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So I know Koppra Faulds needed fixed because they weren't visually working with any other transference suit, but...


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There is a gap between my operator's body and a part of her outfit


Why is there a gap between my operator's body and a part of her outfit


who greenlit this


how did this make it past QA


who thought my operator looking like she's wearing part of an oversized mascot costume was better than a single outfit piece clashing with something outside of its set

For god's sake DE I tried just moving away from this and shrugging it off, but my fashionframe tastes have come back around and I'd really appreciate it if you could fix what was previously my favorite outfit so it doesn't look like part of my pretty dress just decided it wanted to be more like cranberry farmer overalls

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Koppra aside, other waistbands also need work because they are made to be one size to fit all. Vahd for example completely floats around operator. It would be nice if they scaled depending on what chest armor we wear.

Also, Koppra and Commodore waistbands lack physics and clip through legs.

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On 2018-12-18 at 6:13 PM, GideonWilhelm said:

I mean the thing that ticks me off most is the fact that I paid money for this when it looked good.

Same exact complaint here. But HEY IT'S BETA. 😢

They don't even work with the Koppra set actually, the color tone is different from the rest of the set. No seriously, it needs another pass I think.


"Be honest, does this make me look fat and bloated?"

"Yes, yes it does."

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Apologies for the Nekro-bump, but I feel that this feature is pretty relevant. Especially with consoles getting the recent addition of Operator hairs, it makes Fashionframe for Operators that much more pressing.


My concern here is why are the Koppra Fauds so exuberantly outward around the crotch area when the previously upload photos display that there is nothing present there but empty space. The cloth is quite literally jutting forward and out, especially apparent with the Unairu stance. It also gives the impression that the Fauds are backwards and are incorrectly assigned on the Operator’s lower torso.

Here’s another thing: The area of the Koppra Fauds’ front groin area is awkwardly so jutted forward, and yet the back area is hugging the buttocks quite well. This is an improper display of spacing imho.

An easy solution would be to reverse the Fauds so that the long clothed area will be hanging at the back of the Operator with the short end of the cloth hugging the knees, and then either shrink or downsize the spacing between the Fauds and the Operator’s waistline. As it is right now, it’s just a very odd accessory choice that kind of discourages its use because of how awkward it looks.

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There are a bunch of things that are gappy to accommodate the various torsos and what not.  Look at the Smelter waist - it's pretty much a tight hoop of space tech kibble with a dirty apron hanging off it.

And that's just what we've gotta roll with, mostly, unless we get some XYZ options like for Melee holsters or a basic size shrink/enlarge.

For now I'm just glad the Faulds got some attention and the chainy thingy from the Commodore outfit was split off into the Waist gear type.

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I literally just bought the Koppra Faulds excited to see my operator in a dress (I fancy her a queen), only to be terribly disappointed to find out that the skirt portion both has that terrible gap, and that the operator's legs go right through it in mission. It looks absolutely horrible, and I regret spending platinum on it...

DE, we've spent money on this, please fix this...

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