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Hunter advice for Bolarola??



Let me start by saying I have all animal floofs.  I enjoy the hell out of conservation without putting animals to sleep.

I took time to watch bolarola and see where the opening was and I found out that if they make it to the spot you call from they will dig around in that food pile and then sit up, exposing the belly.  This takes an incredibly long time though because Bola are slow as dirt.  AND sometimes they get to the call spot and just keep on going....never stopping and sitting up.  

Thanx to NW I have taken other people on hunts and on these trips some people like to "help".   One guy did this while hunting bola's and he 1 shot the bola way before he made it to the call spot.   This got me thinking if there was a way to do it faster. 

I have started shooting them in the tails and so far it has gotten me perfects every time.   

If you dont cheese hunt where are you aiming when you hunt bolarola??  Can you guys try my tail method and let me know how it goes?? 

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