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Warframe abilities affecting railjack weapon damage


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I only notice damage buffs affecting Railjack when i was Pilot of someone’s Railjack. The Cryo Turrets was one - two shotting the Fighters in Veil and thought it was the owner having great Turrets but my Garuda had her damage buff active. 2x damage buff + Turrets.

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20 часов назад, Midas сказал:

Just wanted to clarify if this was intended.

Rhino Roar to Garuda's passive affect the Railjack.

I'd assume Mirage does as well.

Is this intended Digital Extremes?

Mirage works, BUT it depends on how much light goes in front window, and can I assure you there is never enough. Just use Chroma then. Again.

As for intended or not is unclear, my best bet it is an oversight, but it helps incredibly. I was trying to pilot dogfight lowest lvl Veil node fighters with:

- MK III Zetki Apoc

- +100% rhino buff

- Decent (Vidar) Hyperstrike (~90%)

I am having a tough time. Simple fighters are cakes, but elites are tough deal.

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