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Sharing My Way To Farm Orokin Cells


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I will share the way i farm Orokin Cells(this one take time)

Needed: Loot modes (with one for warframe and one for companion is ok) and a Smeetha Kavat (equiped with MAX CHARM in first slot)

Go to ceres (i do the assassination mission for the chance of drop from boss) on solo

Find one Cell array then mark it with waypoint so go to kill some enemies while you wait affinity boost when that happend go back to the array and destroy it, ypu will get 2 cells

if you have more luck you can get the rare planet resource boost will affinity boost is activated so it will be 2 orokin cells

well if you have rare resource boost (the one you could get as a reward in daily tribute ) it would be a bonus

Share yours ways to farm Orokin Cells here 

See ya Tennos

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Helene on Saturn with Nekros and resource/resource drop chance boosters. Level up stuff while collecting orokin cells. Used to get 10-14 cells per 15-20 rounds. Sitting on over 350 now, so I probably won't need to farm those for a good while...

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