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Garuda Successor Talon texture defaulting to original textures as client


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Hello there DE, I've been a happy customer for the garuda successor skin but I've noticed that whenever you join a game as a client her textured tennogen talon will revert to the original skin. I do hope that this is something can be brought to attention as this is something that many has spent money on. Thank you.

A quick rundown of the bug:

1. Join any game as a host as garuda with or without a melee weapon has no problem

2:Join any game as a client as garuda with or without a melee weapon will result in her talon texture defaulting.

As Host


As Client


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Warframe support has told a log has been made as well but it seems so weird that other client related things could be solved but not this. It is a paid item and it deserves to be fixed based on that fact.



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Dear @[DE]Taylor @[DE]Rebecca I hope that you could see this issue. It has flown under the radar for awhile now. Garuda Successor Talon Skin has been reverting to its normal texture as a client but it is fine as a host. All the proof can be seen since my first post. A little acknowledgement of the issue would be fine. Warframe support has said a log has been made but up till now all I've seen through recent Update notes are fixes that to other things that were only even slightly talked about on reddit.

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