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  1. I hope we might have soon some sort of quick fix to issue with "liberate the caamp" bounty on Plains my report on that to don't repeat myself
  2. Like doubt vomvalysts have anything to do with it but... since we have similar mission type on Deimos (and actually had something like that on Cambion Drift too once or twice) maybe now it reads all types of hostiles not just Grineer
  3. Alright so not sure what exactly causes this bug, and noticed that it mainly occurs in locations around Ostwan Range, but for some reason when getting "camp capture" missions in this areas somehow there is always some enemies that somehow spawn out of bounds(or not havign proper aggro to ruch towards me triggered) but are still considered by game as within area and lowering control level, and without any way of finding and killing them it usually leads to the faliure of mission, and by extent entire bounty, which is quite frustrating when trying to do Nightwave weekly based on completetion of
  4. honestly.... i feel that making endgame content aroud this mistake of a band-aid which Rivens are is bad idea... especially that this idea proposed here with nothing else changed about game is just more of the "grind for grind sake" game needs changes to the very core of it to actually have capeability for anything reasembling challange and endgame
  5. Well agree that we need DE to focus more on projects that are already in development rather than keep adding more to the pipeline that already has full queue, but other thing is some of the core design elements of the game that hold it back would need to be reworked to make for better expiriance that could hold on on it's own without constant need for new content, fact that statements like "you've grinded torugh content too fast" are even a thing just highllights main problem wwith Warframes formula, no real replayability, yo ugo o nthe tedious grind and once you get everythign you need you ha
  6. I Know business side of things plays role in this entire problem too, and honestly more often than anything else but... ehh we as players and customers let it be this way for long enough that there is now way for a change happening overnight, and even back when business side of things wasn't that much of a hindrance for game development, there were stories of crunch caused either by bad management or developer underestimating how big project they took upon themselves, hell a lot of really promising games ended up on cutting block because of that
  7. I think main problem with Nightwave is that DE themselves underestimated that this "battle pass" type of system works for other games because this is an always worked on content, rather than what they wanted it to be, a throwaway content that might keep players busy when they work on something else but, they just overdid it so badly, taking stupid long to actually take care of Nightwave becasue other projects, and now with the detective minigame for Glass maker increasing amount of work for making new episodes even more...just bad execution of idea that wasn't that great to begin with
  8. This or, what i suggested earlier after reaching cap getting universal medalion for each rank-up over cap Well as much as crunch shouldn't be norm, considering that game development is process with so many variables, that even with good management you can't predict every road bump the development will have to go trough, i feel like sometimes it's more of necessary evil to just don't keep delaying game indefinitely, like so far only project that could afford it is Star Citizen and many ppl already see it as scam due to how small any progress it developers do over long periods of
  9. OK, just wanted to clear a bit this heav overreaction to CDPR crunch, like crunch is amost a curse word in gaming now becouse of all the stories of crunch revealed recently, but what i've noticed and most of ppl covering them are happy to ignore is most of the time these reports of crunch are inseparable from toxic work enviorments and just abusive work practices of these studios, something that might have bigger impact on mental health than crunch, especially if this kind of enviorment is standard even outside crunch periods... but i'll leave it here And speaking of nt praising D
  10. The situation with Cyberpuunk 2077 is wildly blown out of proportion, as even in one of the interviews with one of the Directors we learnt that devs in CDPR were given choice to either delay game further or crunch, and quoting her "vast majority decided to crunch", so it's not like they were given no choice to do so, just people who want to hate on CDPR using fact of cruch going on as ammo against them Anyways here is the video of someone who is better informed on the situation
  11. Not familiar with Halo challenges, this franchise isn't popular where i live but honestly i feel we need something that is more akin to combination between NW and alerts
  12. I'd say we don't need to retire NW system as a whole, but return of alerts would be nice change of pace, after all i think what Alerts managed to replicate better than NW is that the system is living and active, especially back when we had this small blurb of text with each alert describing brief backstory of what's going on, also felt more like a break from routine than just another form of routine
  13. With Lich and Railjack being overhyped it's DEs fault of keep hyping the community for these updates, they couldn't stop trying to make them into big deals, that went out on a wimp when launched Liches are direct opposite of what "Nemesis system" as it was making each of the orcs more unique and forced different approach to fighting them, while liches... at least way how i fight them makes all the fights all the same, just take tanky frame, and beat ever living S#&$ out of them, their weapons don't make much difference, nor abilities the only real difference are requiem w
  14. i'd say problem for DE is lack of focus on single project at the time,, like how many new things they announced they gonna work on already ?, and we still miss a lot of old stuff like 3rd Orb fight on Vallis, Duviri Paradox, New Warn, and we already heard DE planning to add Corpus expansion to lich system (which imo isn't ready for any expansions yet) more infested guns, infested kitgun parts and list is keep going and keep expanding, while at the same time DE fail to realize that either purposefully or by accident, core gameplay of Warframe is not one able to sustain stable audience and is ma
  15. How about instead of having upper cap of ranks you just let us rank up indefinitely ? or add some sort of post cap reward for ranking up like maybe a universal medallion for each over cap rank ? at least in this way players like me who make all acts won't be penalized with lack of rewards once we get to the cap, it started being a problem with Intermission 1 and continued onward thought Emissary, Intermission 2 and now in Glassmaker, hell i already have enough standing backlog to fill in 21 out of these 30 ranks that gonna show up.
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