
  7. like not anymore really, Warframe is in it's lowest active player count, and Railjack showed both us players and probably DE too that overhyping and making promises they can't keep will hurt the game, especially when players are going to pull them by their words
  8. Honestly i also think DE must akcnowalge both playerbase but maybe most importantly themselves they have a lot of work to do to improve Warframe and most of it is not on adding new content but on fixing and changing the game itself as i said in response to other comment, a lot of problems we face now come fro mthe fact that core gameplay design is very limiting, and for all these yeas DE tried to work with these limits, isntead of trying to get rid of them but it can't go liek that any longer and it becames too transparent for players to ignore, so they should stop ignorign it themselvs like Armor scalign is one thing thye want to change but entire scaling system is one big blunder to begin with and this is what i mean by saing core game elements need to be changed
  9. i would rather than luxury it's neccessity at this point, the core gameplay limitations start to show in every darn new gamemode DE are trying ot make, making every "new" expiriance feel the same, and DE made a big mistake by not working on this earlier in game's life but now thye will have to if they don't want to see it die sooner than later, corpus liches sound like bad idea considerign current oens are still lackluster, and wasted potential for osmethign that ocudl posses some sort of challange if DE used tools they have at hand intead of just being grind
  10. Well yeah but at least it kept players busy and somewhat satisfied with constant small additions of new content, but now with going everythign BIG thye just can't hide it anymore, so this is why they might need to work on changing this
  11. 1st thnig they always donate the money from Tennocon to Charity so not exactly sure if this is that much of a strong income source for them 2nd we have devstreams for "update on progress" information and Tennocon devolving into this is bad sign, and doubt people will be happy to get more promises they can expect not to be kept like we had with Railjack This game needs a lot of changes, some down to it's very core, to have it's fabled "potential" really brought to life but this would mean DE would need to halt or seriously reduce additions of new content to game to really work on that, but instead they dig deeper into the corner they put themselves in and keep building upon systems that are just not designed for a game that supposed to keep players invested for years and now more than ever it shows, and in the way that bits them in the butt
  12. gosh... hurts to hear something i woudl expect to hear rather about Activision or EA... but seems like we're slowly getting there, but the community don't want to acknowledge that
  13. Like, I know probably most people won't care about this but considering past year Tennocon and TennoLive was basically "more of the same" and seeing how progress goes with introducing new content to the game i can't really see a chance for this year Tennocon to not end up the same way, besides considering how much of a backlog of missing content to improve or finish DE already have(3rd Orb fight on Vallis, fixing all the the huge blunder which is Railjack, fixing Liches to being actual challenge not just more grind, finally releasing Nightwave Season 3 etc.) I'm not sure if they will want to announce anything new, and considering constant problem for them is lack of time I'm not sure if giving up this year Tennocon and saving time they gonna spend on preparing it would be better solution, and even if this could be the hit into their ambition to be like a big AAA company they aren't yet, i think the good of the game is more important, they really need to stop taking more projects on their table than they can manage to deliver
  14. You know part of the problem is that DE themselves overhype stuff like Railjack was hyped by them for 2 years with a lot of promises made, and barely any delivered, it's one thing when players live the dream of the invisioned future of game but when developers are up in the clouds with their heads then it's a problem
  15. Shortly saying this applies mostly to weapons that have low ammo capacity and high damage, like Tigris or Vectis, or low attack speed if we talk melee but when we talk things like Aksomati or Akstileto, they are good but they're not meant to be one-shots they're damn ak-Uzi of this games, anyways there is also fact tat you cant bring all weapons to being effective on levels above 100 no matter how much mods you put into them but might still use them while doing lower lvl missions i personally have few guilty pleasure weapons like that
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