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Nyx Buff on Her 4


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Remove the additional 8 energy per 1000 absorbed damage of her 4. Its just insane how other warframes gets the better treatment like for example ivara. Her prowl is basically absorb, just better. Prowl has lower movement speed reduction, you have the ability to roll, and also a 100% of additional loot, while nyx has some promise with her kit until you realized  the blatant bait to play her and then with just 1 bullet of an enemy in longer runs, your energy gets from max to 0 real quick. Absorb has higher speed reduction, cannot perform maneuvers including rolling, no other use other than tanking low level trash mobs, youre gonna get 1 hit anyway. You cant call her a tank if she can only tank low level mobs.

I just dont understand why would DE put 8 additional energy per 1000 damage. Its insane. 1 bullet can easily 100 to 0 nyx past trash mobs level. Whil others having insane abilities, then hers a nyx player who quits when runs go longer than casual.

Please remove the additional energy cost while damage. Its just doesnt make sense at all. 

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Personally I feel absorb should be a basic ability- a method of easily reducing damage temporarily, boosting abilities based on amount absorbed during the duration and not reducing movement- Chaos feels like the proper ultimate with some changes- here ill give a mini rework concept here to show


Passive- Current- reduced accuracy is ok but not very useful when one shot can kill you-

New- Nyx senses enemies preparing to attack and preemptively strikes with a psychic attack that stops enemies from being able to attack for x seconds- basically rather then dodge some attacks she delays when they will come, giving her time to cc or kill them

1- Current- damage is ok if you ramp it but in game spending time to attack one enemy to increase their damage rather then shoot other enemies is a bit to funky

New-cast to target an enemy, invading their psyche and that of enemies near them- enemies will begin confused then assist in fighting their former allies- damage of enemies starts as their base x multiplier equal to power strength+# of enemies effected- enemies effected by mind control then gradually increase their own damage by storing the damage mind control targets take in a stored buffer- this(similer to octavia roller) increases damage but is not consumed by attacks- buffer is shared among all mind controlled targets- since the targets are invulnerable and store damage they and so you don't accidentaly get rid of them Mind control targets deteriorate in duration faster when there are no enemies near them or Nyx-

-Mind Slaves draw aggro and attempt to move to titania's location

-at the end of their duration Mind Slaves will all take damage equal to stored damage x power strength- ignores armor and shields

2-Absorb- absorb is now her second ability- activate to create a duration based telekenetic shield that absorbs a % of damage into itself(% based on power strength)- At the end of it's duration or on recast absorb detonates stunning all nearby enemies and dealing damage based on what was absorbed plus any status procs that would have been taken

-damage absorbed by Absorb is applied to Mind Slave dmg buffers

-Absorb does not reduce mobility

-Disables passive for it's duration

-Stun duration is increased by one second for every x damage absorbed

Augment- Rather then an initial stun the duration of the would be stun is added onto your passive delay and decays over time

3-Psychic bolts-

Tap to release armor shredding projectiles that target the nearest enemies and reduce armor and other defenses- scales with power strength- potential scaling with level- deactivates enemy abilities for a duration- X number of bolts are released from nyx- capped at 10- mind slaves will copy the ability on use- releasing half the number of bolts

hold to release supportive bolds that seek out allies- grants damage reduction and status immunity for the duration- bolts released from mind slaves will also seek out allies stacking the buffs power and duration(diminishing addon for every extra bolt)


4-Chaos- Chaos forces enemies to act with base instinct in a fight or flight response- they will automatically fight eachother(targeting mind slaves above all else)- and flee from nearby tenno-

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Id like her 4 to be centered more one the control aspect.

Like ordering her targets around. Ordering them to strip their armor, or to stop moving, or group up nicely, or straight up commit die. The more targets affected the more it would drain ofc. 

Invulnerability is something that we have plenty of with the operator around. And immobility is to be avoided.

Her other skills might as well stay the same, maybe boost the damage on the psychic bolts to "true damage" type of thing and update the visuals. I mean, shes still using cheap holograms to confuse the enemies, I think with the space magic available right now the effect could be more mystical. 

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On 2019-12-19 at 9:26 PM, (PS4)LoisGordils said:

In no universe are these remotely similar.

I mean, they aren't but at the same time I can see the point at least compared to Assimilate Absorb. 

For most of the game stealth is essentially invulnerability where you also get a damage multiplier. That's almost exclusively why Loki has gone so long without a real rework. 

And unlike stealth, with Absorb you already have all the aggro which means you instantly die in the forced stun you have when the ability turns off for any reason. Prowl is a far more powerful ability than basic Absorb. Even when taking into consideration the ability to use operators to counteract their weakness since Void Walk has most the benefits of Absorb and then some without the drawbacks. 

Even having Absorb deal damage is completely pointless in most of the game and the weapon damage buff they added can be achieved far more effectively with far less effort by any other weapon buff frame. 

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I'd say her 4th is the least of Nyx's problems since her butchery.

Nyx's CC used to be so good Assimilate was somewhat redundant. Only time I used it was on Endurance runs when things got sketchy. Usually involving a Nullifier that's not near any Rad proc'd or Chaos inflicted enemies. That's pretty much it. The base Absorb used to be better but it's been bugged ever since they did the first rework on it back in like 2013. Since then she lost grey-bar Immunity during the casting animation and gets shot before the wave knocks enemies down making it an ultra last resort.

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