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MOAnimation Design Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Animation steps

  1.  (Optional) MOA quickly looks left 35° from center, then 120° from center, then looks right 130° from center. (This can be adjusted as needed to include minor panning(25° to 45° when 'looking' at 35°) and/or sway or simply not included, and whether this uses the 'true head' or the top mounted 'false head' is up to the discretion of the animator(s))
  2. MOA proceeds to stretch legs, using basic stretches seen in most calisthenics. (What stretches are used and how many if more than one kind is up to the animator(s))
  3. MOA finishes stretching, returning to standing position. (Alternatively, return to idle animation pose parameters if the decision is made to not use step 4)
  4. (Optional) MOA has a 'shiver' run down it's entire body, and it performs a little hop seemingly in response. (May need to be cut or adjusted to make the 5 second mark)
  5. MOA returns to idle animation pose parameters for seamless transition

If done right, this SHOULD be able to be kept at 5 seconds or less. Redact where needed to cut down on animation time.

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I'd like to see the MOAs be able to go into a sort of sleep mode when the Player is afk for more than a few seconds. 

MOA goes into a crouch slightly leaned forward and starts to sorta make a snoring movement before it falls forward/sideways/backward and jumps back up. 


That's or a roll over, that'd be so cute x3

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You guys should fix the pet IA before doing some emote or give them other way to attack like slapping a gun on a kubrow armor or a chainsaw like weapon for the moa  emotes are cool sure but dont bring much to the gameplay plus you could add an emote according to the weapon type 

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"WHOA! Watch where you aim with that thing!"

If there's no active combat (moa is not targeting anything and it's just doing its idle animations):

  1. if player centers crosshair on the moa and aims (right mouse btn)
  2. moa frantically steps back, shaking its head, vocalizing (beeps, chirps, buzzing, etc)
  3. sidesteps to get out of the line of fire
  4. animation ends, back into "idle mode"

3/b) if player moves crosshair or exits "aim mode" early, the moa appears relieved and quickly calms down, then on to step 4

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Scratching the ground with its feet, looking at the ground as if it found something, trying to "peck" at similarly to a bird that found a seed, only to then briefly lose balance but quickly manage to correct its stance.

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