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Has Cleaving Whirlwind been changed somehow?


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So as per title, Cleaving Whirlwind seems like it's either been nerfed or rebalanced or something because something about it feels incredibly off.

What I've noticed are that:

1. Broken Bull combo feels like it moves forward even less than before.

2. That stagger at the end of broken bull is much shorter and

3. Apparently you can slide during the swing part of BB and into a slide attack for some reason?

I wasn't sure whether or not this was a bug or a rebalance or something, but I could find no explanation of this as per the patch notes so I want to say it's in the former category there. Is there an answer for this?

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9 minutes ago, --Q--TeneKay said:

Not sure about the first one, but I definitely felt the second change.

Bug or not, it's a welcomed change because it makes the spin2win more bearable.

It feels like the movement forward per swing is much less than before. I remember that if you were either sprinting or walking that actually did affect how far you went, to a small degree.

And that's why I feel like there was a rebalance here? The stagger is barely noticeable now.

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10 minutes ago, GrayArchon said:

I think the melee system as a whole was retouched, probably in preparation for melee 3.0, and, I believe, accidentally. There are many reports of melee combos feeling "off", not just Cleaving Whirlwind.

Alright, so it wasn't just this one on its own feeling off.

Thank you for explaining that! At least it's something to be aware of.

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Yeah melee feels a little 'different', almost like DE have partially implemented some of the code from melee 3.0 to get us accustomed to it before it's release or they've just added in by mistake. 

When I first used the paracesis for the first time it's hit boxes were really weird too so I wouldn't be surprised if there are some 'bugs' with melee like the buggy spawn rates some are seeing for no obvious reason. 

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5 hours ago, HEA-Devazone said:

the backward combo of tempo royale
no longer move you backward.
instead if move you forward as you hold the 's' key on the keyboard.
it feels pretty good. i just wish you move faster

I agree with this. The animation for the Block Combo, for me, seems to be Faster and Wider because after the Chimera update, i would get shot straight forward in a long Gap between the start and end. It’s more recognizable with Warcry and the way the stance is now, it makes Nullifiers more of a pain to deal with.

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the issue I've noticed with CW and Melee 3.0 is that the Broken Bull combo has some weird timing for the [pause] that changes depending on what frame you're using.

For instance, with inaros, I have zero problem executing the BB combo. It's like the pause window is so massive I can go into BB even if it looks like I'm nearly back at neutral stance. Then trying to do it while using Nezha (same weapon, same build), all of a sudden the pause window for BB is ridiculously precise and leads to repeated moments of me just either spamming the basic combo, or just the first two hits with an awkward pause in between.

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