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Easter for Dummies Contest [Winners Announced]!

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In a clan of 300+ members, 22 alliances minimum of 100 members, only 3 people have finished this. There’s an Easter egg finish to it, no one knows where except the guy who made it. He did the darn thing in 13 seconds 

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vor 13 Stunden schrieb [DE]Helen:

To record the example video, I used OBS Studio. If you'd rather not download in-game recording software, just filming your screen with a camera or your phone is perfectly fine!

The Person asking the question is on switch and as far as i know warframe doesn't support in-game recording on switch for performance reasons. So for switch users the only two options are recording the screen with a camera or using a external hdmi capture device with the docking station.

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13 hours ago, Aquatius said:

Is the lack something we must continue to accept for being what would seem a minority? Or are we more than minority and merely lurking in silence, I myself until now, apart from what seems popular or a play on mainstream celebrations?

What if a group of game devs decided to come up with events that were not only random, but had nothing to do with real world events, holidays or celebrations?

What if a group of game devs took the liberty of creating an event that could and would include all people who play their game? Regardless of personal preferences or religious background. Is it possible? Or do we keep dreaming and missing out?

If nothing changes. I for one really enjoy Warframe. Really enjoy what you offer. Am still going to stick around, pay for Prime Packs, and keep enjoying the amazing experience you offer us.

I've taken it on myself to offer this free pitch, where I'm usually paid for things like this, your very own "growth opportunity moment," possibly opening up even more exposure and profit.

What do I know?!

This ain't it, chief.


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I would enter a video but i'm playing on the PS4 and I don't know how to go about making a video and sending it in when i don't have a computer now i did already build a maze corse full of 20 dummies and hidden lazer traps so as much as i want to i can't send a video can someone from DE just come to my Dojo and run the corse as my entry ? Prime Wolf Blades clan (name)

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Clan Name : The Exiled PH
Created & Recorded by: EinsZweiDrei (Dojo Architect)

Won the 2nd Place Mountain Tier in the first Dojo Remastered Contest The course was already made at that time and was adjusted for this contest.

Obstacle Course l Custom Retention
9 Checkpoints & 6 Grineer Targets








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Added some Screenshots & Notes
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Clan: GentleManz 

This course was created by me ( An8rchy ), It's suppose to work as a Seek and Destroy game mode. Inspired by things like Boku no Hero Entry Exam Challenge or most training locations (If you've seen it you know what I'm talking about :clem:).
It should resemble a small city, with small labyrinths and traps and contains 13 Targets in total with average completion time being 3:40 mins, while on the video is a bit faster to show all locations. Hope everyone likes it.
If anyone wants to try and you see me online, you can always pm me in game o/ 


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20 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

This is a great question! We thought about it and decided, in addition to the prize given to the designer who made the course for all to enjoy, there should be a prize shared among Clan mates. We've updated the Rules and Prizes to reflect that! Changes are in bold below:


Just a suggestion, but why not various market-, fortuna-, and cetus-decorations? Even resources such as polymer and plastids would end up having more use than platinum.

That would end up being more useful than platinum for a clan vault as "rushing" an object isn't really beneficial to anyone.


Unless you guys plan on allowing clans to purchase market decorations with the platinum in their vault, platinum isn't really a currency relevant to dojos, especially when you start factoring in the tier multiplier.


Currently, it actually takes 750p just to rush ONE item at moon tier, and that can applies to even one tiny rock.

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Here is My Submission for the contest 
The course is built by me and recorded by me aswell 
Clan name Order of the Divine Phoenix 
If you wanna try it yourself pm me ingame and ill take you there 

Video Link 
Good luck to everyone for the contest 
Have a great day 

Also why does my profile here still show the glyph an all i used one year ago also it shows im initiate instead of Sage just wondering 

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Added some more text and info about the course
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21 hours ago, OJSaucy said:


Edit: Clan name: The KrAzIeS


My [mostly failed] attempts at running your course OJ! 🙂 

The full and clean run starts at 1 min for those wanting to see the course flow.


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fixed video link
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Still haven't fixed that dummy statue model, eh? I've seen it when it loads properly, with the same stone-like patterning as the rest of the body, but most of the time it loads like it looks in that gum-darn screenshot above. Regular Grineer torso but everything else loaded properly. Hopefully a fix for that is coming at some point!

Since development of my clan's Dojo has slowed to nothing, the Obstacle Course that we removed hasn't been put back in yet, let alone completely rebuilt... oh well... Next contest, then.

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On 2019-04-13 at 12:26 AM, Zhaelph said:

But hey how do we get dem bunny ears?

They come around for Easter week! You can get them (as well as a free pastel Easter colour scheme) from the Market during that time. I don't think the ears stick around, though that has been changing with some seasonal items, but the colour palette DEFINITELY does! Enjoy!

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