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Orbiter lighting


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The new lightning is lush but due to the orbiter's sun roof, direct sunlight + adaptive exposure hurt my eyes when fashion framing.

So I went from this:



To this (without changing any graphics settings):



And this is how I did it:





Granum crown sunshade. (Argon crystal stand sold separately.)

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While I find funny the last comment :), cheers. This issues is not only on orbiter and can be seen in other places. Recently even on RJ Sentient ships.

All this incredibly strong glow, overexposure or overburnend light leads to irrateting eyes to the extent it starts to be physical pain. It also causes headaches for over long periods (well half hour to hour isn't that long) on certain type of worlds/missions. This looks to be issue for at laest since June (i found out). While I can enjoy pretty... I can also enjoy tasteful and limiting pretty things. All this light comming blindlngly (very often) into my face is a big issues.


Think it's time some of the folks responsible for the lighting in the game to adjust, adress or take care of these problems. I've seen people complain on other threads. As someone who wear glasses and also have occasional headaches it's a vital issue. It's very glaringly obvious that if the team do changes all the time they in fact can sit and lookback onto this instead of ignoring it for months. I should just make another thread of images as examples, but hey, doing copy and stuff from PS4 to PC and uploing naming forming a thread takes time. Still if there aren't gonna be any changes I might have to do one. Guess devs mostly pay attention to the popular WF faces, maybe some of them can shed a bit of light onto the topic.

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