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Sudden Death in Arbitration


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After couple of Rounds I was hit by a sudden death. I was playing Trinity, spamming my 2 & 4, not even close to dying. 

We also had an Oberon with Phoenix Renewal, which didn`t procc for me. Deathlog says I took 1 Damage at 741 Health:



8573.777 Game [Info]: nillos was killed by 741 / 1 damage from a level 106 TOXIC ANCIENT


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1 hour ago, Autongnosis said:

The same thing happened earlier to me today. Was playing Equinox. It also happened once with Nekros. 

How do you get that deathlog thing? 

Death Log can be found in your EE.log file located in:

"Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\Warframe\EE.Log"


It sometimes displays stupid/wrong numbers though, I killed myself with self damage 10 times as a test and it displayed a completely wrong number that was lower than my current HP 6/10 times.

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I tried dying a few times to test and for me the EE.Log's numbers are often way off in actual missions, especially as a client or when buffed.

I think the numbers recorded in the EE.Log, more often than not, aren't reliable or reflect the actual damage done on death. 

Pretty sure its only useful to identify what killed who and not how much damage was done.  In the OP's case, a level 106 Toxic Ancient does enough damage to OHKO Trinity more than four times over so its more a problem of Phoenix Renewal not proc-ing.

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