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Hotfix 10.2.1


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- Fix for Torid’s cloud not using energy colour.

Time to make some pink clouds. >:)

- Fixed Twin Vipers having redundant flashlight.

Odd but good to know. I never paid attention to them unless I'm buzzing them in conclaves.

- Fix for after a migration during a duel players will be repeatedly teleported out of the duel arena


- Fixed Twin Gremlins having a flashlight on your off-hand weapon.

Good to know. :D

- Fixed NPCs potentially falling through floor when activating panic-button.

Will this affect Kappa,Sedna and Kiste,Ceres as well?

- Fix for context action button in Dojo reading file path instead of “X”.

Okaaay someone enlighten me on what that means, please? --^

- Fix for unresponsive UI in certain cases of leaving and joining sessions.

YES!!! Gonna see if this is solved soon :D

- Fix for not being able to accept invite-only game sessions from clan members who weren’t on friends list.


Nice hotfix overall! b-_^

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- Fix for Torid’s cloud not using energy colour.


Meanwhile, in game:



*Team mate dies from Toxic Ancient OPness*


Dawww. I'll keep it at default color then.

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Torid still doesnt deal any dmg to its user.

WTF is wrong with you? 


That might be "realistic" but it would also make the weapon absolutely useless. You couldn't just make it damage the shooter, you would have to make it damage all warframe. Now all the sudden, anyone with a Torid is HATED by everyone else because you can troll other people's games with your gun that hurts other warframes. 


No one would ever have a good reason to use it; even if you didn't want to abuse it, you would constantly accidentally hurt nearby frames or yourself. I have a friend with Torrid and I'm actually having a problem where the cloud gets ridiculously dense sometimes when the enemies close in; I can't imagine what it would also be like if that dense, annoying cloud was killing me too. 

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And no hotfix for ennemies one shotting 100% of the pod on MD mission and defense mission.


And no hotfix for mag prime energy color not applying...



Frankely I don't remotely care about the colors; it's a cool feature but utterly useless;  millions of people have played games with no such fine-grain control over the visual appearance of the game and they have had just as much fun. 


I want hotfixes, or maybe just another major update, for the biggest annoyances: 


1. Sometimes a "doorway" has an invisible wall that you just can't go through; I have also confirmed that a void door I saw as closed, the host saw as open (I could wall-climb on it but he could go inside and get stuff). 


2. Randomly your melee weapon is disabled for X amount of time; surprisingly annoying when you use the jump attack to stun and run infested. 


3. Mods don't like to stay where you put them, or at least the UI doesn't want to remember them unless you exit and come back. 


4. If you change mods or even warframes and weapons while in someone's session, there's a decent chance your change will not go through; you can start a level and suddenly be wearing the frame and weapons you had on 10 minutes ago before you joined the session. 


5. Clean up the areas where you can fall and then infinitely fall, where it's near-impossible to wiggle/slide out of the infinite fall because you're spawned in the air instead of solid ground (The Void room with the waterfall and all those platforms is bad about this). 


6. PLEASE fix the hold to run/crouch buttons on PC. They seem to be time bound so that, regardless of how much stamina you have, you simply stop running after a few seconds and must release/press the button again. It really sucks on Slow frames like Rhino and Frost because it's already hard enough to catch up to Novas and Lokis speed running assassination missions without wasting mod slots on Stamina/Speed mods. 

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