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Fan-Works Index - Closed [05/04/15]

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Dryad, The Plant Frame Concept



My second major concept project...




Dunno if anyone'll actually enjoy it...but eh.

Here's a quick short story I wrote. ._.; Does this kind of thing even count?

Tenno-Files: A Report on Grinner Behavior


Also added. Placed under Humor, as it made me LOL a lot! :3



HERE YOU GO!! One Link just for you my silvery friend!


"I didn't ask for this..."

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Bones, I think this thread is going to be...


Also, I got a new Erebus thread but I cant seem to find it.

OF course it is getting derailed and you are not helping. Also, why would SilveBones add any of your heretical senseless blather Mr. Shadow Bull. The Lotis never lies she works toward our benefit all the time. BACK ON TOPIC NOW. SilverBones, I uploaded this quite a while ago and I would like it if it were put in the index. As I am serious about it here is the link  https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/36454-a-spark-alone-fanfiction/#entry339476 and if you deem it worthy I would be extremely greatful if you would add it.




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Added, Pure.


In truth, I don't mind a giggle or two on this thread, but a page of vids and memes we could probably do without :)

Agreed, I just couldn't help but take up the great opportunity you presented to me for a joke.

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