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  1. Well rewards like this are one part of the problem with this game but honestly not exclusive to just endgame(let me say that this game has no groundwork for endgame to even implement anything resembling it, but its a discussion for the whole separate topic) which is at this point non-existent really this is just bad design of reward pool that DE seems to be deliberately implementing to make grind harsher and longer to cover the fact they don't deliver much content lately, and as much as duplicates of such mod can hold some value in platinum, they will keep declining as more and more players will reach the ability to obtain them themselves or just buy them and won't need a double. But on the other hand, as much as I would like more rewarding drop pools I would prefer them not to be part of some sort mandatory meta, even if at what I usually do meta builds aren't even necessary
  2. So if more things that can be done before the release of this update is still a thing to be pointed out here is my little suggestion
  3. So as the new Gas City update is soon to roll out there are some things I could suggest to do alongside it to improve the overall consistency of tests in general, - don't scrap old gas city tileset, instead, it needs a small change in ambient lighting and a new skybox (that could be based on skybox for Saturn Six captura scene) and can be turned into standard "on-surface" tileset for Neptune, as it would make way more sense there than regular Corpus bases or Europas glacier tilesets - make tilesets choice by game more consistent, for e.g. don't let game use Europas for locations outside this planet, already seen these show up on Neptune (where they don't make sense) or on Mars (where they would need to be strongly changed to fit, so regular corpus bases would work better) not sure how much of a work these tweaks could take but I think they would be a nice way to make tileset consistency better, and prevent some out of blue uses of tilesets that don't fit the location at all
  4. Honestly, i like Wolf in such boss form much more than as assassin and i think he sohuld be kept this way
  5. So the Wolf of saturnSix and fight with him was out since quite a while, and it evolved over time into... something that ppl tend to even quit from, a hybrid an assassin showing up on missions randomly with all the damage reduction and immunities that would rather qualify him as a full-fledged boss that could have its own node for a fight. And this design is quite problematic because it's really hard to deal with Wolf without a high DPS Warframe/weapons but at the same time fact he appears randomly as assassin means he can show up at any occasion what means it forces to have such gear equipped all the time, what isn't really a pleasant perspective, especially that fact how tedious and needles long fight with him is because of his damage reduction, makes players quit once he one of my friends said it happened to his party, and I've seen this happen on my own, this is just bad design being a perfect display why simple "damage sponge" enemy isn't entertaining enemy to fight against, especially with under-rewarding drop table giving us really weak chances for any valuable drops .
  6. So i've noticed these some time after Fortuna came out, but now with Remastered Plains it's getting more serious than before, so the issue is that game seems ot have problem handling switching from Open world tilesets to regular ones and reverse, after longer time spent playing on one of these specificly. Ok to put it more clear, i hade in the past several sessions when i was often loading into Orb Vallis and out of it during famr for Vox Solaris standing figthing Profit-Taker, but after going out of Fortuna even to orbiter there were a preformance drops, and they were getting even bigger if i went on a mission on regular tilesets Right now something similarr happened when after long session of void fissues missions i've went to plains to try and get rarer variants thrumpers, and the performnce drop was quite bad I really don't know what is causing these issues but i'm sure it should be tessted, and adressed before it truns into a game breaking problem
  7. Ok i have few issues with this update #1: why add the new conservation spicies to codex and whipe out existing scans ? like i had some scans of the 2nd wave of Fortuna spicies but don't have any right now, also would really aprriciate reduction of the scans needed for full entry from 20 to 5 or 10 at most, so the hunt for scans wont turn tedious too fast #2: another drop locked weapon, really ? like seriously i still struggle with Wolfs sledge as i had so far only 4 encounter with him and only one part drop so far, and don't liek idea of having now to hunt for some weird machine mosters on Plains to get a medicore sparing weapon #3: using melee duuring use of mining tool don't bring us to the tool when we aim, instead switches to primary what makes for really annoying proccess as i need to switch back from gear wheel on by key bind, so far there are more and more problems from removing separate melee mode and quickmelee than benefits Overall the new Plains look nice, but some objects get higher detials bit too late to don't notice a far range blur
  8. DE fix the Nightwave Index challange or reroll it for something else Like still not counted and no standing for it even if i've done it 3 times already 2 yesterday and 1 today(and actually for some reason standign i did got for it yesterday was removed, was hoping to get it back today but this crap is too broken for it to be possible)
  9. Well further into this sytem and more startign to question if old controls wouldn't be better basis for Melee 3.0 that this wierd stuff, with one of the most recent hotfixes using valkyrs hysteria and then de-casting it causes to be stuck in the animation of holding melee, no other weapon can be used and for some reason also sprinting/rolling is locked too, and it happened twice during one mission, with good latency (below 100) so not fault of lag, i really think that if theese changes will be pushed fowards we can as well scrap exalted melee as thye will be unusable in this new system
  10. Not sure if this was fixed already or not but after dying with archgun equipped after being revived or even using my own revives I was stuck with secondary only it happened to me 2 times during profit take fights but doubt the fight instance has anything to do with it, I think it's more mess caused by new melee system and how it negatively affected weapon equipping systems
  11. ugh 3 formas and guilding a modular feels like forcefull waste of recources, ppl usually do these things when thye need to but now DE decided to force us to do such stuff and it's jsut bad looking move for me, hope it won't show up anymore
  12. I personally don't like the direction where these changes go, I don't mind the smoother transition between melee and gunplay but there are some things that feel way more awkward than comfortable So 1st of, the fact that quick melee automatically equips melee is decent but has a bit clunky aspect to it, as before quick melee acted mostly as failsafe if we had to reload the gun, but now having to go back to gunplay manually is quite awkward Another thing is the fact that we need more buttons to control melee weapons now before when we had this separate mode for melee we could simply map all actions for the same buttons all gun actions but now we need more buttons included and it's not really comfortable to map it out and honestly unnecessarily complicated, and this going to be a problem if the channeling going to remain, even if it'll change it's natural form what it is now to what it's planned to be in full 3.0 Next thing is that several exalted melees freak out with new system, the bug with Excals blade, or fact that when we put out Valkyrs claws we lose immunity even if it still channels energy, these show that removing this separation of 2 types of combat has a negative impact on abilities that were build based on it. Well what I would like to see isn't exactly just revert to 2 types of combat from the previous version but some sort of middle ground, with separation still in place but keeping much smoother way to switch between them like that we need more than just single quick melee strike to switch to the fully equipped melee weapon, but not much more, maybe like one full base combo or like holding quick melee button after 1st strike, so far I have a lot of concerns about current direction and for most of the time it rather than upgrade to 3.0 feels more like return to 1.0 with keeping stances
  13. i Would say DE should stop pushing challenges for Meta players into system designed for everyone
  14. I think it's not bad idea to make ppl go to archwings again, especialy considering Railjack is coming soon
  15. Well it might be a lot even for vets, I know Arbitration is a thing but still, 5 sculptures is a quite serious amount
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